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How to Get Scrum Master Certification

Blog   |    26th September 2022   |   Rupali

CSM Certification Cost in India


Amazon Web Services is currently the leader in cloud computing and is in huge demand. AWS offers an extensive range of products and services and is considered the most mature cloud platform in the industry. In line, AWS offers certification to encourage professionals to validate their much-in-demand cloud computing skills.

The sole purpose of the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification exam is to validate an individual’s understanding of the AWS platform. It establishes that the certified individual has knowledge of cloud architectural principles, cloud economics, and other aspects such as security and value proposition.

Who Should Take AWS Exam?

AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Training is good for an individual who has basic knowledge of the AWS platform and has:

  • Six months of exposure to the AWS Cloud
  • Basic understanding of IT services and their uses in relation to the AWS platform
  • Knowledge of core AWS services and use cases, including billing and pricing models, security concepts, and how the cloud can affect a business

Why Consider AWS Certification?

AWS training will help you learn important skills that you can use as a cloud engineer or cloud architect. You can apply these skills in business environments that are using AWS. If you can perform well in this field, you may even land a job in Amazon Web Services itself. Your certification can also be used to leverage your existing resume and may help you during your next promotion.

How to Get AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification

To earn AWS certification, you need to pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. This exam consists of two question formats: multiple choices and multiple responses. However, becoming AWS certified is difficult to achieve and the exam can be very challenging for most candidates, but if you go through the right strategies, you can certainly achieve success.

Become AWS Certified in Five Easy Steps

To be AWS certified needs time and dedication. You should begin by enrolling for the AWS training from a recognized training institute like Knowlathon. After the successful training program, gain an experience through industry-based assignments and projects offered by Knowlathon. This will help you acquire all the skills to clear the certification exam. You also need to gain professional experience of over six months in any AWS role like sales, technical, financial, etc.


Step 1: Decide a Roadmap for Your AWS Journey
You should develop a concrete plan to succeed. Try to define where you are heading to help you remain focused on your goal. Moreover, a single AWS certification may not be very lucrative. So you should consider starting with the entry-level AWS Cloud Foundation, especially if you lack strong IT background. Or, if you are already in this field, skip the foundation level, and go straight to the Associate level.


Step 2: Find Out a Good AWS Training Institute
Research and find a high-quality AWS training institute like Knowlathon. The team Knowlathon ensures to cover the breadth and depth of the real exam. Their teaching style is in a story-telling format that helps you learn easily. You can also check reviews for your shortlisted institute to ensure the credibility of the trainers.


Step 3: Undergo Practice ExamsPractice and familarize with the exam format and the types of questions you will face. Mock exams from Knowlathon help you prepare for the real exam. These tests are developed by real-life experts who have already received their certification. Commit yourself to taking a number of practice tests every week to help you develop a good understanding of your exam.


Step 4: Book Your Exam
Once you have undergone thorough preparation and taken several practice exams, your confidence level will guide you when to book the exam. Follow your instinct and book the exam. Remember that there is no shortcut to passing the AWS exam. If you want to be successful in your first attempt, study hard and follow the guidance of the experts from Knowlathon.


Step 5: Pass the Exam
Once you have successfully cleared your exam, you will be AWS certified. The exam contains 65 multiple choices (consisting of only one correct answer) and multiple-answer questions (consisting of two or more correct answers), and you will get 90 minutes to complete it. There is no negative marking in the exam. It is recommended that you spend less time on simple questions so that you can use the reaming time while answering complex questions


AWS Certification is not easy and can be challenging as it requires commitment, time, energy, and various other resources. There are many opportunities in the Cloud career, and there is expected to be a huge demand for cloud professionals in the near future. Sharpen your skills with the help of Knowlathon and be AWS certified to become super-valuable in the cloud market

Choose from virtual instructor-led training, classroom training, or corporate training options from Knowlathon, get authorized study material from Scrum Alliance, and earn your certification on the very first attempt.