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AWS Solution Architect Associate Course Features

24 Hours of Instructor Led Training  

Certified and Experienced Instructors

Session recording access  

Study materials and exam prep questions 

AWS Solution Architect Associate Practice Questions


Target Audience for AWS Solution Architect Associate Course


  • Solutions Architects 

  • Cloud Engineers 

  • DevOps Engineers 

  • IT Professionals 

  • System Administrators 

  • Network Administrators 




AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam and Certification information 


  • Duration: 130 Minutes  
  • Number of Questions: 65 (Multiple Choice)  
  • Pass mark: 72%  
  • Open book: No  
  • Electronic equipment allowed: No  
  • Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), and Korean 

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to AWS Architecture Design Principles


  • Overview of cloud computing and AWS Services 
  • Introduction to architectural design principles 
  • Understanding the importance of resilience, high performance, security, and cost optimization in architecture design 
Module 2: Designing Resilient Architectures


  • Introduction to multi-tier architecture 
  • Designing highly available and fault-tolerant architectures using AWS Services 
  • Implementing decoupling mechanisms using AWS Services 
  • Choosing appropriate resilient storage options on AWS 
Module 3: Designing High-Performance Architectures


  • Identifying elastic and scalable compute solutions for workloads 
  • Selecting high-performing and scalable storage solutions for workloads 
  • Choosing high-performing networking solutions for workloads 
  • Selecting high-performing database solutions for workloads 
Module 4: Designing Secure Applications and Architectures


  • Designing secure access to AWS resources 
  • Implementing secure application tiers on AWS 
  • Selecting appropriate data security options for AWS architectures 
  • Applying security best practices and compliance frameworks 
Module 5: Designing Cost-Optimized Architectures


  • Identifying cost-effective storage solutions on AWS 
  • Identifying cost-effective compute and database services on AWS 
  • Designing cost-optimized network architectures on AWS 
  • Analysing and optimizing costs using AWS cost management tools and services 

Frequently Asked Questions.

How has Knowlathon IT Service helped learners with their career transition?

With the provision of an AWS Certification Training Course for Solutions Architect, Knowlathon IT Service has enabled students making career moves. With the help of this program, candidates may prepare thoroughly for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam and gain the expertise and knowledge necessary to succeed in cloud computing positions. Knowlathon IT Service guarantees that students obtain real-world experience and confidence in designing scalable and dependable AWS solutions through expert-led training, interactive labs, and realistic scenarios. Gaining access to possibilities in cloud architecture, system design, and technology leadership roles through an industry-recognized certification improves participants' job chances and makes effective career transition in the rapidly evolving field of cloud computing possible.

How do I find a perfect Knowlathon IT Service course to help my career?

Understanding your objectives and skill gaps is the first step in selecting the ideal Knowlathon IT Service course for your professional path. Knowlathon provides a wide selection of courses for different skill levels and sectors. Look through their course catalog and apply filters based on your hobbies, professional goals, and area of expertise. Furthermore, make use of materials such as reviews, syllabi, and course descriptions to see how well they correspond with your career goals. For individualized advice based on your needs and professional path, think about contacting Knowlathon's support staff. You can choose a Knowlathon course that best fits your career path and will propel it forward with careful consideration and direction.

Is Knowlathon IT Service certification worth it?

Yes, the Knowlathon certification is really valuable, especially for the Solutions Architect AWS Certification Training Course. The ability to construct secure and scalable AWS solutions is validated by this certification, which improves cloud computing career prospects. Candidates with industry-recognized certificates such as these are frequently given preference by employers since they exhibit competence and practical abilities. Furthermore, Knowlathon's thorough training guarantees that students are equipped to succeed in real-world situations. It is a very good investment in one's career to obtain this certification because it not only validates one's skills but also opens doors to profitable employment in cloud architecture, system design, and technology leadership.

How can I get in touch with Knowlathon IT Service customer care?

There are several ways to get in touch with Knowlathon customer service about the AWS Certification Training Course for Solutions Architect. First, go to their website and search for a "Contact Us" or "Support" page. There, you should be able to get contact information like phone numbers, email addresses, and maybe even live chat options. As an alternative, look through their help or direct message sections on social media. Furthermore, a lot of online learning platforms provide student help through in-platform messaging systems. Whichever approach you use, Knowlathon's customer service is always ready to Answer questions, offer support, and guarantee that every participant has a flawless learning experience.

How can I get my Knowlathon IT Service complaints resolved?

With Knowlathon, grievances can be resolved through a simple procedure. Try to resolve issues directly at first using their phone, email, or live chat customer service channels. Clearly state the problem and include pertinent information for a prompt resolution. If the first attempt at resolution proves ineffective, take the complaint further by utilizing the proper channels, which may include a supervisor or a complaints department. Continue talking until a mutually agreeable solution is found. All participants in the AWS Certification Training Course for Solutions Architect will have a great learning experience because to Knowlathon's appreciation of client feedback and quick response to issues.

How can I submit my review on a Knowlathon IT Service course?

To submit a review for a Knowlathon course, including the AWS Certification Training Course for Solutions Architect, follow these steps: 1. Log in to your Knowlathon account. 2. Navigate to the course page of the AWS Certification Training Course for Solutions Architect. 3. Look for an option or button labeled "Submit Review" or "Write a Review." 4. Click on the button and provide your feedback, rating the course based on your experience. 5. Write a detailed review, highlighting both positive aspects and areas for improvement. 6. Once complete, submit your review. Knowlathon values honest feedback and uses reviews to enhance course quality and student satisfaction.

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