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Meet our leaders

The Knowlathon IT Services Pvt. Ltd team. Our experts have an in-depth knowledge of a range of industries, combining decades of experience to deliver customized certification solutions that exceed your expectations. We are relentless in our commitment to provide you with the highest quality of service and are ready to assist and support you throughout the certification process. With our experience and expertise, You can have total confidence that the certification process you will go through will be the most comprehensive and rewarding experience you have ever had.

Abhay Jangada


Abhay is natural and compassionate leader with 17+ years’ experience Education management, IT Service delivery and business management. His uncanny business acumen and his ability to effortlessly synthesise omnidirectional inputs for quick and ingenious solutions in challenging environment is almost an art.

He actively contributes to education management industry by continuous thought leadership and innovation in various facets of business.


Vishal Vyas


Vishal is known in the industry as an excellent orator and consultant on ITSM, IT GRC and Digital Transformation. He has delivered 1000+ sessions and projects over last 17 years in 24+ countries.

He actively contributes to professional community through numerous scholarly articles, case studies, whitepapers, pro-bono sessions and projects.

A detail oriented and exacting leader, Vishal drives perfection and innovation throughout the organization.

Kapil Kulkarni

Head - Operations

Kapil is an astute professional with unparalleled experience in the EdTech and Education Management Industry, focused on Operational Excellence.

He has helped successfully facilitate 1500+ training programs in 20+ countries and worked with 250+ instructors across various technologies, languages and geographies.

He is a sports & movie buff and loves to listen semi classical music.


Komal Hiparge

Vice President - Sales

Komal is an expert in developing and executing successful sales strategies. She is passionate about building and mentoring robust business development teams for customer success.

As an agile and motivated leader, She has a deep understanding about intricacies of professional learning and development lifecycle and can drive solution-oriented engagements with teams and customers alike.

Anand S. Kulkarni

Director - Projects

Anand is a veteran project manager and consultant with experience of more than 19 years in various domains ranging from IT to engineering.

Anand has delivered 500+ sessions for project management, service management, governance over the last seven years in multiple countries.

Anand is an amateur geopolitical analyst.