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CompTIA Security+ Course Features


  • This Certification provides the base for the freshers to enhance the essential security knowledge and skills necessary to develop and maintain a successful security program.  
  • This course covers a wide range of different domains and tools in cyber security. 
  • It’s a hands-on course which covers a lot of cyber security tools. 
  • At the end of this certification, the participant will get the complete picture of cyber security domains such as vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, attack methodology, countermeasures, and patch management. 


Learning objectives of CompTIA Security+ Training


  • Learn about attacks, threats, and vulnerabilities. 
  • Understand secure design and secure architecture. 
  • Learn about secure implementation to focus on identity access management, PKI, basic cryptography, wireless and end-to-end security. 
  • This course teaches the concepts of organizational risk analysis, threat detection, incident response procedures, mitigation techniques, security controls and post incident analysis. 
  • Learn about the organizational risk management and compliance with regulations. 


Target Audience for CompTIA Security+ Training Course


  • Security consultant 

  • Secure Software developer 

  • Security Analysist 

  • Cyber Security Manager 

  • System Administrators 

  • IT Auditors/Penetration Testers 




CompTIA Security Exam Preparation and Certification information 


  • Duration: 90 minutes 
  • Number of questions: maximum 90 questions per exam 
  • Question format: Multiple choice and performance-based 
  • Pass score: 750 (on a scale of 100-900) 


CompTIA Security Certification Journey 



Course Outline

Course Agenda
  • Domain 1: Attacks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities 
  • Domain 2: Architecture and Design 
  • Domain 3: Implementation 
  • Domain 4: Operations and Incident Response 
  • Domain 5: Governance, Risk, and Compliance 

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