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PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Certification Course Features


  • Comprehensive coverage of PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner syllabus. 

  • Get 2 globally acclaimed Project Management certifications by attending one course. 

  • Training delivered by Accredited Instructor. 

  • Access to Accredited course material for study. 

  • 100+ Exam prep questions access in quiz mode. 

  • Recorded Sessions access for exam prep. 

  • Free second attempt exam voucher* 

  • Guidance by expert instructors for career enhancement and progression 

  • *T&C Apply 


Learning objectives of PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Certification Training Course


The PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Combined Course is designed to provide participants with a thorough understanding of the PRINCE2® methodology at both the Foundation and Practitioner levels. The primary learning objectives are: 

  • Understanding PRINCE2® Principles: Understand the seven PRINCE2® principles, which provide the governing values and philosophy for effective project management. 

  • Understanding PRINCE2® Themes: Acquire an understanding of the seven PRINCE2® themes, which include business case, organisation, quality, objectives, risk, change, and progress. Learn how these concepts are incorporated into project management processes. 

  • Understanding PRINCE2® Processes: Learn and comprehend the seven PRINCE2® processes, which define the step-by-step approach for project management. Recognize the inputs, outputs, and activities associated with each process. 

  • Applying PRINCE2® Techniques: Acquire hands-on experience with numerous PRINCE2® techniques, including product-based planning, project board structure, risk management, and quality review techniques. 

  • Tailoring PRINCE2®: Learn how to adapt the PRINCE2® methodology to various project environments and organisational requirements. Learn how to modify and adapt PRINCE2® to meet the needs of specific projects. 

  • Integrating Agile Concepts: Acquire an understanding of how Agile concepts and techniques can be incorporated into the PRINCE2® framework to improve project flexibility, responsiveness, and collaboration. 

  • Practitioner-level Application: Master the application of PRINCE2® principles, themes, and processes to real-world project scenarios. Learn how to manage projects effectively, manage deviations, and ensure project success. 


Target audience  


  • Project Managers 

  • Team Leaders and Members 

  • Project Support Staff  

  • Aspiring Project Managers 

  • Business Analysts 

  • Project Board Members 

  • Project Consultants 


Pre-requisites of PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Course


There are no pre-requisites for PRINCE2® Foundation exam. 


To be eligible for the PRINCE2® Practitioner certification exam, candidates must meet one of the following prerequisites: 

  • PRINCE2® Foundation Certification 

  • Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification 

  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Certification 

  • IPMA Level A, B, C, or D Certification 


Exam and Certification information 

PRINCE2® Foundation 


  • Exam Type: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) 

  • No. of Questions: 60 

  • Exam Duration: 60 minutes 

  • Exam Format: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) 

  • Pass Marks: 33 out of 60 (55%) 

  • Exam Type: Closed Book 

  • Exam Content: The questions cover the PRINCE2® Foundation syllabus and test your understanding of the PRINCE2® methodology, principles, themes, and processes. 


PRINCE2® Practitioner  


  • Exam Type: Objective Testing 

  • No. of Questions: 68 

  • Exam Duration: 2.5 Hours (150 minutes) 

  • Exam Format: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) 

  • Pass Marks: 33 out of 60 (55%) 

  • Exam Type: Open Book (official PRINCE2® manual allowed during the exam) 

  • Exam Content: The questions test the understanding and application of the PRINCE2® methodology, principles, themes, and processes and assess the ability to analyze project scenarios and apply PRINCE2® principles in a practical context. 


Certification Journey 





Course Outline

Introduction to PRINCE2®
  • Overview of project management and the PRINCE2® methodology
  • Key characteristics and benefits of using PRINCE2® in projects
  •  Principles, themes, and processes of PRINCE2®
PRINCE2® Principles
  • Introduction to the seven PRINCE2® principles
  • Understanding the importance of each principle and how they guide project management decisions
  •  Applying the principles to ensure project success
PRINCE2® Themes
  • Introduction to the seven PRINCE2® themes
  • Understanding the purpose and importance of each theme in project management
  •  Exploring how to apply the themes to address project requirements effectively
  • Themes include business case, organization, quality, plans, risk, change, and progress
PRINCE2® Processes
  •  Introduction to the seven PRINCE2® processes
  • Understanding the purpose, objectives, and key activities of each process
  • Exploring the flow and interaction of the processes throughout the project lifecycle
  • Processes include starting a project, initiating a project, directing a project, controlling a stage, managing product delivery, managing a stage boundary, and closing a project
Tailoring PRINCE2®
  • Understanding the concept of tailoring PRINCE2® to suit different project environments
  •  Identifying the factors to consider when tailoring PRINCE2®
  •  Adapting PRINCE2® to meet specific project requirements while maintaining its core principles
PRINCE2® Exam Preparation
  • Familiarizing yourself with the exam format and structure
  • Understanding the types of questions and their requirements
  •  Exam techniques and strategies to improve your chances of success
  •  Practice questions and mock exams to assess your readiness for the PRINCE2® Foundation exam
Review of PRINCE2® Principles
  • Understanding the seven PRINCE2® principles
  •  Applying the principles to project management scenarios
  •  Importance of adhering to the principles throughout the project lifecycle
PRINCE2® Themes
  • Introduction to the seven PRINCE2® themes
  •  Deep dive into each theme
  •  Integration of themes into project management processes
PRINCE2® Processes
  • Overview of the seven PRINCE2® processes
  • Detailed examination of each process
  •  Interactions between processes and their outputs
Tailoring PRINCE2®
  • Understanding the concept of tailoring PRINCE2® to suit different project environments
  • Identifying factors for tailoring PRINCE2®, such as project size, complexity, and organizational context
  •  Techniques and considerations for tailoring PRINCE2® in different scenarios
Applying PRINCE2® in Practice
  • Real-world application of PRINCE2® methodology
  • Case studies and practical exercises to simulate project management scenarios
  • Applying PRINCE2® principles, themes, and processes to address project challenges
PRINCE2® Foundation Sample Paper Discussions

PRINCE2® Foundation Sample Paper Discussions

PRINCE2® Practitioner Sample Paper Discussions
PRINCE2® Practitioner Sample Paper Discussions

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