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Why Knowlathon, you ask?

  • You know how difficult it is to organize trainings for a team at your company.
  • Even if you are a single person looking for a training, it is difficult to handle day to day tasks and learn side by side.
  • Knowlathon does all the difficult work for you.
  • We take care of all the other things so that you can concentrate on learning and get maximum out of your training.
  • We hold all our trainings online, keeping up with all that has followed the pandemics.
  • So you save yourself the harrowing duty of driving to the class, or taking public transport to reach your location.
  • You can comfortably sit at home or office, and focus on the modules alone.
  • You get hold of some fantastic offers on our website.
  • There are coupon codes available onsite, and off it as well.
  • These make the prices of our trainings very competitive.
  • You would find yourself some attractive discounts which lower the price points of your choice of training course.
  • This makes them very good value for money.
  • You would be amazed by the sheer variety of courses we have on offer.
  • From Agile project management to Compliance Standards, we have everything.
  • Our Service and Project Management courses are many in number.
  • Take your pick from a very, very wide range of certification courses.
  • The contents of our courses are updated often.
  • To tell you, when ITIL 4 was released worldwide, we were one of the first ones in India to start offering these courses.
  • So if you are a beginner, start with a foundation course.
  • Then take your skills up a notch with an advanced course in the same domain.
  • You could find both kinds of courses on our website.
  • Knowlathon is a one stop shop for all your training needs.
  • So start choosing your courses now!

COURSE KEY FEATURES100% Money Back Guarantee

  • 16 PDUs
  • End of Chapter quizzes, industry case studies, mock exams included.
  • Exam voucher included.
  • 100 per cent money back guarantee!


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Benefits to the organisation

  • Your company may have invested in technology that is fit for today’s fast changing world.
  • You may be using Kubernetes, or other containerization for your code.
  • But how do you get the best use out of technology like this?
  • DevOps SRE Foundation is a course that will help you get the optimum out of your tech stack investments.
  • Could you develop the skills of a team of people so that you can get the best products and services out?
  • Yes, you can, by investing in a DevOps SRE Foundation course for as many people as to fit into a small team.
  • The DevOps SRE Foundation certification course is priced just right.
  • That makes it a wise choice to invest in the digital skills of your team.
  • Maybe you are looking to digitalize existing legacy products and services.
  • Maybe you are on the way to pushing out new concepts and products/services to the market.
  • Either way, the DevOps SRE Foundation course is a right fit for your business needs.
  • You may have your customer facing products and services.
  • These need to work well at the right times, and at the right speeds.
  • DevOps SRE certified members ensure that these products and services are continuous enough for the customers.
  • That way, your customers place increased trust in your business.
  • Your products and services need to be shaped the right way for the digital world.
  • There are several risks to these, that are easy to miss in a hurry to push them out quickly.
  • DevOps SRE certified people are trained to spot these risks early on, so that they do not affect your products/services the wrong way.

Benefits to the Individual

  • How do you get hold of the basics of DevOps SRE when you are starting out?
  • How do you know which parts of it are useful to your company?
  • The DevOps SRE Foundation certification is run by a global institute, and helps you sift through the vast information and make sense of it for your purpose.
  • You need various tools to make sense of the increasingly large amounts of data associated with your products and services.
  • Knowing your way around these tools helps you do your work quicker.
  • DevOps SRE Foundation certified individuals get hands on knowledge of working with these tools.
  • Suppose, you are looking for a job at a digital organization.
  • Or maybe, you are joining the digital team at your company.
  • Then, the DevOps SRE Foundation course would help you prepare for your job, especially where technical aspects are concerned.
  • How do you control the costs your digital products and services continue to add?
  • You need to make decisions at work when questions like these arise.
  • An DevOps SRE Foundation course would help you tackle and contribute to questions regarding making your product or service cost competitive.
  • There is a lot involved in shaping up a product or service and bringing it out to customers.
  • There are a lot of product/service discussions held before you can bring it out.
  • A DevOps SRE Foundation course can help you successfully engage in product/service discussions at the table.

Skills you will learn

  • You want to push products and services out quickly.
  • Hence, you need to learn how to manage several releases in a day.
  • You products and services need to be in shape before the are rolled out.
  • This DevOps SRE certification will tell you how to identify that, so that errors are reduced greatly.
  • Your products and services should be light on cost.
  • For that, you need to actively manage and control the costs associated with production.
  • DevOps SRE Foundation certified members are skilled at choosing cost reducing options.
  • When can you make fantastic decisions about your products and services?
  • Only when you know your product or service very well.
  • The DevOps SRE Foundation training helps you put a context to your products and services.
  • That helps you analyze them accurately and make great decisions about the resources they consume.
  • How do you choose the right automation for your product/service pipeline?
  • How do you evaluate what works according to the product/service?
  • The DevOps SRE Foundation is based on DevOps, and helps certified individuals make sound judgement regarding all automation.
  • Automation and speed generate large amounts of data surrounding your products/services.
  • It important to be able to be clear about what is being asked of your data and how it is responding.
  • DevOps SRE certified candidates are good at monitoring and report analysis, and can easily go through vast data.


ITIL®4 Foundation

January 14, 2023

Instructor Led Virtual Classroom

ITIL®4 Strategic Leader DPI

January 21, 2023

January 22, 2023

Instructor Led Virtual Classroom

Six Sigma Green Belt

January 14, 2023

January 15, 2023

Instructor Led Virtual Classroom

ITIL®4 Expert MPT

April 22, 2022

April 24, 2022

Instructor Led Virtual Classroom

ITIL®4 Strategic Leader DITS

January 20, 2023

January 22, 2023

Instructor Led Virtual Classroom

Managing Successful Program (MSP®)

February 17, 2023

February 19, 2023

Instructor Led Virtual Classroom

Six Sigma Black Belt

April 22, 2022

April 24, 2022

Instructor Led Virtual Classroom

SIAM Professional

January 14, 2023

January 15, 2023

Instructor Led Virtual Classroom

ITIL®4 Advance Module CDS

January 14, 2023

January 15, 2023

Instructor Led Virtual Classroom

ITIL®4 Advance Module HVIT

February 4, 2023

February 5, 2023

Instructor Led Virtual Classroom

ITIL®4 Foundation

January 21, 2023

Instructor Led Virtual Classroom


January 28, 2023

January 29, 2023

Instructor Led Virtual Classroom

ITIL®4 Foundation

January 28, 2023

Instructor Led Virtual Classroom

DevOps SRE Foundation Certification TrainingCURRICULUM

None ! Anyone with working knowledge of the IT industry can join us for the VeriSM Foundation Certification training course !

1. You may be reminded that the VeriSM Foundation certification training course is a Certification Course, which essentially means, at the end of the one day VeriSM Foundation Certification Course, you would be needed to sit the VeriSM Foundation Certification exam.
2. The VeriSM Foundation certification exam is of Beginner skill level, which includes the basics of VeriSM.
3. The VeriSM Foundation Certification Exam is conducted and managed centrally by EXIN.
4. The VeriSM Foundation Certification exam is conducted in English.
5. A 40 question closed book exam, the duration of the VeriSM Foundation Certification Exam is 60 minutes.
6. You need to get 26 answers right, at least, in order to pass the VeriSM Foundation Certification Exam.

Duration of VeriSM Foundation Certification Training Course: – 1 days

1. Any IT Professional in a technical role.
2. Any IT Professional in a managerial role.
3. Any IT Professional who manages products, services, processes, projects, or programmes.
4. Any IT professional who is a service or product or process practitioner.
5. Any IT Professional whose organisation is going the VeriSM way, in digital or normal IT environments.
6. Any IT Professional looking to pursue higher VeriSM certifications.
7. Consultants .
8. Trainers.



  • Live Instructor led classes help you create a clear focus in your mind as to what the instructor is emphasizing.
  • This is true because you can select a secluded spot for the duration of your training, whether at home or at office.
  • An online training is the better option whilst you are on the go continuously.
  • It helps you balance the tasks at hand with your training commitments.
  • For instance, you do not have to deal with the pressure of extra travel.
  • You can just click the link your instructor has sent you, and you are logged into the training.
  • It is great for ensuring work/life balance.
  • You have more time at hand to focus on your wellbeing, as you are saving a lot of time that would have been spent on location.
  • The study modules are lightweight and are spread over training days.
  • This keeps your mind from being burdened with too much in too little time.
  • This is a brilliant opportunity to get to know others who seek the same training as you, and their ideas and opinions.
  • You can also get to expand your professional network, as you don’t know who you can meet next!
  • In case of any technical glitches you might face, or any queries you might have, you always have the option of contacting our 24×7 customer service.
  • It ensures you are on track all throughout the training.
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  • Visiting a local classroom to attend your training helps you set a context to your thoughts and ideas.
  • Having an instructor around helps you articulate your thinking processes well.
  • This helps you understand the study material better, as you can get your doubts resolved in real time.
  • Classroom learning always involves group think, discussion, and activities.
  • With human interaction like no other, your learning becomes a fun experience.
  • You get the brilliant opportunity to socialize with your co-trainees.
  • You can exchange ideas, opinions, and anecdotes in real time, and expand your professional network of contacts.
  • Our study modules are lightweight and learning is spread over training days.
  • This means you can avoid cluttering your mind with too much at a time, and focus on what is important from your professional context.
  • Should you face any glitches or queries about the certification process, our 24×7 customer service is ready to help you.
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  • Your business has its own goals and ambitions about the kind of products and services it makes available to the market.
  • In order to improve the products and services, and to achieve what it has set out to, your company feels the need to train its people.
  • With corporate training, you can nail those goals with consistent systems.
  • You can foster team spirit among your people when you aim to train a group of people from your company.
  • Training helps people bond as a team.
  • With the corporate training option, you can help us create a special package for training the number of people you target.
  • Costs can be specially customized.
  • You can also choose a training location that is convenient to you.
  • It could either be your own premises, or a nearby locale.
  • In the event you run into glitches with the process, or you have doubts regarding certifying your team, you could always contact our 24×7 customer service. That should help you stay on top of things.
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DevOps SRE Foundation Certification Training CURRICULUM

If you are in a technical role, then certifying yourself in DevOps SRE is a great choice.

This course covers the basics of reliability in digital products and services.

So if you are wanting to gain a grasp over things like DevOps SRE tools and techniques, error budgets, anti-fragility, then this is the right course for you.

You do neither have to possess any certificates nor have to have worked a set number of years for certifying as DevOps SRE.

Hence, if you are fresh out of college you can still enrol.

Then, this would be a great way to test the waters.

Getting your first job would be easier if you have a great start with the technical aspects of DevOps SRE.

You would even have a certificate to add to your list of credentials.

If you are a digital business person, then we recommend this course for you.

Knowing the ins and outs of how digital products and services are produced and maintained would definitely be a plus.

Though, we recommend you gain some technical knowledge of reliability techniques before you enrol, as you are likely to find DevOps SRE Foundation heavy on the technical side.

You should be aware that post training you will have to take a test to certify yourself.

The test score is necessary to obtain your DevOps SRE Foundation Certificate.

The test is an hour long affair.

It will be of a maximum of 40 marks.

Remember, that you must obtain a score of 26 out of 40, or 65 per cent, in order to qualify for certification.

The up-side is that you will get to refer to your books and notes during the test.

Yes, it is an open book test!

The questions will all be multiple choice.

You have to select an answer out of at least two options.

Sometimes, multiple answers are the right choice, and you will get a mark only if you choose all of them.

We cannot say this strongly enough: Read the instructions before you answer.

There are three types of professionals the DevOps SRE Foundation course would benefit.

First are the technical types of roles.

Software developers, engineers, DevOps Engineers, System Integrators come in the first category.

They have an active role in creating digital products and services.

Also, if you aim at providing consultancy services where technical development and configuration is concerned, we recommend you stay updated with this course.

If you work directly with tooling meant for the digital world, you would find this course useful.

Secondly, if you are in IT and work in an Agile environment, this course is for you.

This category includes IT Leaders, Team Leads, Scrum Masters, Product Owners/Managers, Agile project managers.

This category is quite well versed with the rigors of a fast paced, digital organization.

This category should consider this course for managing digital products and services better.

Lastly, if you work in the non IT part of the business, are a business leader or a manager, you fall in the third category which would benefit from this course.

It is important to merge IT work with the expectations business has from it.

With respect to this, knowing certain technical aspects of reliability of digital products and services would help.

Course Advisor

Mr. Anand Kulkarni
Industry Experience : 18+ Yrs
Area of Expertise :

ITIL® Expert, CGEIT®, CRISC®, CobiT5®, TOGAF®, ISO20K LA ITSM, IT Governance – Consultant and mentor




Tech Associate at an Enterprise

“I needed to upgrade my reliability skills because we are slowly trying to adopt DevOps ways of working throughout the organization. I found Knowlathon online while searching for this course. Their Sales services are fantastic and I was enrolled in a batch in no time. The trainer was amazing, and helped us prepare for DevOps SRE at the workplace very well. All in all, excellent training delivery, and pre and post training services!”



Startup Owner

“I mostly deal with the business development side of things, and needed some surefire technical knowledge that would take our products to the next level. After a nice telephone conversation, I was convinced that DevOps SRE was the thing I could take up at our company.

The training was excellent, and online was the way for me, because I work for the better part of the day. Services are fabulous at Knowlathon, and polite and helpful staff guided me along the way to getting myself certified at the end of it. Highly pleased!”



Fresher who got placed recently

“I was looking for a course that would supplement my Engineer’s Degree. I heard about Knowlathon from a friend. On visiting their website, I was blown down by the variety of courses they have. I found the DevOps SRE Foundation course and wanted to get started with the basics. The training was true to my aims. Now I also want to take up other DevOps courses. Maybe I’ll start with the Foundation, as my trainer suggested. Would highly recommend Knowlathon, guys!

DevOps SRE Foundation Certification Training FAQS

Yes, by all means. You have the right to ensure your data remains protected from misuse. We recognize this need. Knowlathon does not support any third party collection of data. You will never be a datapoint for any agency that collects data online, as far as Knowlathon is concerned.

Details like your name, address, telephone numbers, email address that are entered by you on our website remain strictly confidential in our database. Our Contact Forms and Chatbots are secure, and our teams are trained not to misuse the data that is gathered through such means. That means yes, your personal information is safe with us.

A Demo Session is a short preview of the DevOps SRE Foundation certification course. You get to know who would be the trainer for your course, and their methods of teaching. You also get any queries you would have prior to training, answered. You also get a bit of careers advice from your trainer.

However, demo sessions have to be booked first. Knowlathon does not offer demos by default. You have to solicit a demo session beforehand. You can do this by asking your sales contact, or by leaving us a message on the website by entering your request in a contact form, or chatbox.

Yes, you can! Knowlathon runs a vast variety of discounts on all its courses. The DevOps SRE Foundation course is also subject to attractive discount offers. For example, we offer 20% discount for all early bird contacts.

The website runs promotional discounts at all times, and there are different discounted prices on offer.

You have to check the website from time to time. Several coupon codes and voucher schemes are available always.

Also, ask your sales contact. They would process your discount easily.

Knowlathon accepts all major card types, like AmEx, PayPal, Master,Visa.

You can always transfer money through GooglePay or Phonepe, or similar applications.

Additionally, the option of transferring the amount through RTGS or NEFT is always open. Just ask your sales contact for the account details.

Or you could visit our Baner office to leave your cheque with us.

We would say that contactless payment methods are the best due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Knowlathon has a panel of trained trainers and coaches who are skilled at DevOps SRE.

Our trainers have sufficient industry exposure.

Most of them have exemplary software development experience.

They are also excellent at management skills.

Our trainers have worked at IT departments of retail, power and gas, government, healthcare, entertainment, and several other corporations. Some of them also are independent consultants and entrepreneurs. Also you would find across our panel, trainers who have worked at third party IT service providers.

Anyway, you will be trained by a person who knows the digital industry very well.

Knowlathon usually offers both classroom as well as online DevOps SRE Foundation certification courses. However, in the current circumstances of COVID-19, we recommend for you, online live instructer led classes. You can learn from the comfort of your home or office. Not only that, you can avoid travelling to busy places. In a classroom session nowadays, there are several restrictions like social distancing, avoiding contact while attending class, and so on. You can safely bypass all these hassles with an online class.

A training is not just about the trainer and the learning materials. It is more about the skills you acquire at an DevOps SRE certification course. These form the focal points of your sessions during the training.

The most important skill that DevOps SRE needs is automation. But where is automation needed the most? You can answer this question when you know your product or service very well. Your trainer will take you through similar examples of products or services during the DevOps SRE certification training. You need to think into the future, so can anticipate where automation is needed the most and do that early on.

The trainer will tell you what tools are necessary for the DevOps SRE Foundation course. You can download them, as most are available online. That way, you get good hands-on practice with these tools. There could be certain ones the DevOps Institute recommends as part of the syllabus. Your trainer will give you more information about these. Also during the training, the trainer will demo these tools for you so that you get a good hold over their use.

We say that you should not keep any doubts to yourself during the training. The training is spread over two days, and usually the trainer asks for your queries after the end of each module or at the end of the day. Make good use of this opportunity. Also, if you feel that you need immediate clarification, you can write your query into the chatbox on your online training platform like WebEx, or GoToTraining. The trainer will answer your question just then.

The DevOps Institute is a global institute offering the DevOps SRE certification exam. Due to its global nature, the Institute supports bilingual trainees as far as English, Chinese, Portuguese are concerned. Meaning which, you can take the exam in these languages. The global certification is unavailable in all other native languages, so especially if you are a non-native English speaker, you need to understand English very well in order to take the DevOps SRE certifying exam. In short, your best bet is English.

The DevOps Institute is the global certifying body for the DevOps SRE Foundation certification. The DevOps Institute sets your certification exam, manages your online test taking experience, and assesses your answers to give you your final score and certificate.

The DevOps Institute also offers courses like DevOps Foundation. DevOps Leader, DevOps Architect, and so on. If you are interested, and want to give DevOps a go, please do check our website out. Knowlathon offers the DevOps Foundation and Leader courses.

You should get in contact with your sales representative after you finish training. They will help you set up an account on the DevOps Institute website. This will be your Customer Portal. Your test results, report and final DevOps SRE certificate will be posted here. Through this platform, you can upload all the necessary certificates of documents of evidence. However, the DevOps SRE Foundation certification requires no such certificates.

There is a route you have to follow to get your final certificate:

Enrol in an DevOps SRE Foundation training course, take the two day training, and then take the assessment test set by the DevOps Institute. You need to obtain a passing score at this exam. Once this is done, your report and certificate will be available within 5 working days on your DevOps Institute portal. To get certified, you have to attend the DevOps SRE training and take the certification test.

DevOps SRE works well in a digital environment.

If your company aims to push out digital products and services, or if you run digital products and services from the word go, your skills will be much sought after.

The culture of the organization you seek should support collaboration. It should support innovation and ongoing excellence in products and services. It should give you the power and tools to use your DevOps SRE skills to create cost effective products and services.

You want to consider both enterprises, as well as startups who foster digital products and services dynamically.

DevOps SRE works well in a digital environment. If your company aims to push out digital products and services, or if you run digital products and services from the word go, your skills will be much sought after. The culture of the organization you seek should support collaboration. It should support innovation and ongoing excellence in products and services. It should give you the power and tools to use your DevOps SRE skills to create cost effective products and services. You want to consider both enterprises, as well as startups who foster digital products and services dynamically.