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What is Prince2 Certification, and How Beneficial is it?

Blog   |    16th August 2022   |   Rupali

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PRINCE2 Practitioner and Foundation is a qualification that is recognized globally and is used equally in both business and government enterprises. This certification recognizes your talents as a senior project manager and establishes that you have the right skill sets to enhance and complete projects in a corporate context.

PRINCE2 certification educates the candidates to tailor projects in relation to the context and teaches them to create a product-based project planning methodology. It is considered the most widely used and skilled qualification in today's scenario. Moreover, PRINCE2 accreditation is comparable with other certificates and can complement softer skills acquired with the help of different qualifications.


Benefits of PRINCE2 Certification

Below are some of the benefits of achieving the PRINCE2 certification.

  • Learn to Be a World-Class Project Manager : You can improve your project managing skills by earning a PRINCE2 accreditation. The ultimate goal of this training is to train you effectively manage projects. This certification makes you control resources and risks as it uses a common language, systems, and procedures.
  • Get an Internationally Recognized Certification : PRINCE2 is considered as one of the essential project management standards. This certification is recognized by most companies in the public and private sectors all across the world. PRINCE2 accredited individuals are also recommended for monitoring, initiating, executing, monitoring, and managing projects.
  • Get a Higher Pay : The PRINCE2 certification enables you to enhance your abilities and allows you to obtain higher wages. This certification holds the reputation of a criterion with a higher pay scale for the certified individuals. Most organizations consider PRINCE2 certification the benchmark for hiring project managers and are among the most prized accreditation in Europe.
  • It is Easy to Get : You can earn PRINCE2 certification while keeping up with your usual activities. It requires lesser time and labor than other certifications of professional levels. You need to apply less effort to go through its concepts. There are altogether three levels of PRINCE2 accreditation, and you can accomplish them with a little study.
  • Makes You Confident to Handle a Project of Any Kind : PRINCE2 training ensures you hone your skills and helps you understand the whole end-to-end project management process. It teaches you the practices that successful project managers use. Thus you will become more confident in running any kind of project and will readily accept all challenges involved in the new projects.
  • Better Career Opportunities : If you have ever dreamed of working in a foreign country, then PEINCE2 certification is the suitable stepping stone for you. This certification is recognizedglobally as one of the most crucial qualifications in the field of project management, and most employees look for this certification when hiring new candidates.

PRINCE2 Certification Cost

The PRINCE2 Certification cost largely depends on your training institute's choice, the preferred course, and your location. According to the place of your online exam, the total cost of this certification will vary.

There are two components of PRINCE2 certification:

· PRINCE2 Foundation

· PRINCE2 Practitioner

Individuals looking to get this certification need to take training classes from an accredited training organization (ATO) from AXELOS like Knowlathon. AXELOS is a joint venture that manages the PRINCE2 certification program. It is not a training institute or an exam body but an organization that takes care of the certification to maintain its highest levels.

PRINCE2 Foundation Certification Cost

This certification introduces you to the basics of PRINCE2 methodologies. It helps you develop a common and consistent approach toward project management and provides better organization skills. While going through this training program, you will gain skills to ensure that a project runs in the right direction while creating and delivering better value to the customers.

PRINCE2 Foundation is the fundamental prerequisite for PRINCE2 Practitioners. For your exam preparation, you can consider taking classes from an accredited training institute like Knowlathon, which delivers high results through its high-standard training module. You need to pay around Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 as the course fee. This includes the PRINCE2 certification exam fee. Moreover, with Knowlathon, you can choose to take your classes in various modes, including classroom, online, or self-paced learning.

PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification Cost

PIRNCE2 Practitioner certification establishes that you have acquired sufficient understanding to apply PRINCE2 in various scenarios and can lead a project in a suitable direction. This certification is most suited for professionals who are managing projects or are working in a project management role. After earning this credential, you will be able to apply the PRINCE2 concepts in a more effective manner throughout an organization.

PIRNCE2 Practitioner certification cost again varies according to your choice of learning methodology and the training institute of your choice. However, the overall price, including the exam fee and the course material, ranges between Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 in India. You can contact Knowlathon for the exact fee structure and the various discount schemes which they offer from time to time.

The Combo of PRINCE2 Foundation and Certification

You can also choose to go for a combo of PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner course in one go and save money. This is a compilation of both approaches, and you need to pay only once to get the certification. The combo offer is cheaper in comparison to when you choose to pay for both the courses separately. For instance, you need to pay around Rs 48,000 to Rs 52,000 for the entire course and the exam fee. Contact Knowlathon for the combo offer and save your money.

Prince2 Certification Eligibility

There are, as such, no mandatory PRINCE2 certification eligibility requirements while applying for the Foundation certification exam. However, the candidates are required to have prior knowledge of project management, along with basic skills.

As for the Practitioner level exam, the PRINCE2 Foundation certification is an essential requirement. Although a training program is not part of PRINCE2 certification eligibility, but it is advisable to go through the training to help understand the exam format and go for practice tests to help you qualify for the exam on your first attempt.