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PRINCE2® Agile Foundation and Practitioner Training Course Features


  • Comprehensive coverage of PRINCE2® Agile Foundation and Practitioner syllabus. 

  • Get 2 globally acclaimed Project Management certifications which leverage the Agile methodology as well by attending one course. 

  • Training delivered by Accredited Instructor. 

  • Access to Accredited course material for study. 

  • 100+ Exam prep questions access in quiz mode. 

  • Recorded Sessions access for exam prep. 

  • Free second attempt exam voucher* 

  • Guidance by expert instructors for career enhancement and progression 


Learning Objectives of PRINCE2® Agile Foundation and Practitioner Certification Training


The PRINCE2® Agile Foundation and Practitioner combined course is intended to assist participants in achieving specific educational objectives. Here are the course's primary learning objectives: 


PRINCE2® Agile Foundation Learning Objectives: 


  • Comprehend the fundamental concepts, terminology, and advantages of PRINCE2® Agile. 

  • Acquire an understanding of how the PRINCE2® principles, themes, and processes can be adapted for agile initiatives. 

  • Learn about agile working practises, such as agile frameworks, methodologies, and techniques. 

  • Learn how to combine PRINCE2® and agile project management practises for success. 

  • Examine the project manager and project team's roles and responsibilities in an agile environment. 

  • Learn the significance of collaboration, communication, and feedback channels in agile project management. 

  • Learn how to manage hazards, alterations, and progress in an agile project. 

  • Acquire an understanding of the advantages of employing PRINCE2® Agile in various project contexts. 


PRINCE2® Agile Practioner Learning Objectives: 


  • Review and consolidate the understanding of PRINCE2® Agile principles, themes, and processes. 

  • Learn how to adapt and implement PRINCE2® Agile behaviours, processes, and techniques in a variety of project environments. 

  • Examine how to reconcile the PRINCE2® control and governance with the adaptability and flexibility of agile practises. 

  • Learn how to construct and prioritise agile project requirements and effectively manage them throughout the project lifecycle. 

  • Learn how to plan, monitor, and control agile initiatives utilising agile planning and risk management methodologies. 

  • Learn techniques for agile change management, configuration management, and progress monitoring. 

  • Learn how to adapt the PRINCE2® framework to agile projects and how to scale agile practises for larger undertakings. 

  • Applying PRINCE2® Agile concepts through real-world scenarios and case studies. 


Target audience  


  • Project Managers 

  • Project Team Members 

  • Agile Practitioners 

  • Scrum Masters 

  • Product Owners 

  • Business Analysts 

  • PMO Staff 

  • Executives and Senior Managers 




The are no prerequisites for the PRINCE2® Agile Foundation and Practitioner combined course. However, generally, the following are recommended: 


  • PRINCE2® Foundation Certification: Before enrolling in the combined course, PRINCE2® Foundation certification is strongly recommended. This assures that participants have a fundamental understanding of PRINCE2®'s principles, themes, and processes. 

  • Agile Knowledge: Knowledge of agile methodologies, such as Scrum or Kanban, is advantageous. Participants will comprehend the integration of PRINCE2® and agile better if they are familiar with agile concepts, practises, and terminology. 

  • Project Management Experience: Experience in project management, either as a project manager or as a member of a project team, is not required, but will provide a context for comprehending and employing PRINCE2® Agile concepts. 


PRINCE2® Agile Foundation and Practitioner Training Exam and Certification information 


PRINCE2® Agile Foundation Exam: 

  • Format: Multiple-choice questions 

  • Number of Questions: 50 questions 

  • Pass Mark: 55% (28 out of 50 questions) 

  • Duration: 60 minutes 

  • Open Book: No 

  • Exam Style: Closed book 


PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner Exam: 


  • Format: Objective testing (multiple-choice, multiple response, matching, sequencing) 

  • Number of Questions: 50 questions 

  • Pass Mark: 55% (28 out of 50 questions) 

  • Duration: 150 minutes 

  • Open Book: Yes. Participants are allowed to bring the official PRINCE2® Agile guide for reference during the exam. 

  • Exam Style: Open book, meaning participants can refer to the PRINCE2® Agile guide during the exam to find answers.


Certification Journey 


Other Important Information 


Notably, the PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner exam is an open-book exam, permitting participants to consult the official PRINCE2® Agile guide during the exam. However, the PRINCE2® Agile Foundation examination is a closed-book examination, meaning participants are not permitted to consult any study materials or resources. 

Course Outline

Introduction to PRINCE2® Agile
  • PRINCE2® Overview 
  •  Agile Overview 
  •  Why PRINCE2® Agile?
Key Concepts and Principles
  • PRINCE2® Principles 
  • Agile Manifesto and Principles 
  •  Blending PRINCE2® and Agile
Tailoring PRINCE2® Principles
  • Tailoring the Principles for Agile Projects 
  •  Agile Contracts 
  •  Agile Planning
Agile Behaviors, Concepts, and Techniques
  • Requirements and User Stories 
  •  Prioritization and Timeboxing 
  •  Feedback and Reviews
Blending PRINCE2® Themes and Agile Practices
  • Business Case 
  •  Organization 
  •  Quality 
  •  Plans 
  •  Risk 
  •  Change
Agile Focus Areas
  •  Frequent Releases 
  •  Prioritization and Delivery 
  •  Cynefin Framework
PRINCE2® Agile Roles and Responsibilities
  • The Agilometer 
  •  The PRINCE2® Agile Journey 
  • Agile and the PRINCE2® Roles
Agile Techniques
  • Scrum 
  •  Kanban 
  •  Lean Startup 
  •  Lean Six Sigma
Scaling and Agile Governance
  •  Scaling Agile 
  •  Agile Governance
Implementing PRINCE2® Agile
  •  Tailoring PRINCE2® Agile to the Project Context 
  •  Agile Governance 
  •  Applying and Evaluating PRINCE2® Agile
PRINCE2® Agile Framework
  •  Principles of PRINCE2® Agile 
  • PRINCE2® Agile behaviors, concepts, and techniques 
  •  Roles and responsibilities in PRINCE2® Agile 
  •  Agile ways of working and mindset 
Agile and the PRINCE2® Principles
  •  Agile ways of meeting the PRINCE2® principles 
  •  Applying PRINCE2® principles in agile projects 
  •  Balancing control and flexibility
Business Case
  • Business justification in agile environments 
  •  Agile business case techniques 
  •  Value-driven delivery and benefits management
  • Agile roles and responsibilities 
  •  Self-organizing teams in agile projects 
  •  Scaling agile in larger organizations 
  •  Agile quality management approaches 
  •  Assurance and testing in agile projects 
  •  Quality criteria and acceptance criteria
  •  Agile planning techniques 
  •  Iterative and time-boxed planning 
  • Estimating and forecasting in agile projects
  •  Agile risk management approaches 
  •  Risk response and risk analysis in agile projects 
  •  Risk management throughout the project lifecycle 
Change and Progress
  •  Agile change control and configuration management 
  •  Progress monitoring and reporting in agile projects 
  •  Benefits realization and value delivery
Tailoring PRINCE2® to the Project Environment
  •  Tailoring PRINCE2® for agile projects 
  •  Assessing and selecting agile practices 
  •  Tailoring governance and controls 
PRINCE2® Agile Foundation Sample Paper Discussions

PRINCE2® Agile Foundation Sample Paper Discussions 

PRINCE2® Agile Practioner Sample Paper Discussions

PRINCE2® Agile Practioner Sample Paper Discussions 

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