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SRE Practitioner℠ Course Features 


  • 24 Hours of Instructor Led Training  

  • Certified and Experienced Instructors  

  • Session recording access  

  • Study materials and exam prep questions  

  • Practice Questions  


Learning objectives  


  1. Practical view of how to successfully implement a flourishing SRE culture in your organization. 

  2. The underlying principles of SRE and an understanding of what it is not in terms of anti-patterns, and how you become aware of them to avoid them. 

  3. The organizational impact of introducing SRE. 

  4. Acing the art of SLIs and SLOs in a distributed ecosystem and extending the usage of Error Budgets beyond the normal to innovate and avoid risks. 

  5. Building security and resilience by design in a distributed, zero-trust environment. 

  6. How do you implement full stack observability, distributed tracing and bring about an Observability-driven development culture? 

  7. Curating data using AI to move from reactive to proactive and predictive incident management. Also, how you use DataOps to build clean data lineage. 

  8. Why is Platform Engineering so important in building consistency and predictability of SRE culture? 

  9. Implementing practical Chaos Engineering. 

  10. Major incident response responsibilities for a SRE based on incident command framework, and examples of anatomy of unmanaged incidents. 

  11. Perspective of why SRE can be considered as the purest implementation of DevOps. 

  12. SRE Execution model 

  13. 13. Understanding the SRE role and understanding why reliability is everyone’s problem. 


Target audience  


The target audience for the SRE Practitioner course are professionals including: 

  • Anyone focused on large-scale service scalability and reliability 

  • Anyone interested in modern IT leadership and organizational change approaches 

  • Business Managers 

  • Business Stakeholders 

  • Change Agents 

  • Consultants 

  • DevOps Practitioners 

  • IT Directors 

  • IT Managers 

  • IT Team Leaders 

  • Product Owners 

  • Scrum Masters 

  • Software Engineers 

  • Site Reliability Engineers 

  • System Integrators 

  • Tool Providers 




It is highly recommended that learners attend the SRE Foundation course with an accredited DevOps Institute Education Partner and earn the SRE Foundation certification prior to attending the SRE Practitioner course and exam. An understanding and knowledge of common SRE terminology, concepts, principles and related work experience are recommended. 


Exam and Certification information 

Duration: 90 minutes 

Number of Questions: 40 (Multiple Choice) 

Pass mark: 65% 

Open book: Yes 

Delivery: Web-based 

Languages: English, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese 



Course Outline

Course Introduction
  • Module 1: SRE Anti-patterns 
  • Module 2: SLO is a Proxy for Customer Happiness 
  • Module 3: Building Secure and Reliable Systems 
  • Module 4: Full-Stack Observability 
  • Module 5: Platform Engineering and AIOPs 
  • Module 6: SRE & Incident Response Management 
  • Module 7: Chaos Engineering 
  • Module 8: SRE is the Purest form of DevOps 

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