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What is PMP Certification Cost?

Blog   |    16th August 2022   |   Rupali

CSM Certification Cost in India


The Project Management Professional (PMP) is a must qualification for every professional dealing with project management. It helps expand your skills and values, leading you to various job opportunities. PMP Certification can guide you to more lucrative jobs in the fields of IT, finance, manufacturing, healthcare, and various other industries. As per the research, employers will need to fill more than 88 million project-oriented jobs by the year 2027, making a steep demand for skilled project managers. By earning a PMP Certification, you convey a message, validating that you are one of the most qualified professionals in the following areas:

· Work Culture: The PMP certification establishes that you have the right soft skills to lead a project team effectively and can adapt according to the daily changing trends.

· Process: It emphasizes your technical aspects, with a proven record of successfully managing projects.

· Business: It highlights the skills for your strategic connection between projects and the organizational working environment.

PMP Certification Cost

The Project Management Institute (PMI) offers candidates with two types of registration for the PMP online computer-based exam.

1. PMP Certification Fees for PMI Members

    • PMP Exam Fee: $405
    • Annual Membership Fee: $129
    • Application Fee (Payable One Time): $10
    • Total $544

2. PMP Certification Fees for Non-PMI Members

    • Exam Fee: $555
    • Annual Membership Fee: Nil
    • Application Fee: Nil
    • Total: $555

The exam fee for the paper-based exam is:
For PMI members: $400

For Non-PMI members: $250

If you want to take the PMP certification exam, you need to fill in specific criteria. The most important one is to attend a project management course for a minimum of 35 hours duration. You can contact Knowlathon for this course. Knowlathon PMP certification training is specially designed to learn management processes of Scope, Cost, and Time is deep.

The overall cost of PMP certification is not fixed and depends on many factors. You can choose to take an online PMP certification training or can opt for classroom training. Moreover, if you select a classroom training program, then your country and the location play an essential role in the total PMP certification cost. For example, if you want to go for online classes in Bangalore, then PMP certification costs Bangalore for live online classes will range between 28,000 to 38,800 for non-members, excluding taxes.

PMP Certification Re-exam

In some instances, if you fail to clear the examination on your very first attempt, you can retake your exam. PMI charges a small fee as the re-examination fee and allows you for a re-exam. The retake fee for computer-based testing is:

  •  Re-exam fee for PMI members: $275
  •  Re-exam fee for Non-PMI members: $375

Factors Affecting the PMP Certification Fees

Different aspects affect PMP certification costs. These are:

1. 35 Hours of Project Management Training: As explained earlier, there is a requirement of 35 hours of training from an accredited institute like Knowlathon. You can opt for classroom training or online training, as per your availability. Both of the training programs are good where you have to pay accordingly.

2. Total Time Spent: Another factor affecting the cost of PMP certification is your preparation time. You need to spare more time to go through the project management course. As a professional, most of the individuals like to opt for an online training program, making it in high demand. The self-paced learning program from Knowlathon is a good choice, where you get training from the certified experts of the industry, along with real-life examples and case studies.

3. Study Material: You need to prepare yourself thoroughly as the PMP exam is a complex exam pattern. You need to go through various reference books and need suitable study material. With Knowlathon, you have access to digital materials from PMI and can go through multiple simulation test papers to help understand the exact exam pattern. You will also undergo experimental learning through case studies.

4. Practice Tests: Solving practice papers and experiencing sample questions is good practice for preparing for an exam. It helps you understand the exam pattern and provides you with the proper knowledge of the topics covered under the PMP syllabus. Mock tests give you better hold on the subject material. Also, going through sample questions ascertain that you have a thorough knowledge of the

topics and help you discover the areas you need to improve. Practice tests also provide you an opportunity for better time management, which is a critical factor of an exam like PMP.

5. Renewal of the Certification: Once you qualify for the PMP exam, you will earn a certificate with a validity of three years. You need to renew your credentials after every three years before it expires. As a renewal fee, you have to pay $150 if you are not a PMI member and $60 if you are a PMI member.

Thus, overall PMP certification cost depends on the choice of your training institute, your city, and other factors, as mentioned above. While calculating the total PMP cost, you should not forget to consider the cost of time that you will spend on exam preparation. An online PMP certification training lets you study at your own pace and within the comfort of your home and allows you to utilize most of your time.

Steps for PMP Certification

Follow the steps below to be a PMP-certified professional:

  • Get 35 hours of training from Knowlathon.
  •  Take the exam and clear it.
  • Become a Project Management Professional


Why Choose PMP

The PMP training can add value to your profile. This certification is ranked as one of the top project management certifications in North America, establishing that the candidates have specific skill sets to perform at the highest levels. The PMP certification candidates are offered a higher salary, almost 20 % more than the non-certified professionals.

Project professionals in more than countries are maintaining their PMP certification, as it delivers real value in the form of professional credibility, with an increased earning potential. PMP is pushing you to excel more in the field of project management and get yourself recognized for excellence.