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How to Build a Career in Project Management?

Blog   |    1st June 2022   |   Rupali

How to Build a Career in Project Management?


PMP Certification is the most widely recognized certificate in project management. Every business, including IT, banking, biotech, accounting, pharmaceuticals, government, hospital management, construction, telecommunications, and public utilities, can benefit from project management certification and skillsets.

The course largely determines the PMP certification cost and PRINCE2 certification cost you choose. If you choose to receive your project management education through an online course, the overall cost of the PMP Certification, including the exam price, would be around 900 USD. If you continue your preparation with a PMP certification classroom course, the PMP certification cost will be around 2,700 USD, including the exam price.

As no two projects are alike, you will develop new skills throughout your project management career. Each project will provide its own set of obstacles, and you'll need to alter your plans to account for them.

You'll have the chance to collaborate with various interesting people, some of whom may even suggest ideas you hadn't considered. Project management is a fantastic option if you enjoy collaborating with people to develop something new.

What skills are needed to be a Project Manager?

Every Project Manager should possess the following skills:

    • Strategic and Business Management: Both industry expertise and, more importantly, the business context in which the project is being created.


    • Technical project management: The administration of project management processes as a whole.


    • Leadership: The ability to motivate a team to achieve project goals through skills, behavior, and knowledge.


    • Communication: For team members, vendors, stakeholders, and customers, you're generally the first point of contact.


    • Organization: The capacity to prioritize and multitask is essential to keeping tasks on track.


    • Critical thinking: Analyzing and evaluating a situation critically aids in the prevention of problems.


  • A sense of humor: Taking a positive approach to a project can reduce stress and energize your team.

What are the responsibilities of a Project Manager?

The Roles and Responsibilities of a Project Manager are as follows:

  • Determines the skill sets required for the project.
  • Establishes the project's and its subprojects' schedules and timelines.
  • Sets the project's budget and organizes meetings to keep track of its progress.
  • Stakeholders are updated on progress.
  • Determines how the work will finish.
  • Manages the team and organization's culture.

What are the various positions in Project Management?

Project Coordinator

An entry-level administrative position is that of a project coordinator who produces and distributes reports. A project coordinator is a member of the management team's support staff.

Project Organizer

Project Organizer manages project schedules using software tools. The position entails updating and maintaining programs and not people or equipment management.

Deputy Project Manager

On very large projects, a Deputy Project Manager may be required to pitch in and take on tasks that the primary Project Manager cannot complete. A deputy project manager might attend meetings and work on smaller project pieces. A deputy project manager meets with the lead project manager regularly to report project progress and any concerns.

Project Manager

All project parts, including funds, timetables, planning, and product demonstrations, are within the Project Managers' control. You can operate alone, with a deputy manager, or with a management team to whom you can delegate certain tasks. This person is in charge of a project until it is completed successfully.

Senior Project Manager

This person is in charge of numerous projects simultaneously and determines which ones should be prioritized. Other managers and assistants are likely to be part of a senior project manager's management team.


PMP certifications and PRINCE2 certifications are highly important qualifications for project management professionals. People who are professionally qualified as project managers are in high demand as the project management sector grows in popularity. You can take these certifications at KNOWLATHON for your career growth.