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How Much Does Agile Certification Cost?

Blog   |    23rd August 2022   |   Rupali

CSM Certification Cost in India


With Agile transformation taking charge in most industry sectors worldwide, it has become critical for individuals and enterprises to embrace Agile and ensure to stay up-to-date and competitive in the market.

Agile certification training program in this regard assists individuals in adopting and fine-tuning Agile practices in their daily activities. This certification provides working professionals with the knowledge of Agile methods and teaches them how to implement them.

Organizations require to adopt Agile frameworks, and there has been a sudden surge in demand for Agile professionals, especially in the IT sector. The increasing demand has urged professionals to acquire relevant certifications in this field.


SAFe Agile Certification Cost in India

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a set of workflow processes that are designed to provide a direction to enterprises in scaling lean and agile practices. In order to acquire SAFe certification, you have first to take a training program. The Agile certification cost is usually included in the training cost. You can go through many sites that will help you guide finding the right course as per your requirement. You can connect to Knowlathon, which can guide you in the right way and can provide you with complete information to help you earn Agile certification.

Agile certification cost in India

The cost of Agile certification in India is between Rs 45,000 to Rs 55,000 plus 18% GST. However, you can get a corporate discount. Contact Knowlathon for the exact SAFe Agile certification cost. The overall charge also varies based on your location and date.

You can take this exam once you have completed your course training from Knowlathon. If you are able to clear your exam on the first attempt, then you will earn Agile certification right away. Note that if you are attempting for the first time within 30 days of completing the course, you need not pay anything extra for the exam. However, if your miss this period, you will have to pay an additional amount as an exam fee. Similarly, if you are unable to clear your exam on the first attempt, and want to retake the exam, then you have to pay an additional fee.

SAFe certifications are valid for a period of one year and have to be renewed before it gets expire. The certificate also provides the candidates with a membership in the SAFe Community Platform. Here you will find like-minded people and will remain updated with the latest industry trends.

Is it Worth Investing in Agile Certification?

SAFe certifications are worth acquiring as they offer a better scope for the SAFe Agile Professionals. Qualified and trained executives can help organizations for SAFe transformation and also increases the chance of career growth with an increase in salary.

The training from Knowlathon is for two days, and here you will learn the various concepts of SAFe Agile Methodology. You will gain skills on the following topics:

· Lightweight Framework: As a SAFe-certified professional, you will be able to assist your organization in implementing a lightweight framework to their overall structure. You will also understand to embrace Lean-Agile transformation in a quicker manner.

· Managing Large Scale Projects: SAFe certification helps you manage complex projects and teaches how to better coordinate strategies within an organization between the teams. Whether you have to deal with a small or a large team, SAFe provides you with the right approach to work together without any complexities.

· Smoother Coordination with Multiple Teams: The Agile practice allows you to manage multiple teams in an effective manner. Coordination and strategy are the fundamental virtues that you will learn during your training program.

· Faster Decisions: SAFe helps you make decisions fast. While you need to upgrade or downgrade, you will be able to make quick decisions. Moreover, it will be easy for you to modify the decisions at every stage, as per the current needs and the demand of the management.

· Making Decisions Aligned with Business Objectives: Scaled Agile method follows the approach of centralized decision making. This methodology ensures that all the business objectives are achieved successfully.

Evaluating Options for SAFe Agile Certification

Candidates need to evaluate themselves before they start their SAFe Agile certification training. You need to consider what you really need. For instance, if you are currently using Agile, understand the level of Agile you want to reach further. You can choose to go for a high-level overview of the subject or can, opt to dive deep into the Agile approach, or even can focus on a particular aspect of the Agile methodology.

You can also consider forming a team of key decision makers for an Agile overview course rather than spending a lot of time training each and every member of your organization. The team will provide you with an overview of Agile best practices that will best fit the needs of your organization.

There may be a chance when your team already has Agile and may need more technical support. If you are looking for expansion, you may need additional training for your team or want to train more team members. So, you have to decide accordingly and choose the right path.

The Agile trainers from Knowlathon will guide you to choose the best course for you as per your specific requirement. Try to engage your trainer with lots of questions so that they are able to identify what you are precisely looking for.

You look for various options and can take help from:

· Recommendations from your network: Agile community is linked extensively, and if you are a part of the IT community, you can get suitable offers for the training course.

· Search Online: Another option is to talk with service providers and analyze what they are offering. Excellent Agile training is tailored to your unique needs. So, understand your needs and make sure that the training meets your requirements.

· Check Credentials: Watch that the trainers are equipped with Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) certification. This certification ensures that the instructors possess the proper knowledge and can help you in the right way.