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Benefits of PMP Certification in India

Blog   |    16th August 2022   |   Rupali

CSM Certification Cost in India


Project Management Professional (PMP) is a globally recognized professional certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), which is a US-based non-profit professional organization. It is recognized as the Gold standard in the field of Project Management.

PMI institute follows rigorous quality processes and stringent requirements to maintain a high level of PMP certification. It has been keeping the standards on the certification level since 1969, continuing to deliver high PMP certification benefits.

Is PMP Certification Worth it?

Most individuals looking for PMP certification have a big question in their mind that is this certification worth their time and money? One of the main benefits of PMP certification is that it enables you to achieve a higher better pay scale. You can earn around 20% more than other non-certified candidates across the globe. s

PMP certification establishes that you are the right candidate to work as a project manager in any industry. It indicates that you are well versed in the global language of project management and helps you connect to the family of project management professionals worldwide.

Benefits of PMP Certification in India

PMP certification offers a number of advantages, apart from enabling you to get a higher salary. A higher salary is just part of PMP certification benefits. Some other benefits include:

1. Adds Value to Your Resume: Of all the professional certifications that you can go through, PMP certification will prove to be as most valuable of all. Project management jobs are in high demand, and even many companies are making this certification mandatory for new appointments. They filter out the people without accreditation before the project management interview process.

Moreover, PMP certification is also precious if you want to advance in your career or are looking for an upper position in your current company. This certification places you ahead of your fellow peers in terms of accelerating up the career ladder.

2. It will Put You in a Higher Salary Bracket: As already stated earlier, PMP certification helps you earn a higher salary and will lead you to make almost 20% more than your non-certified peers. As a certified individual, you can earn more not even in India but well across the globe.

If you research the different job opportunities available, you will find that many organizations have the mandatory requirement of PMP. Or you can even see that they give more preference to a certified professional. Thus PMP adds value to your profile, and you are likely to earn more and get a better position in your organization. With this certification, you can also expect an immediate hike in your salary.

3. PMP can Open The Door to Better Job Opportunities Globally: PMP is recognized globally, and after earning it, you are eligible to work as a project manager in any industry all over the world. The certification establishes that you are able to speak and understand the global language of project management and are efficient in handling your projects in an effective manner.

PMP certification also boosts your self-confidence, making you compatible to face interviews in different countries around the world. It trains you to understand new practices to work in other regions of the world, establishing that your skills remain most relevant all across the globe. In short, PMP expands your marketability and helps you reach global organizations that are working in various parts of the world.

4. Offers Industry Recognition: PMP certification is recognized all over the world. You can find many programs that only focus on a specific domain. At the same time, PMP is global and works in all industries and almost in all locations.

Companies have recognized that certified professionals offer a better success rate for projects and are better at completing them in the desired time frame and within the allocated budget. If you are at the initial stage of project management and want to start your career in this field, then PMP certification can make up for the lack of experience. So, regardless of your background, you can even gain more by acquiring this certification.

Benefits of PMP Certification to Organizations

Talented employees stand for the growth of any company. Skilled employees can take an organization to another level and make them stand away from the crowd. They can help an organization to:

  • Stay Ahead in Competition: Hiring PMP-certified candidate is an asset to a company as they are well trained in the project management field.
  •  Implement New Techniques: These certified professionals now tricks and tactics of project management and can help boost an organization’s growth.
  • Improved Project Success: Hiring PMP professionals can increase the success rate as they are more capable of managing the projects more innovatively.


PMP Investment and Salary

It is easy to calculate the return on your investment for going through PMP certification. Start by determining the PMP cost and also add your working hours as you need a lot of time to clear this exam. Now, research for PMP certified salary and determine how much more you will be able to earn. Finally, calculate the ROI by dividing the potential increase in your salary by your total investment.

When you analyze the result, you will find that the salary benefits overweight the cost of PMP certification. Depending on your skills and the working country, you will summarize that you are getting your investments back just in two to three months.

PMP Exam Preparation in an Easy Way

PMP exam is challenging, but it is not at all an impossible task. If you are diligent and can plan well, you can easily earn this certificate.

In order to apply for the PMP exam, you have to meet a mandatory requirement of completing 35 contact hours of education. You can consider joining Knowlathon. The trainers from Knowlathon have ample knowledge and experience to train you for your PMP exam. The 35 contact hour training will undoubtedly help you in passing the exam on the first attempt. It is advisable to attend the PMP training program at your earliest, as with each passing day, you are potentially losing almost 20% of your salary.