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3 Benefits of Lean Six Sigma to the individual

Blog   |    24th May 2021   |   Rupali

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Lean Six Sigma boosts personal growth

As an IT person, you have the business. It is because of your work, that ideas come to fruition. It is down to you, that the business can sell products that are solely found at your company.

It is important that your talent be nurtured. For when you hone your skills, you are contributing towards unique products that are found nowhere else. And that is what draws your customer following to your company.

When that happens, your business grows. And when that happens, opportunities to grow arise. For example, the business may need more people for its production function.

That is how growth in the company feeds growth in your career, and ultimately impacts your personal development.

I'll give you an example.

An IT company was responsible for assembling computing solutions that allowed businesses to thrive off the performance of their processors. The business staff could view all the data about their business at one go, by running several applications simultaneously.

This company implemented a program that was fuelled by Lean Six Sigma. They many needed people with different skillsets working together to serve businesses of various sizes. To achieve that end, the company started this program to nurture Lean Six Sigma Yellow, Green, and Black Belts.

When people got themselves certified, it changed their usual ways of thinking. They developed a growth mindset. They began to take up increasingly challenging work. The motivation came from within. They began to not only seek opportunities, but also began to cash in on these.

And as anyone can tell, the business prospered. So did the people.

How does Lean Six Sigma do that?

Lean Six Sigma certifications bring with them, training of the mind to think in a certain direction. In the direction of a solution to a pressing problem.

Thus it fosters three types of behaviour, that I shall list as the following three benefits.

1. Development of clearly formed goals

As I mentioned earlier, Lean Six Sigma helps you respond to problems with solutions.
This helps to get a very good idea of what the business's products and services are all about.

When that concept is increasingly clear, it helps you understand what you are meant to do in the organization, and where you can be. And, what lies on the road ahead.

This helps you understand what your developmental goals are. You can form a mental image of where you want to be in life, and what you want to do to reach there.

2. Declining procrastinating tendencies

When you have a shopping list made before you go to the supermarket, do you not find it easier to locate what you want and, do you not find that you have bought exactly that and no more?

The same logic works here.

You are armed with a list of goals and destinations you want to be at.

With that in clear view, you find it easier to make your way ahead, and not dawdle.

When you have a good idea of where to go from here, you are less likely to spend time on pursuits that will not lead you to where you want to be.

3. Preparation to take on leadership roles and advancement

When you are clear in your mind that you want to take certain actions, you would almost always seek to condition situations into ones which support your actions.

You cultivate people and relationships, by fostering positive communication. You are ready to give and receive help that will take you to your goal.

You begin to think growth. And that is when you realize that your peers too ought to benefit from that growth, and that you need to nudge them onto that path.

You grow as a person.


Lean Six Sigma helps lay the foundations of growth for a business, by helping its people to form clear goals about career and ultimately, personal development.

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