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Important Tips and Tricks for PRINCE2

Exam Preparation

Blog   |    17th August 2022   |   Rupali

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If you want to earn your PRINCE2 Certification, you need to clear a set of examinations that require rigorous preparation. Moreover, if you are able to score high in the PRINCE2 Foundation exam, you are more likely to do better in the Practitioner exam, which is a little harder.

PRINCE2 is a globally recognized qualification in the field of project management. It is more suited for professionals looking to work in project management and is one of the highest desired achievements. Most of the professionals want to pass this exam as they want to apply PRINCE2 methodologies in the workplace. Others may need to update their CVs with this qualification to strengthen their project management job allocation.

In this PRINCE2 exam preparation guide, we will share some important tips and tricks to pass the PRINCE2 exam on your very first attempt


1. Go Through a PRINCE2 Certification Training Course
The PRINCE2 Certification course will help you understand the basics of this exam, and will also provide you with the required number of PDUs, which are mandatory for the PRINCE2 Certification exam. Remember to choose an accredited training institute like Knowlathon. The certification is awarded by PeopleCert in conjunction with their accredited training partners only. While going through your PRINCE2 training you will receive an ample amount of learning material. As this exam is an open book type, you can take the manuals into the exam room with the key points, helpful for you during the exam.

2. Understand the PRINCE2 Exam Requirements

There are certain prerequisite requirements needed for the PRINCE2 exam. Since Foundation is the basic course, there are no entry conditions, but for the Practitioner level, you need to have a PRINCE2 Foundation certificate.You must also have a basic knowledge of how to manage projects and need to have an understanding of project management philosophies. If you are less aware of project management, the PRINCE2 study guide from Knowlathon will provide you with the required inputs.

3. Practice Exam Question Thoroughly

Another great tip to pass this exam in your first attempt is to familiarize yourself with the exam questions. The more you go through the practice questions, the better will be the chances for a higher score.Practice tests will help you see where your preparation for the PRINCE2 Certification training lies. The mock test will guide you to the parts of the course that need more attention. Later you can revise your weaker areas to make them strong. Usually, the PRINCE2 exam board provides two sample papers to accredited training organizations. If you have studied through a training institute, they will surely provide you with sample exam papers.

4. Adhere to Your Study Schedule

As PRINCE2 Certification is pursued more by working professionals, it becomes difficult for them to maintain regular study hours along with their job. You have to adhere to your schedule, and squeeze out time studying with a foolproof schedule.Make a routine covering PRINCE2 topics one by one while making important notes. Stay loyal to your schedule and focus more on your weaker points.

5. Build Case Studies
You need to have exhaustive knowledge with practical applications of the seven principles, processes, and themes in the PRINCE2 exam. Building case studies will help you understand these concepts in a better manner. During the exam, you will be assessed for your practical and theoretical knowledge; hence a comprehensive PRINCE2 study guide from Knowlathon will help you understand better. This training institute has a number of built case studies related to the PRINCE2 syllabus.

6. Understanding PRINCE2 Exam Format

You must a good understanding of the exam format to help you crack your PRINCE2 Certification exam in your first go. Keep in mind the most important three things; timing, question complexity, and ensuring to answer each and every question.Timing is an important consideration. Remember that the exam consists of 60 MCQs, and there are only 60 minutes when you have to make your choice. This means you will get only one minute for every question. So, you need to go through a well-approached strategy to maximize your chances of scoring high.

7. Don’t Forget to Analyze the Wrong Answers

The most common mistake during PRINCE2 Exam Preparation is that miss out to analyze our mistakes. Start by checking out the common certification questions and go through the answers asked in previous exams. While committing a mistake, analyze your pitfalls and prepare your topics accordingly. Revise the course material received from Knowlathon, and try to gain as much knowledge as you can. Better knowledge of the subject will definitely increase your chances of a higher score.

8. Consider PRINCE2 Exam Preparation a Project
Being a professional, there is always a higher chance if you consider your study a project. Professionals are more inclined towards their projects and stick to their deadlines. So, considering PRINCE2 Certification training as a project will induce you to meet your set deadline and will help you stick to your schedule.


9. Go Through the Unanswered Questions Once More
Don't forget to re-read the remaining questions that you have left unanswered. You can apply 'the process of elimination approach'. Strike out the options in your question booklet that you think is definitely wrong. By doing this you will be eliminating two options leaving you with the remaining two. Read the question and the remaining options once again. If you are certain then tick the appropriate one, or decide to take a chance, guessing for the right answer.



Make yourself clear with all the purpose statements given at the start of each process. You need to understand how a principal is utilized in a specific method. Clear your doubts and queries very well in advance before your PRINCE2 exam. You can consider taking help from Knowlathon, which is an accredited training institute from PeopleCert. Check out for PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner course online. This training institute provides structured training. Here you will be guided by PRINCE2 certified trainers with years of experience in PRINCE2 training.