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Adopting PRINCE2 for Business Project Management

Blog   |    17th August 2022   |   Rupali

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PRINCE2 is a popular certification practiced and recognized in almost every country of the world. An acronym for Projects IN a Controlled Environment, PRINCE2 Certification is considered the prince of the management courses.

Projects in organizations offer new solutions and add value. Completing the projects on time and within the set budget while delivering them with expected outcomes is of utmost importance. Almost more than half of projects are found to suffer from some type of problem ending up being late or over budget, and even sometimes both.

PRINCE2 Certification course has emerged as the most successful tool that takes care of business project management. It provides a standard set of guidelines and offers a methodology with a well-defined set of steps to complete a project, right from start to finish. PRINCE2 Project Management focuses on flexibly dividing a project into manageable stages and thus applying the proper control over the projects and risks.


PRINCE2 Certification Training

PRINCE2 training is divided into two main categories. You can begin with the PRINCE2 Foundation course to help you upgrade your project management skills. Once you have successfully completed the foundation course, you can consider the more advanced PRINCE2 Practitioner certification.

· PRINCE2 Foundation: This course makes you more familiarize with the basics of project management. It helps you understand a project, how to manage it, and the responsibilities of the team handling it. This course educates you to tailor and implement PRINCE2 methodologies with a practical approach successfully and introduces you to the seven principles that are the foundation of this practice. The best part of PRINCE2 training is that it requires no specific prior qualification.

· PRINCE2 Practitioner: This program prepares you to handle a project manager role in detail effectively. Here you will learn how to reach the core of a problem and resolve it most efficiently. You will also learn project control, ongoing project monitoring, and how to adapt PRINCE2 into projects practically. In order to get practitioner certification, you need to complete the PRINCE2 Foundation level first.

Apart from the above two levels, professionals can also consider going for the PRINCE2 Agile training course that helps them incorporate Agile methods in a project.

Benefits of Adopting PRINCE2 for Business Project Management

There are many advantages of applying the PRINCE2 methodology to your organization, including:

  • PRINCE2 provides a definite answer why one is taking up a project
  • Each member of the project management team is aware of their responsibilities
  • The quality of the project and services are ensured along with the most timely delivery and under schedule.
  • It is easy to manage the more significant projects as projects are divided into flexible, manageable stages.
  • PRINCE2 ensures project performance with an improved output

PRINCE2 Project Management Training

To comprehend, we can say that PRINCE2 ensures a project is managed most effectively while also assuring that it is delivered, fulfilling the reasons behind a project and safeguarding the quality of services.

Reasons Why Project Management Professionals are looking for PRINCE2 Certification

There are specific reasons where PRINCE2 Certification can be the right choice for a project management career.

Provides Industry Proven Skill Sets: PRINCE2 training is designed in a way that enhances your management skills and gives you a better understanding of the viability of a project. PRINCE2 methodology stretches each and every detail of a project and helps you develop insights for the project viability assessment, business case preparation, execution, planning, and evaluation of the delivery timeline.

Better Employment Avenues: Most of the organizations are asking for PRINCE2 Certification as a desired qualification, including project openings like analyst, administrator, coordinator, managers, and in other related fields. This Certification allows you to apply for a project management role in all leading organizations across the world. Moreover, PRINCE2 training can also help professionals like project engineers, software developers, project executives, innovation delivery managers and others.

Better Salary Prospects: PRINCE2 puts you in a higher salary bracket, earning you almost 30% more than your peers. PRINCE2 Project Management course and relevant experience can help you significantly raise your salary. As this certificate validates that you have an upgraded understanding of the job profile, an employer is more convinced to pay your desired salary.

PRINCE2 Certification Training Focuses on Practice: PRINCE2 methodology is a set of guidelines that believes in practice rather than preaching. This is just not a manual that you can go through at the time of difficulties but has a set of principles that can be applied to a project management scenario in times of trouble. The knowledge gained through PRINCE2 Certification Training can easily be implemented into real-life scenarios.

PRINCE2 Certification is Accepted Globally: PRINCE2 project management certification has a global outreach. It is one of the most preferred Certifications for project management roles recognized all over the world. Due to its international acceptance, it is easier for a PRINCE2 certification holder to apply for a project management role in the country of their preference, with a better chance of getting selected.

Applicable across Most Industries: The project-driven approach of PRINCE2 makes it adorable to fit into different industries, with projects of different sizes and scales. Moreover, this Certification is a desired attribute by many government entities, including oil companies, making PRINCE2 Certification in high demand. Construction companies and IT firms have seen positive results with the PRINCE2 methodology, and thus, they accept PRINCE2 certified candidates.

Easy to Attain: PRINCE2 training does not demand specific preconditions; however, a basic knowledge of project management is recommended. Professionals with various degrees are also looking for this Certification to upgrade their skills. The PRINCE2 training program is not very demanding, and after a short training module from Knowlathon, you can sit for the exam. The overall application process is also very simple, and the team of Knowlathon will guide you through each step of this course.


Knowlathon is an accredited training institute for PRINCE2 Foundation and Certification program. They have a strong record with the most favorable outcomes. Choose PRINCE2 training from Knowlathon if you are looking to excel in your project management career and want to earn more.