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4 Benefits of sticking to your PRINCE2 transformation

Blog   |    11th May 2021   |   Rupali

The role of motivation in PRINCE2 projects


Your project is going to take a lot of time : What can you do in between?

As a project manager, you have the business. You are busy building products that mean the absolute world to your business. For instance, you may be migrating your brick and mortar office space to the virtual world.

The products that you are developing have a touch of you. After all you have put so much into them in terms of time, effort, energy. You are constantly on the go until the very end. Without a shred of doubt, it's you in a product!

Never, never forget the products you've built to date, and the ones you are building now. Because they are part of you. Always keep this in central view: It's You in a Product. And you've taken a lot to get here.

Let this be the force that drives you everyday. Let this central view be your motivation, your guiding light. It is all going to be worth it, you must remind yourself everyday.A PRINCE2 project is a lot of effort, and you need all the motivation to drive you to the very end.

Unless you have motivation, unless you find a reason that binds everything together, it is likely that you lose the will to continue. The transformation that you are managing is going to take months, possibly years before you see any real value. Without any real motivation, you'll find yourself asking the question: what is it that I'm doing?

So, in the time that your project is getting completed, always keep yourself motivated. Remember, it's you in a product.

The benefits of being motivated and staying on track

I'll tell you a story before I talk of the benefits.

A company wanted to use The Internet of Things technology to shift their entire business to the digital space. The entire company would be living inside their infrastructure, and not in the physical space. They successfully got to this point in three years.

What do you think was the highlight of this transformation? The end result? Or that they got here in record time? Neither. It was the fact that the project manager helped two highly motivated teams perform to the best of their abilities.

Staying motivated helps you stay on track for sustained periods of time.

I'll talk about 4 benefits of sticking to your PRINCE2 transformation.

1. Satisfaction

You are literally hanging to your goals when you are highly motivated. When you stay until the very end, you have the satisfaction of having spent a great deal of energy in reminding yourself of your products, and what you have achieved, and what you will be achieving.

2. Realization

I've spoken about your products resembling you. As you keep reminding yourself of this, you are consciously realizing a lot about yourself. You are realizing the power of You, and what this can mean for a thing like a PRINCE2 transformation.

3. Learning

PRINCE2 methodologies are all about progressing on a continuous learning curve. Unless you learn, you do not progress. Constantly motivating yourself helps you to learn about your products and your goals for this transformation. And that leads to the next benefit.

4. Growth

By constantly motivating yourself you are pushing yourself on the path ahead. And forwards means in the direction of growth, in the direction of putting together products that are the absolute world for your company. Bringing this whole PRINCE2 endeavour to fruition is going to change things for your company. So why not change them for the better?


To stick onto a long project that can be transformational for the business, you need to spend a good part of the time motivating yourself, and that motivation comes from the products you've built and the lessons you've learnt. And until the very end, you need to remind yourself that you got this !

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