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4 Benefits of PRINCE2 Agile to Project Managers

Blog   |    11th May 2021   |   Rupali

Relative contribution of fall outs of Agile methodology to organizational growth


When PRINCE2 Agile raises your capabilities

As a project manager, you have a major chunk of the business. After all, you are busy putting in a good chunk of your own skill into the making of products that are as unique as you are.

To cite an example, I'll tell you about a business that were busy putting in touches to the branding of their apps. The business had acquired a few other businesses, and the project manager had influenced the making of the digital branding templates for the parent company. Now templates were being made for the acquired companies, and the branding elements were being embedded into apps.

It was the project manager's touch that was brought alive in the digital products. So you see, project managers do bring about a good part of the business.

The magic lies in this: the project manager's touch is taken by the project teams and made a part of their work. So the project manager is a major influence upon the people in the organization, and not only the end products.

Now, if the project manager's touch didn't agree with the core identity of the company, would it not have lead to an imbalance? So it is important for the project manager's touch to reinforce the values of the organization. This amplifies the message the organization intends to send, about its own identity.

This brings us to the first benefit:

1 Getting to know the North Star of the business, extremely well

What the organization is all about, and its core values, are known as the North Star of the business. That is what guides every person setting foot in the company.

So project management teams and managers are no exception. As the example presented itself, you surely must have realized that this exactly is the steady element throughout the business.

The project manager put out their touch through every team down to a member. And that coincided with the core touch of the business.

The beauty of PRINCE2 Agile projects is this: a common vision is what binds the whole business together. It defines every step you take, towards going about your work.

Thus, through taking up PRINCE2 Agile projects, the North Star of your business manifests itself into the products and stays constant.

This influences the next benefit:

2 Better overall planning

When you know, and have thoroughly absorbed the steady aspects of your business, you know the difference between what to change, and what not to.

So throughout the project, and even beyond, you begin look for ways to set in the North Star of business.

And that, leads to clarity about the goals of any initiative you begin. You know exactly how that initiative is going to reinforce the North Star, and how it is going to bring about change in a negotiable element of the business.

Clarity about the bedrock of the business brings about the next benefit.

3 Greater alignment among teams

The beauty of a PRINCE2 Agile project is that, it makes you extremely familiar with the North Star of the business.

That weaves a common thread of thought through all project teams.

The team members may be spread out through the expanse of the company, but there will always be that clarity in each person's mind about what the project is all about and what they are going to be achieving.

And the last benefit is:

4 Bias free conflict management

Being aligned with the North Star of the business helps the project manager put out their touch to all the teams they are managing.

So the project manager has a rational base to expect the project outputs they really want to see. This rational basis, propelled by the North Star of the business helps set expectations.

So if any conflict arises, between team members, that rational basis helps even out distortion in viewpoints of the team members.

To conclude

PRINCE2 Agile builds upon the existing abilities of project managers and project teams by helping them get extremely familiar with the North Star, or the guiding identity of the business.

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