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MSP Foundation Certification Training Course Features


  • Comprehensive Program Management Framework: MSP Foundation provides a comprehensive framework for programme management. It provides organisations with a structured approach and best practises for effectively managing their programmes. 
  • Alignment with Strategic Goals: MSP Foundation emphasises the significance of aligning programmes with an organization's strategic objectives. It helps participants comprehend how programmes contribute to the achievement of strategic objectives and how to ensure alignment throughout the lifecycle of a programme. 
  • Focus on Benefits Realization: The MSP Foundation emphasises the value of benefits management in programme management. It provides guidance on identifying, planning, and monitoring the expected benefits of a programme to ensure that they are effectively realised and measured. 
  • Governance and Control: MSP Foundation emphasises programme management's governance and control aspects. It addresses essential topics such as programme organisation, leadership, stakeholder engagement, risk management, and quality management, thereby assisting participants in establishing effective governance structures and processes. 
  • Practical Application: MSP Foundation is designed to be applicable and practical in real-world situations. It offers examples, case studies, and interactive exercises that enable participants to apply the course's concepts and techniques to their own programme management situations. 
  • Internationally Recognized Certification: MSP Foundation offers a globally recognised certification that verifies programme management participants' knowledge and comprehension. Acquiring the MSP Foundation certification demonstrates competence with the MSP framework and bolsters professional credibility. 
  • Scalability and Adaptability: MSP Foundation is scalable and adaptable to a variety of programme sizes, industries, and organisational environments. It is adaptable to the specific demands and requirements of programmes, enabling organisations to manage programmes of varying complexities effectively. 


Learning objectives of MSP Foundation Course


  • The key MSP Foundation learning objectives include:  
  • Understand the principles and concepts of program management: Participants will acquire a thorough comprehension of the MSP framework's programme management principles, concepts, and terminology. They will learn the essential components and procedures of programme management. 
  • Learn the MSP framework: Participants will become acquainted with the MSP structure and framework. They will comprehend the various roles and responsibilities within a programme and their interrelationships. In addition, they will understand the MSP principles, governance themes, and transformational flow processes. 
  • Comprehend the benefits and processes of program management: Participants will gain an understanding of the advantages of utilising programme management to achieve strategic outcomes. They will comprehend the various programme management processes, such as identification, definition, planning, delivery, and closure. 
  • Understand stakeholder engagement and leadership: Participants will learn the significance of stakeholder engagement in programme management and how to effectively engage and manage stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of a programme. They will also acquire knowledge of the necessary leadership qualities for effective programme management. 
  • Learn about program organization and governance: Participants will learn about programme organisation structures and how they contribute to the success of the programme. Participants will gain an understanding of programme governance and the duties and responsibilities of programme governance committees and other critical stakeholders. 
  • Develop skills in risk and issue management: Participants will learn how to identify, evaluate, and manage programme hazards and issues. They will comprehend the significance of risk and issue management to the success of the programme and acquire techniques for managing them effectively. 
  • Gain knowledge of benefits management: Participants will comprehend the significance of benefits management in programme administration. They will learn how to identify, plan, and monitor benefits throughout the lifecycle of a programme to ensure that they are realised and contribute to the achievement of strategic objectives. 

Target audience  


All individuals from beginner – senior level, who are responsible and accountable for the management of IT Services in any organisation and most commonly include the below (but not limited to) designations: 

  • Program Managers 
  • Project Managers 
  • Program Office Staff 
  • Business Change Managers 
  • Project Team Members 
  • Senior Managers 
  • Portfolio Managers 
  • Consultants 

    Exam and Certification information 
  • Exam Details: 
  • Exam Type: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) 
  • No. of Questions: 60 
  • Exam Duration: 60  minutes 
  • Pass Marks: 36 out of 60 (60%) 
  • Exam Type: Closed Book 



Certification Journey 

Course Outline

Introduction to MSP
  • Definition and importance of program management 
  • Overview of the MSP framework and its key concepts 
  • Benefits of adopting MSP for managing programs
MSP Principles
  •  Overview of the seven MSP principles 
  •  Understanding the purpose and application of each principle 
  •  Examples and case studies illustrating the use of MSP principles
MSP Governance Themes
  • Introduction to the nine MSP governance themes 
  •  Explanation of each theme and its role in program management 
  •  How to effectively apply the governance themes within a program
MSP Transformational Flow
  • Overview of the MSP transformational flow 
  •  Explanation of the six stages of the transformational flow 
  •  Understanding the activities, outputs, and responsibilities in each stage
MSP Concepts and Techniques
  •  Key concepts and techniques used in MSP 
  •  Understanding the roles and responsibilities within a program 
  •  Effective communication and stakeholder engagement in program management
MSP Foundation Exam Preparation
  • Overview of the MSP Foundation exam format 
  •  Practice questions and mock exams to prepare for the certification exam 
  •  Tips and techniques for successfully passing the exam+8:15


MSP Foundation Sample Paper Discussions
  • MSP Foundation Sample Paper Discussions 


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