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CompTIA Network+N10-008 Course Features


The core networking hardware, protocols, and services can be installed, configured, and troubleshooted using the vendor-neutral CompTIA Network+ certification (N10-008). Some USPs, highlights, and course components for the CompTIA Network+ certification include the following: 


Leading tech companies such as Dell, HP, and Intel accept the CompTIA Network+ certification, making it an industry-recognized credential. It also complies with ISO 17024, and it has been accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). 


Contrary to other networking certifications that focus on a single vendor's technology, CompTIA Network+ is a vendor-neutral networking certification. This indicates that a range of networking technologies can be employed given the knowledge and skills learned. 


Learning objectives of CompTIA Network+N10-008 Course


  • Networking fundamentals: Be familiar with the OSI and TCP/IP models, as well as network topologies, protocols, and technologies. 

  • Infrastructure: Gain knowledge of the many forms of network infrastructure, such as wireless networks, LANs, VPNs, and WANs. 

  • Network operations: Be aware of network operations, such as network management, network security, and network troubleshooting. 

  • Learn about the various kinds of network security, such as firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and network access control. 

  • Discover the various network tools available, such as protocol analyzers, network scanners, and wireless analyzers. 

  • Understanding the concepts of network virtualization, storage, and security in the context of cloud computing. 

  • Learn about virtualization technologies such as virtual switches, virtual routers, and virtual LANs (VLANs). 

  • Learn how to troubleshoot typical network difficulties, such as connectivity issues, sluggish network performance, and network security problems.


Target Audience for CompTIA Network+N10-008 Training


  • Network administrators. 

  • Network technicians. 

  • Help desk personnel 

  • Network engineers. 

  • System administrators. 

  • Security experts 





CompTIA Network+N10-008 Exam and Certification information 


  • Exam structure 
  • Number of Questions - 90 maximum questions 
  • Type of Questions - Multiple choice and performance-based 
  • Time - 90 minutes maximum allowed 
  • Score needed to pass - 720 (on a scale of 100-900)



CompTIA Network+N10-008 Certification Journey 


Course Outline

Networking Concepts in Module 1
  • terminology and protocols for networks 
  • various network types 
  • topologies of networks 
  • TCP/IP and OSI models 
  • Applications and services for networks 
Network Infrastructure Module 2
  • network gadgets 
  • Connections and cabling 
  • Wireless systems 
  • networks for storing data 
  • Concepts of cloud computing 
Network operations in Module 3
  • Network architecture VLANs and subnets Addressing and routing 
  • telephonic technologies 
  • ideas for network security 
Network Security Module 4
  • Security tools and procedures 
  • Access control and authentication 
  • types of network attacks and mitigating 
  • Security guidelines and practises 
Module 5: Tools & Network Troubleshooting
  • Methods for troubleshooting networks 
  • common network problems and how to fix them 
  • tools for network testing 
  • Tools for management and monitoring 
Module 6: Network Administration
  • Network management and configuration 
  • performance improvement 
  • Adaptability to faults and catastrophe recovery 
  • Diagrams and documentation for networks

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