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Professional Scrum Product Owner Course Features

16 Hours of Instructor Led Training  

Certified and Experienced Instructors  

Session recording access  

Study materials and exam prep questions 


Professional Scrum Product Owner Practice Questions  

Professional Scrum Product Owner Learning objectives  


When you complete this Professional Scrum Product Owner course, you will be able to accomplish the following: 

  • Understand the basics of the scrum framework and principles of agile project management 

  • Focus on the fundamentals that are essential to understanding and satisfying the role of the product owner in the context of product management and scrum 

Target audience  

Taking this Professional Scrum Product Owner training course and obtaining the certification can be particularly useful for: 

  • Members of scrum teams such as developers and product owners  

  • Managers of scrum teams, and teams transitioning to scrum 

  • Professionals who want to pursue the Professional Scrum Product Owner certification



There are no prerequisites for taking the PSPO online training.


Course Outline

Lesson 01 - Agile Product Management
  • Lesson 01 - Agile Product Management 
Lesson 02 - Value-Driven Development
  • Lesson 02 - Value-Driven Development 
Lesson 03 - Scrum Principles & Empiricism
  • Lesson 03 - Scrum Principles & Empiricism 
Lesson 04 - The Scrum Framework
  • Lesson 04 - The Scrum Framework 
Lesson 05 - Product Backlog Management
  • Lesson 05 - Product Backlog Management 
Lesson 06 - Release Management
  • Lesson 06 - Release Management 

Frequently Asked Questions.

Who provides the certification?

The organization formed by Scrum co-creator Ken Schwaber, Scrum.org, offers the Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) Certification. To verify experts, grasp and implementation of Scrum techniques and principles, Scrum.org provides demanding exams and certificates. Possessing the PSPO certification proves that one is adept at playing the Product Owner position in a Scrum team. Candidates must pass the PSPO exam in order to obtain this certification. The exam measures candidates' understanding of Scrum theory, practices, and practical application of Scrum concepts. The internationally recognized PSPO certification denotes proficiency in Agile product management utilizing Scrum.

What payment options are available?

Payment options for our Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) Certification Training typically include credit/debit card payments, bank transfers, and PayPal. We aim to provide convenient and secure payment methods to accommodate diverse preferences and ensure ease of registration. Additionally, for corporate groups or organizations enrolling multiple participants, we may offer invoicing options and customized payment plans to streamline the process. Our goal is to make the payment experience as smooth and accessible as possible, allowing aspiring PSPOs to focus on their training and preparation for certification without any unnecessary hurdles.

Who are the trainers for the course?

Our knowledgeable Agile instructors who hold Scrum.org certifications provide our Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) Certification Training. These instructors are well knowledgeable in Scrum procedures and Agile approaches, and they have a thorough understanding of the Product Owner position. To make sure they live up to the high standards set by Scrum.org, they have undertaken extensive training and evaluation procedures. Our instructors enhance the learning process in the classroom by bringing real-world expertise and relevant examples and ideas. They are committed to assisting participants in comprehending and successfully implementing Scrum concepts, giving them the tools and information required to succeed as Product Owners.

Where will be the training held?

We primarily offer our Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) Certification Training online in virtual classrooms. With this structure, attendees may conveniently attend the training from anywhere around the world without having to pay for travel or take time off from work. Expert Agile trainers conduct the virtual training sessions, making use of interactive resources and teamwork platforms to guarantee a productive and interesting learning environment. In addition, depending on demand and availability, we might occasionally provide in-person training courses in particular places. When you register, you will receive information about the particular training schedule.

Do you provide transportation and refreshments with the training?

Transportation and refreshments are not typically provided with our Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) Certification Training. Since the training primarily occurs online via virtual classrooms, participants attend from their own locations, eliminating the need for transportation. As for refreshments, participants are responsible for their own snacks and beverages during the training sessions. However, we ensure that the training materials and content provided are comprehensive and valuable, focusing on delivering a high-Quality learning experience to help participants achieve their PSPO certification goals effectively.

Can I change the city, location, and date after enrolling for any classroom training?

Once enrolled in our Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) Certification Training, changing the city, location, or date may be subject to our rescheduling and cancellation policies. We strive to accommodate participant needs to the best of our ability, but changes are contingent upon factors such as availability, demand, and logistical considerations. Please contact our customer support team for assistance with any change requests, and we will do our utmost to find a suitable solution. However, please note that changes may incur additional fees or be subject to specific terms outlined in our training policies.

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