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ITIL® Certification Cost | ITIL®4 Certification Cost in India 2022

Blog   |    8th March 2022   |   Rupali

ITIL4 Certification Cost in India 2022


In-depth ITIL®4 Foundation Certification Training helps you learn IT service management through an end-to-end operating model. It will guide you for the creation, delivery, and continual improvement of tech-enabled products and services.

As per the report from CRN, currently, ITIL®4 is considered one of the top 15 money-making certifications. These statistics show its popularity among organizations and its demand among professionals who want to enhance their career and their profit margins, by implementing the techniques of ITIL®.

The ITIL®4 Certification Training can also be considered as a stepping stone for ITIL® Managing Professionals and ITIL Strategic Leaders to help them enhance the IT services in an organization.

Overview of the ITIL®4 Certification Training

ITIL® is a popular framework for IT Management recognized all over the world. It offers a renewed focus for optimization of IT Services. Here you will be trained by the PeopleCert accredited professionals through various practical exercises. The ultimate aim of this training is to familiarize the candidates with ITIL®4 Guiding Principles, The Four Dimensions of Service Management, and The Service Value Chain.

ITIL® Certification Cost India

ITIL® Certification cost depends largely on location, training institutes, and the module of learning you choose. You can opt to pay only for the certification and study by yourself, or you can go for training from an accredited trainer, which is then followed up by certification. During the second option, you need to pay one entire amount for training and the certification and is more suitable. So, the formula for ITIL® Certification cost can be represented as:

ITIL® Training Cost + ITIL® Examination Cost = ITIL® Certification Cost

The cost of each level of ITIL® training is incorporated with the ITIL® Certification cost. On average, ITIL® certification cost in India ranges in between INR 15000 to INR 35000.

Different institutes offer different learning modules, and the course fee varies accordingly. For example:

  • • The ITIL®4 Foundation Certification Training cost in India for the live-online mode varies between INR 20,000 to INR 22,000.
  • • The ITIL®4 Foundation Training cost in India for classroom mode varies between INR 22,000 to INR 24,000.
  • • The ITIL®4 Foundation Training cost in India for the self-learning mode varies from INR 18,000 to INR 20,000.

Candidates looking to go for ITIL®4 Certification Training may choose from a number of service providers like Knowlathon, who are authorized trainers from AXELOS to provide ITIL®4 training. Many training institutions are non-accredited, and thus are cheaper in comparison. But, their contents, study material, and the way of training may not be equally reliable. So, it is advisable to consider the cost, and know more about the training institute before you finalize the one.

Factors Affecting ITIL® Training Cost

The cost of training depends on many factors and varies accordingly. Some of these are:

  • • Certified professionals from PeopleCert
  • • Most qualified trainers
  • • Instructor-led training classes
  • • Industry-driven real case studies
  • • Accredited course material
  • • Series of mock tests
  • • Industry-specific trainers

Key Features of ITIL®4 Foundation Training Course from Knowlathon

Some of the main key features for the ITIL® training course offered by Knowlathon can be described as under:

  • • Interactive instructor-led ITIL®4 Foundation Certification training
  • • Course accredited by PeopleCert
  • • A team of the most qualified, certified, and accredited trainers
  • • Pre and Post-course support
  • • Interaction with co-participants from diverse backgrounds to help you understand better
  • • Industry-driven multiple case studies to provide you with more practical knowledge
  • • We offer the candidates to participate in retrospective sessions
  • • Our study guide is designed and managed by subject matter experts
  • • A series of mock tests included helping you make more familiar with the exam pattern
  • • Training sessions are designed to work on almost all devices
  • • You can see your trainer on-screen for an interactive learning experience
  • • High-quality video and audio quality ensure that the participants don’t miss a thing

Benefits of Investing in ITIL®4 Certification Training

Many professionals find the ITIL® cost to be on the higher side. So, before investing in the ITIL®4 training program, we should understand the benefits of investing such a sum. The ultimate benefit for this investment is that an ITIL®-certified professional holds an edge over their peers who are engaged in various IT operations. Moreover, the major other benefit is the salary. ITIL® certified professionals claim a better salary than most other IT professionals, and enjoy a most flourishing career.

ITIL®4 certification can be your first step towards career growth. Some of the other benefits to investing in this course can be described as under:

  • • They mostly enjoy a more stable career.
  • • A professional investing in the ITIL® Foundation course tends to earn credits, which later can be used in the subsequent levels of ITIL®.
  • • As a return on your investment, you will earn an ITIL® certificate that is recognized globally allowing you to work in global markets.
  • • ITIL® training teaches you the best IT practices, most prevalent in the corporate sector.
  • • As a certified ITIL® professional receives a higher salary, the cost is recovered within a very short period of their service.
  • • Some of the training institutions, like Knowlathon, also offer certain resources to the candidates that prove them helpful for their future success.


Who All Can Get Benefit from ITIL®4 Certification Training

This course is most suited for:

  • • IT Professionals
  • • Business Managers
  • • Project Managers
  • • Students and Individuals with interest in IT Services Management
  • • Business Process Owners
  • • Service Process Owners
  • • ITSM Managers including all aspiring ITSM Managers
  • • Professionals who are working in other areas of the IT field like digital, product, development, and service


To sum up, we should understand that various factors contribute to the ITIL®4 Certification cost. These can be listed as:

  • • Geographical location of the candidate
  • • Type of learning module selected (Self-learning, online classes, classroom learning)
  • • Study guides offered by the training institute
  • • Instructor-led classes
  • • Add-on resources

To crack the ITIL®4 exam you need to study a lot. You can get plenty of study materials, as well as free tutorials online, but an expert’s guidance can catalyze your preparation. So, if you want to achieve the milestone of ITIL®4 Certification in your first go, it is good to find a good training institute like Knowlathon for your combined training and certification package.