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Top 5 Reasons to get Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Certification in 2023

Blog   |    9th December 2022   |   Rupali

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Adding a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification to your resume establishes that you have the skills and knowledge required to increase the performance of a business and can improve the ability of the last man standing in the line. Many organizations all across the world consider some level of Six Sigma Certification as a minimum consideration, while Green Belt certified individuals are often considered for higher-level positions.

Top Reasons to get Lean Six Sigma Green Certification This Year

Below are some of the main reasons to be considered by the individuals looking for Lean Sigma Belt.

1. Increase Your Salary Potential

One of the top reasons you should consider Lean Six Sigma is that you become a more valuable asset to the company when you have this certification under your belt. According to a survey report from indeed.com, Green Belt certified individuals were able to earn almost $100,000 a year in the USA, while in India is around IRS 20 Lacs annually. Moreover, these professionals are counted among the highest-paid professionals in the world.

Lean Six Sigma Certification makes your position strong on the salary negotiation table, and you can bargain for a better salary. With this certification, you can expect an offer of around 10% higher than your non-certified peers. Businesses adhering to Lean Six Sigma frameworks can target higher profits, decreased costs, improved efficiency, and reduction in wasteful practices, so they are willing to pay more to the certified candidates. Six Sigma processes are very effective, with many Fortune 500 companies following these practices.

2. Increase Company Efficiency
Lean Six Sigma is known to increase the efficiency of a company, as all the team members on the same page work towards the same goal, making it easier for the organization to identify the bottlenecks and overcome them accordingly.

Companies with Six Sigma practices can produce more with less effort, thus increasing their profits. Guided by Six Sigma principles, team members of an organization work effectively, with higher efficiency and productivity.

An efficient work process leads to faster delivery with higher customer satisfaction while maintaining the same quality standards of the product. Lean Six Sigma Certification is beneficial for all, the organization, customers, and the employees, and help retain customer loyalty for a longer time.

3. Six Sigma is the Demand for Every Industry
The methodologies of Six Sigma are applicable in most companies, including electronics, banking, IT, HR, Marketing, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Financial, Aerospace, and many more. Certified persons hold expertise in different methodologies that are applicable to a business process in any industry vertical.

With the right sets of skills and knowledge, you can take your organization to another level by reducing costs and increasing revenue.

Individuals with Lean Six Sigma Certification hold knowledge in dozens of different methods applicable for streamlining business processes, reducing costs, and increasing the company revenue. Six Sigma training from Knowlathon provides you access to various simulation test papers, providing you practical experience with real-life projects to help you hone your skills learned.

4. Six Sigma Helps Organizations Stay Compliant

Six Sigma requires maintaining high-quality standards. Therefore many suppliers, manufacturers, agencies, customers, etc. demand Six Sigma standards while evaluating a product. So, it is one of the top advantages of adopting the lean sigma processes in a company.

Today’s competitive world demands Lean Six Sigma metrics while awarding contracts. Green Belt certified individuals are skilled professionals who can help their businesses to ensure that their contracts are profitable and simultaneously ensure that the business remains compliant with all international standards. This credential establishes an organization as a competent entity at every front, ensuring that every process adheres to the strict designated norms and practices while staying compliant with all standards.

5. Help You Stand Out on Applications

Organizations receive many applications for job openings, thus making it difficult for you to have an edge on your resume. A globally recognized credential helps your resume stand out from the crowd. Lean Six Sigma Certification shows that you have the knowledge necessary for a business to help improve its operations. An individual with a recognized green belt certification definitely has an extra edge and helps them land the best roles and for the most exciting projects.

With lean Six Sigma Certification, you can be at the forefront and lead at any organization. It ensures you stay on top of the corporate ladder and deliver efficiency to the organization.

Supercharge your career with Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

It is critical for individuals to remain competitive, and Six Sigma Certification exactly ensures the same. If you want to climb the ladder of success quickly, then Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification from Knowlathon should be your next step.