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Lean Six Sigma Training Will Take Your

Career To The Top In 2023

Blog   |    10th January 2023   |   Rupali

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Companies that want to grow exponentially are most concerned about quality management. They want to remove the cause of defects in manufacturing products, including other business processes in a constant manner with minimum variability. One of the preferable ways to achieve this is through deploying the Six Sigma Strategies. These are a set of techniques and tools that help improve business processes.

The concepts of Six Sigma are anticipated to earn 100% customer satisfaction. Six Sigma, when practiced the right way, guarantees zero defects. It is an approach that focuses on quality product delivery and enhances the productivity of any business.

The six Sigma approach is a disciplined methodology, data-driven approach that first establishes how work needs to be done, and further eliminates the root cause of the problem. This approach is good for the customers and the organization and also leads to greater employee satisfaction by increasing their performance.


What is Lean Six Sigma Approach?

Lean and Six Sigma are the methodologies that are more customers focused, therefore Lean Six Sigma combines the principles of both. It s is a team-oriented approach, designed to increase the profitability of an organization through waste reduction and simultaneously understanding the root cause of a specific problem through statistical analysis.


Six Sigma Training Course 2023

Lean Six Sigma Training aims to improve the quality of outputs an organization offers. This approach uses various statistical and management techniques that help maximize productivity and minimize deficiencies and waste. The six Sigma Training course approach includes:

· DMAIC – Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control

· DMADV – Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, and Verify

· Quality Management Tools and Techniques – The five why's, cost-benefit analysis, statistical and fitting tools, business process mapping, CTQ tree, etc.

Six Sigma Training Certification is divided into four levels that include:

1. Yellow belt training

2. Green belt training

3. Black belt training

4. Champion training


How can Six Sigma Offer a Good Career Path in the Coming Years?

Six Sigma was previously developed focusing primarily on manufacturing processes, but recently giants like Amazon, Atmos, Google, Wipro, etc., have already started following Six Sigma. The methodologies of Six Sigma are successfully aiding big companies helping them optimize their business processes.

Now Six Sigma is not restricted to manufacturing companies only, but has also expanded to assist the finance, hospitality, and healthcare sectors. This is why the demand for Six Sigma-trained individuals is growing day by day and has emerged as an excellent career choice.


How can Six Sigma Training Certification will Take Your Career to The Top?

Earning Six Sigma Training Certification from Knowlathon can be a sure breakthrough in your career ahead and can also make a positive impact on your professional life. Some of the changes that you will experience after Lean Six Sigma Training are:

· Better Job Opportunities: Six Sigma Training Course leads you through methodologies, used by many companies and government organizations. Names of some of the most famous companies that have already introduced Six Sigma in their daily practices include Amazon, Boeing, Bank of America, and many others. So, there will be no shortage of jobs once you have successfully gone through Lean Six Sigma Training. As per your qualification and the level of your certification, you will be able to quickly land the right job.

· Better Salary Structure: Six Sigma Training Course 2023 will take you earn a better salary. Six Sigma methods are used in a variety of fields like aerospace, electronics, telecommunications, banking, and financial services. As a Six Sigma certified, you will be an important candidate for each industry and will naturally be in a position to demand a better salary. Moreover, accelerating from one belt rank to another requires hard work and skills. As a result, the experts with Six Sigma credentials are well compensated.

· You will be in a position to Comply Your Organization with International Standards: Professionals with Six Sigma Green Belt certification can help their companies to retain lucrative contracts and adhere to international standards simultaneously.

· You will be Promoted to Managerial Positions: When you have gone through Six Sigma Training Course from Knowlathon, and have earned your credential, you will be able to improve your risk evaluation and financial reporting skills, which are necessary for senior management posts. Thus after this certification, you can go for promotions to management positions.

· Can Give You a Fresh Start: The Six Sigma training Course 2023 can provide you with a fresh start and can prove to be an important milestone in your professional journey. The Black Belt Certified candidates are considered the most sought-after professionals since they are equipped with necessary set of skills that can turn any organization's fate.

· Lean Six Sigma Training helps you provide measurable results: As a capable black belt professional, you will be an important asset to a company and will increase its profitability that can be measured. Six Sigma and Lean Principles ensure saving a lot of time that can be productively used in achieving quality standards.


Join Knowlathon and Get Certified Today

Lean Six Sigma certification is an established best management consulting credential available and is in high demand these days. Apart from adding value to your resume, this certification will put you in a higher income bracket and will help tread a career path exciting at all levels.