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ITIL4 Managing professional Transition Update: Last

Date to Get Certified before July 1st, 2022

Blog   |    7th June 2022   |   Rupali

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For All my ITSM Community, my colleagues from Service Management industry who did their ITILV3 Experts OR are ITILV3 Intermediate Certified with 17 credit points, it’s a last chance to Get Certified before July 1st, 2022


The ITIL®4 Managing Professional Transition module, as its name suggests, is meant to smoothly transition Experts or ITIL®v3 candidates to ITIL®4. The transition module is a certified training course that allows ITIL®v3 qualified professionals to upgrade to ITIL®4.

The most recent version of ITIL® is ITIL® 4. ITIL®4 is a digital operating model that allows businesses to co-create effective value from IT-supported products and services.

ITIL®4 builds on ITIL®'s decades of development, expanding existing ITSM techniques to include customer experience, value streams, and digital transformation. The core topic fully aligns with emerging working modes, such as Lean, Agile, and DevOps.

ITIL4 MPT Examination Update (from July 1st, 2022)

Accredited training for the ITIL® Managing Professional modules is required to understand the core topic fully. Accredited training may be purchased only as part of a package that includes the exam.

This module's official end date is July 1, 2022.

Eligibility Criteria for ITIL®4 MPT Examination

The ITIL®4 MP Transition program is for:

  • ● Anyone with at least 17 credits from previous versions of the ITIL® Foundation, Intermediate, Practitioner modules
  • ● An ITIL®V3 expert

Benefits of ITIL4 MPT Certification Training

  • ● To be familiar with key concepts and words involved with the management of today's IT-enabled administrations.
  • ● Key methodologies, strategies, and instruments for creating, delivering, and supporting IT-enabled goods and services, as well as how to coordinate multiple value streams and activities
  • ● Specialized co-commitments and collaborations with clients, suppliers, and partners, including crucial client experience (CX), client experience (UX), and excursion planning concepts.
  • ● Sophisticated association and cloud/digitized working models are in high-speed circumstances.
  • ● The ability to construct a 'learning and growing' IT organization with a strong necessary bearing
AXELOS credits ITIL®4 Managing Professional Transition module. ITIL®4 MPT is an advanced-level training course.

ITIL4 MPT Examination Exam details

Booking the Exam

    • ● Before scheduling a test, double-check that you have proof of completing any prerequisites (i.e., certificate or letter from AXELOS or former Examination Institute confirming you hold a current certification).
    • ● ITIL®4 MPT exam is a closed book exam
    • ● It consists of 40 Questions.
    • ● Time Limit is 90 Minutes
    • You need 28 marks (70%) to clear the exam.
    • ● You are eligible to take the Exam in 3 Languages - English, German and Japanese

ITIL®4 MPT Examination Procedure

  • ● Complete the ITIL®4 Managing Professional Module.
  • ● Take the certification exam for the ITIL® 4 Managing Professional Transition Module.
  • ● In 90 minutes, get at least 70% on the exam (28 right answers out of 40 questions).

Candidates who want to begin their ITIL®4 journey after that date should first take ITIL®4 Foundation.

Modules in ITIL®4 MP Transition

  • ● ITIL®4 Create Deliver Support - organizational structure and value streams
  • ● ITIL®4 Drive Stakeholder Value - The customer journey,
  • ● ITIL®4 Direct Plan Improve - Digital transformations and structures to deal with them,
  • ● ITIL®4 High-Velocity IT - Specialized - Continual improvement, organizational change management, communication.
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