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Eight Reasons to become Prince2®

Certification Qualified

Blog   |    4th November 2022   |   Rupali

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PRINCE2 – Projects IN Controlled Environment, Version 2, Foundation and Practitioner Certifications, falls among the most popular Project Management Certifications across the world. PRINCE2 Certification Training is a well-structured method that helps you control the entire project, and is appropriate for both small and large enterprises and commercial and public sectors equally.

PRINCE2 Certification course allows individuals to clearly understand their roles and responsibilities, as effective project managers. Having a PRINCE2 Certification in your profile is a sure way to help you climb the ladder of success in terms of values and better career opportunities.

Reasons to Do a PRINCE2 Certification

According to Axelos, PRINCE2 certifications are conducted and used in 220 countries all over the globe. There are several reasons to go for the PRINCE2 Certification course. Some are obvious, while some are unnoticeable. Sometimes it may be a requirement from an employer to be PRINCE2 Certified.

Reason No. 1: It Is Global Industry Standard

PRINCE2 Certification is recognized and valued all over the world. It was originally introduced by the UK government but has grown popular in the UK, Netherlands, Australia, East and West European countries, and many other parts of the world.

PRINCE2 is supposed to be the number one benchmark of capability within the industry. This certification is also considered as most desired and a key qualification for the candidates looking to embarrass their project management careers.

Reason No. 2: PRINCE2 is a Methodology, not Just Instruction Manual

PRINCE2 lays emphasis on the set of Project Management concepts, apart from following a precise set of rules scribbled in an instruction book like other certifications. The training explains in detail all processes and stages of a project and the roles and responsibilities associated with them. It does not just focus on how to micromanage the next task in your project management journey, but will ensure that you truly understand all project principles and processes and are skilled enough to manage them.

PRINCE2 training allows you to modify your projects to your needs, carefully monitoring the project you manage that they are moving in the desired direction.

Reason No. 3: Designed to Adapt to Any Industry

PRINCE2 is recognized for its practice-driven approach towards project management. It can be tailored for all types of projects among most industry verticals. Many public sector companies are looking for

PRINCE2 certified professionals for project management roles. Similarly, in the private sector, PRINCE2 offers a huge scope in various industries. PRINCE2 is adaptable to any industry, be it large or small.

Reason No. 4: Easy to Start

A working professional worries about allocating time when they take up this course. PRINCE2 offers a unique advantage as you can start by preparing for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam only. You will be going through an actual Project Management Foundation certification course without spending more time in training or spending a huge sum on your training cost.

PRINCE2 Foundation certification helps you learn what a PRINCE2 Practitioner is all about. Here you will also learn about the processes, life cycle, and components for the PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification when you have decided to continue with the practitioner level or want to go beyond.

Reason No. 5: Better Employment Opportunities

Most companies have started recognizing PRINCE2 Certification, and many even consider it as a prerequisite for Project Managers. This certification helps you grab an honorable job role such as Project Administrator, Project Coordinator, Project Analyst, Program Manager, and many other high-profile roles.

Many industries have a pre-screening questionnaire where they ask the candidates if they are PRINCE2 certified professionals. Moreover, PRINCE2 is structured in a manner, where both entry-level and more experienced project manager can progress their career. For instance, with the PRINCE2 Foundation qualification, you can start applying for Project Administrator and PMO Coordinator positions, while with PRINCE2 Practitioner, you can become a fully-fledged Project Manager or Program Coordinator right-away.

Reason No. 6: Better Salary

Salary is one of the major considerations while we go for any certification, and influences our career path. PRINCE2 certified project managers enjoy a higher salary in comparison to their non-certified peers and are also among the most prized professionals in most countries.

Companies offer a higher salary for project-oriented professionals, and you can even earn almost 85% higher than non-project professionals. So PRINCE2 Certification is very attractive in the short-term, and also offers many financial benefits in the long run.

Reason No. 7: PRINCE2 Certification Does Not Demand Any Prerequisites

Another major reason for PRINCE2 growing popularity is that you don’t need any formal prerequisites to apply for this certification. PRINCE2 is available for freshers as well as for project management professionals. You also don’t need to acquire any prior experience before applying for this certification. Although an understanding of project management will always be a desired attribute to help you understand the course in deep.

Reason No. 8: You can Study Online or in Classroom
Prince2 Certification cost through classroom training from Knowlathon has dropped significantly over the previous years. The classroom training module has gone more flexible and accessible. PRINCE2 experts with certification have received approval to coach a certain number of candidates every year.

Online PRINCE2 Certification training from Knowlathon has also transformed with the latest technological advancements. There is high-quality course material available online with interactive media designed to make your study simple, engaging, and effective. Studying online provides you with the benefit of learning anytime and anywhere.

Knowlathon has carefully developed online courses by segregating them into smaller parts to help memory retention. Moreover, you can control the pace of your learning and study to absorb the course content in the manner that suits you best.


PRINCE2 is Project Management complying with industry standards and is recognized as an international product. It offers an adaptable and flexible approach related to all projects across all industry sectors. Organizations understand that high-performance projects demand PRINCE2 certified project managers, hence this certification is most desirable if you want to see yourself in a higher position within a short time.