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Benefits of COBIT 5 Certification That

Help Achieve Digital Transformation in 2022

Blog   |    1st November 2022   |   Rupali

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COBIT (Controlled Objective for Information and Related Technologies) by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) is the sole framework all over the world, which is wholly dedicated to IT Governance practices.

Most smart brains worldwide have joined hands to create and review COBIT 5, contributing to this global task of IT Governance evolution. As there was a requirement to design something to match today's business requirements, these experts have worked continuously to evolve with COBIT 5.

COBIT 5 Implementation and Digital Transformation

Businesses are driven by a firm belief that digitization will enable them to help reap more profits from the market, while others are driven by the fear that they may be left behind in the competition. Regardless of their size and the nature of business, most organizations are jumping into the digitization station wagon, as they know that if they don’t adapt, they will be history.

According to a report, almost 85% of high-ranking businesses agree that they have little time to adapt and accustom their company to digital transformation and implement all the necessary procedures. Failing to accomplish this, they may face a major risk of leaving miles behind their competitors, which can even lead to a significant revenue loss.

The business orientation of COBIT involves linking business goals to IT goals, providing metrics to measure this achievement, and simultaneously identifying the associated responsibilities of business and IT process owners.

COBIT 5 helps companies to achieve their digital transformation goals by providing them with an extremely comprehensive framework. This framework assists companies with easy and quick reactions to threats, disruptions, or changes and helps them achieve organizational objectives for the management and governance of enterprise IT.

Benefits of COBIT 5 Implementation

Information is a fundamental need for all organizations, and technology has a critical role in a company's business. In order to use technology as a value for an organization, it becomes important to:

  • Improve and maintain high-quality information to help support business decisions
  • Use IT effectively to achieve business goals
  • Use technology to promote operational excellence
  • Ensure that all IT risks are managed effectively
  • Ensure that organizations realize the value of their investments in the IT field
  • Maintain compliance according to the laws, regulations, and contractual agreementsTo achieve all these values, COBIT 5 offers a most helping hand.

COBIT 5 Certification Benefits

COBIT 5 is an upgraded set of logical, organized, and standardized IT-related processes to help IT enterprises achieve positive results. Understanding COBIT grants you awareness about IT Governance, IT Management and also, the dissimilarity between the two. The experts of COBIT say, 'IT might be complicated, but IT Governance does not have to be complicated at all.'

The benefits of COBIT 5 Foundation Certification can be explained as under:

    • 1. Strategic Alignment:
      In today’s digital world, companies need to learn to manage their IT department and processes in an efficient manner. Managing the IT of an organization is almost like managing the organization, and with COBIT, it becomes even easy for organizations to identify and close gaps that may exist in achieving the goals of a company. COBIT 5 Foundation Certification Program helps candidates learn how to align the IT and the company’s overall strategic business goals.
    • 2. Efficiency and Productivity:
      Candidates taking this certification, learn about COBIT and how to apply it to an enterprise. It helps address the concerns of all the stakeholders across the organization, and can be used in any industry irrespective of its size. Through the effective use of IT, COBIT 5 Foundation Certification helps achieve strategic goals resulting in increased productivity and efficiencies in an enterprise.
    • 3. Governance:
      COBIT 5 successfully implements all IT Governance Standards across a company, ensuring that all IT-related risks are minimized significantly. COBIT implementation within an organization helps put a lot of controls and measures in the IT department. This ensures that all processes, especially those related to digital transformation, are in place and monitored regularly.
    • 4. Helps You Set Apart:
      As a COBIT professional in a governance role sets you apart from the rest. The COBIT 5 Certification speaks volumes about you and your level of commitment to your profession. This certification helps professionals discover how they can assess the current state of enterprise IT, using the key concepts learned as part of COBIT 5 training.
    • 5. Auditing:
      One of the most important roles of implementing COBIT 5 is that it takes care of IT Governance by managing compliances. Thus it ensures an organization that they follow all the regulations in place and help them stay away from penalty. Experts working with COBIT ensure that their companies improve their information security and also ensure that the organization remains compliant with current laws and regulations.
    • 6. Can Increase Your Capability
      COBIT 5 is designed with an archive of past and present wisdom from worldwide, thus offering businesses to successfully obtain guidance from renowned experts. Thus, COBIT 5 Certification will help you value and maintain high-quality information that is able to support business decisions via reliable IT. COBIT 5 training will enhance your confidence as you will be able to make informed decisions and take charge of reducing information security incidents.
    • 7. COBIT 5 Goes Well with Other Frameworks:
      Many organizations like to use a mixture of methodologies, picking and choosing tools that are most suited to their style of work. COBIT is perfect for businesses that are already using IT methodologies. COBIT is designed to suit every choice and can accommodate other frameworks while optimizing them in terms of coherence and synergy.


It is critical to bear in mind that to truly succeed in the IT world, one has to be proactive and reactive as well. Changes in technology can often take a long time to become the norm, but the first-timers who can bump the gate will be able to reap the highest possible benefits. COBIT 5 training from Knowlathon is perfectly equipped to help businesses to be the first advantage takers for new opportunities in the digital market.