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All You Need to Know: Guide to CRISC

Certification and How to Prepare CRISC Certification

Blog   |    30th December 2022   |   Rupali

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Over 60% of corporate data is kept in cloud services in today's competitive business environment. Working professionals need to develop their IT security skills due to advancements in digitalization across all businesses.

Additionally, given the sharp rise in security breaches worldwide, IT workers need to upgrade their skills to stay competitive. Various IT security certificates are available in the market, but CRISC is one of the most well-known certifications.


What is a CRISC Certification Course?

A certification program called Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) honors education and experience in IT risk management. The Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) offers numerous certificates, including CRISC.
This certification equips you to deal with the dangers of the natural world and manage risks. The most recent and stringent test available to assess the risk management proficiency of IT specialists and other staff members within a business or financial institute is the CRISC.


Why go for the CRISC Certification Exam?

Nowadays, risk management is critical because of the prevalence of cybercrimes, particularly those involving fraud and the theft of personal data. Due to the sudden spike in data breaches, an organization's IT risk team needs highly qualified individuals to be at the top.

One of the most respected certifications for assessing and validating your proficiency in enterprise risk management is CRISC. International employers look for CRISC certificates when hiring new employees for their businesses.


What are the Benefits of the CRISC Certification Exam?

CRISC is a widely recognized certification test that offers its holders several advantages. It supports your talent validation and draws in possible employers. These are the main advantages of CRISC certification:

● Salary Increase

IT professionals with CRISC certification typically earn more money than other non-certified individuals. Alternatively, they may be better positioned to request a raise or be hired at a higher wage.

● Opportunities of Promotion

A CRISC certification course positions someone for promotion to a higher position. Those who obtain certification may develop into security managers or even Chief Information Security Officers.

● Increased Understanding of Risk Management

Learning about various risk management subjects is necessary to get CRISC certified. Therefore, employees will have additional tools, skills, and resources to use in their IT roles due to increased breadth and depth of knowledge.

● Better Communication Skills

Learning more about security and risk management issues can improve communication skills. Employees with CRISC certification can handle more duties at work, such as explaining complicated subjects to coworkers or educating them.

● Staying Up-To-Date with Knowledge

The field of risk management and IT security is constantly evolving. Therefore, a CRISC certification will help you to stay updated with current knowledge and worldwide trends.

Tips for CRISC Exam Success

Since passing the CRISC test is not easy, applicants who want to succeed on their first try must effectively manage their study time and be familiar with all parts of the exam. Here are some suggestions to help you in the process of becoming CRISC-certified.

● Read the Candidate Guide

The ISACA certification exam guide includes valuable data for the examination, covering crucial subjects like eligibility, registration process, deadlines, and critical candidate information for exam-day administration. Applicants should only sit for the CRISC exam if they have studied this manual.

● Use the Isaca Practise Tests

Understanding how the ISACA operates, how they ask questions, and how they word them is one of the most crucial steps in exam preparation. Reading the questions and answers manual can give you more insight into this subject. These tests can make it easier to comprehend the thinking behind each Q&A.

● Sign Up for CRISC Online Course

All four exam domains are covered within the CRISC Online Review Course. Students will move through the course at their own pace while following a suggested outline to help them pass the CRISC certification exam. Numerous other trustworthy online training providers also provide CRISC courses, which can assist in filling in knowledge gaps and provide a different angle on the topic.

● Get Involved in Discussion Forums

Checking for post-exam success stories in the study community is an excellent approach because most of them will be full of helpful advice or even include the entire strategy employed.

Joining communities might clarify the exam because candidates with different technical expertise may contribute to the posts. Candidates for the CRISC certification can connect with other like-minded individuals in an online community that ISACA has established. Therefore, registrants must join these communities to post questions and relevant doubts.

● Make a Successful Study Plan

The CRISC exam includes four new domains that cover a range of topics. Make sure you have enough time to at least once review each domain. This plan entails researching and finishing practice tests, taking CRISC practice tests, attending online discussion boards, and devoting more time to examining areas that require improvement.


How much is the CRISC Exam?

Depending on where you live and how much time you have available, there are numerous locations and times when you can take the CRISC exam. The CRISC certification cost is a fixed one-time payment and non-negotiable that you must make to take the exam. Both ISACA members and non-members may use it. In India, the expected CRISC certification cost in 2022 is between 67,500 and 75,000.


Quick Wrap Up

The CRISC certification course is a widely recognized corporate risk and controls certification that offers its holders significant value. Holders of the CRISC certification can demonstrate their expertise as a critical distinction from other individuals to get more prestigious jobs and higher remuneration.