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8 Key Benefits of ITIL 4 Managing Professional


Blog   |    28th October 2022   |   Rupali

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We are living in an ever-changing and fast-paced era of technology where businesses and individuals have to strive to get more agile and need to be equipped with the right skills to help them survive. There is a strong need to adapt and access new ways of working. ITIL 4 provides a flexible and practical platform to help organizations look toward digital transformation. With a subsequent shift to remote working and more emphasis on online business, organizations understand the strict requirement of going digital. They have realized the importance of providing a digital interface for their employees and clients. Organizations need a robust framework for IT service management to ensure high customer and employee satisfaction, and ITIL 4 presents them with an excellent solution.

ITIL 4 Certification

ITIL certification is tiered, allowing the candidates to choose the certification level matching their career objective. ITIL certification falls among the top IT certifications and offers four levels to help professionals boost their careers gradually.

  • 1. ITIL 4 Foundation:
    ITIL 4 replaces the ITIL V3 foundation course. It is newly revised, covering concepts from Lean, Agile, and DevOps, along with providing ITIL-specific information for the seven guiding principles and four dimensions of ITIL-based service management.
  • 2. ITIL 4 Managing Professional:
    This is a new designation offered by AXELOS. ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition Certification is for those candidates who have obtained ITIL expert certification in the past. They can get this designation by completing the ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transitional Module.
  • 3. ITIL 4 Strategic Leader:
    This certification allows IT professionals to demonstrate their understanding of how IT impacts and influences business strategy.
  • 4. ITIL 4 Master:
    ITIL 4 Master Certification is the final level of the ITIL qualification scheme and demonstrates a superior understanding of ITIL best practices. An ITIL Master certified candidate is able to demonstrate implementation of ITIL principles in real-life situations.

Benefits of ITIL 4 Managing Certification

ITIL 4 Managing Professional certification is globally recognized and helps candidates to understand the widely used concepts, terms, and processes to help improve an organization's growth. Most organizations are looking at ITIL implementation as a bare necessity to survive in the competitive marketing environment. The key benefits of ITIL 4 can be described below.

  • 1. A Worldwide Recognized Qualification
    ITIL sets an international benchmark for your qualification and endorses your service management skills. Almost all renowned international service providers recognize ITIL certification as a prerequisite for service management experts. ITIL is recognized internationally showcasing a library of best practices across the five elements of the ITIL Foundation lifecycle. These are service strategy, design, transition, operation, and continual improvement.
  • 2. ITIL 4 Aligns with International ITSM Standards
    ITIL 4 aligns with international standards like ISO/IEC 2000. This certification becomes valuable for individuals who are looking to work in internationally recognized organizations. Moreover, ITIL 4 certified professionals better understand how to manage and deliver quality services to any industry at any location.ITIL 4 training provides individuals with a comprehensive understanding of the IT framework and provides them with a solid foundation to build a successful career in ITSM.
  • 3. Compatible with Other Frameworks
    Many ITSM frameworks have gained significant popularity. Many frameworks like DevOps, Agile, and Lean are competing with ITIL. But instead of developing a completely different framework, ITIL has been designed to adapt concepts from all these frameworks into ITIL 4.Better compatibility with other frameworks helps organizations to shift and benefit from ITIL without going through extensive retraining. When new team members join, they are not likely to experience a drastic change working with ITIL 4, if they were earlier working on DevOps or Agile.
  • 4. Better Earning Potential
    An ITIL 4 Certification holder professional is more likely to get a higher salary than a non-certified candidate, as there is a growing demand for ITIL qualified personnel. Candidates with ITIL 4 Certification can explore more opportunities like sharing their professional knowledge through blogs and podcasts.In addition to higher earning potential, ITIL 4 Certification offers you greater job security. The high changes in the landscape of digital services have forced employers to look for individuals who can keep up with the latest trends and technologies. An ITIL 4 Certification establishes that an individual is up-to-date with the latest ITSM practices.
  • 5. Better Return on Investment (ROI)
    ITIL 4 Managing Professional Exam Cost offers a better ROI. ITIL 4 professionals help organizations establish robust processes through service strategies, designs, and improvements. Thus, they ensure to maximize the value while decreasing the service costs. From the employer's perspective, ITIL skills provide them with more value right away, and they are ready to pass it on to ITIL Certified professionals.
  • 6. Better Customer Satisfaction
    In the current digital age, a customer is a king. Digital service plays a critical role in the success of a business, so it must be rendered in a typical way to meet the customer's needs and expectations. ITIL 4 equips professionals to understand the customer journey and implement processes that improve customer satisfaction.
  • 7. Standardized Knowledge
    ITIL framework provides standardized knowledge and skill sets, and the certified professionals can apply these skills to different businesses and management lifecycles. While applying the concepts and skills to other aspects of business, ensures that an organization functions on a standard that everyone accepts.Having a standardized process makes it easier for a business to compare and contrast the performance of different service providers. I also allow a company to assess the skills of new employees.
  • 8. ITIL 4 Certified Professionals are Desirable Employees Research suggests that 72% of employers required IT certifications for specific job openings. Moreover, almost 67% of employers believed that IT-certified candidates were more goal-oriented.Research reveals that ITIL 4 certified candidates are more confident, reliable, knowledgeable and can be transformed in their roles more quickly. They were also able to perform their jobs more effectively. These factors make them the most desired candidates for various IT roles.