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    Benefit to the Students

    • Certificate that verifies their English language level.
    • Getting certified by a globally recognised company based in the UK.
    • Seeking an add-on certificate, which is recognised worldwide.
    • Language Support in terms of switching from any school in India or abroad.
    • Test at a very low cost within the school.
    • No pass or fail.
    • No previous academic record required.
    • No expiry date on the certificate.

    Benefits to the School

    • Incorporation with a globally recognised company based in the UK.
    • Globally recognised.
    • Certificate with a logo of LanguageCert and your school.
    • Brand Building.
    • Incorporating in interview process for getting the best English teacher.
    • Allow students from other campuses of the same foundation.
    • Joint educational events, functions, participation in any educational conferences etc.

    Benefits to teachers

    • Free Academic Webinars
    • Enhancement of Skills
    • Teaching as per International Standards
    • Official Practice Materials

    Pre A1 Written

    Paper-based 1 hour

    Listening (10 min)

    Part 1: 5 multiple choice questions (each with 3 options)

    Task: Listen and look at the pictures and choose the appropriate response

    Part 2: 5 questions (matching descriptions of people to pictures)

    Task: Listen and draw lines

    Part 3: 5 questions (fill in the gap with the correct answer)

    Task: Listen and write a name or a number


    Reading & Writing

    50 min uninterrupted


    Part 1: 5 questions (matching words to pictures)

    Task: Look and read, draw lines

    Part 2: 5 questions (true or false)

    Task: Look and read, put a tick or a cross

    Part 3: 5 questions (choose from 7 options to correctly fill in the gaps in the text)

    Task: Choose the correct options to fill the 5 gaps in the text

    Part 4: 5 questions (answer questions based on a picture)

    Task: Look at the picture and read the questions, write 1 word answers


    Part 1: 3 sentences (to communicate personal information)

    Task: Write 3 sentences

    Part 2: 3 sentences (describe a simple picture)

    Task: Look at the picture and write 3 sentences about it

    Pre A1 Spoken


    Speaking (Approx. 5 min)


    Part 1


    • Answer simple questions in order to give personal information (name, age, etc.)

    Part 2


    • A picture card with 2 objects is presented by the Interlocutor and candidates are asked to identify the object and answer some follow up questions

    Part 3


    • A scene card on a particular topic is presented by the Interlocutor
    • Students respond to simple questions about the picture
    • Students are asked to answer 3 follow up questions on the same topic


    Oh wow! I am so happy to say that I received my PMP certificate ! The four days I spent in my PMP certification training were four joyful days of my life. I learnt so much from our lovely trainer. He is an example of whom to emulate in life! I especially loved learning about mitigating project risks. I will put that to good use in my organisation. The PMP certification training was held at a particularly picturesque venue. We bonded so well as a little group during all the sessions. The PMP certification training was bursting full of activity, and I have never enjoyed myself more! All thanks to Knowlathon, I now even have my PMP certificate, and shouldn’t Knowlathon be proud !

    Felix R.
    Technical Lead

    I did my PMP certification training from Knowlathon. They are literally the best! I was so nervous about my promotion,I felt something was missing. The missing piece of the puzzle was precisely my PMP certification, that I completed thanks to Knowlathon. Always the best trainers here. So was our awe inspiring trainer who led us through the course with his wise words. I found everything I trained on over four days, completely relatable. Not only do I have a certificate to prove my skills, but also I have much more to give to my organisation ! All down to you guys, Knowlathon!

    Technical Lead

    I spent four wonderful days in the company of our knowledgable trainer, and our group, and I am much the more happy for it.I even achieved the feat of getting my PMP Certificate! The PMP certification training course is a very well designed endeavour by Knowlathon. I learnt so much ! I especially loved the examples our trainer gave, they fit so perfectly with what I know by experience. Even the Sales representatives here are so empathetic and polite, it makes it all well worth the effort. Knowlathon is an experience I highly recommend !

    Technical Lead


    LanguageCert is an Awarding Organisation recognised by Ofqual and Qualification Wales. To find out more about our international recognition per qualification please click here.

    LanguageCert certificates do not expire. However, it is recommended you check whether there are any specific requirements from receiving organisations.