What is SIAM  Certification?

SIAM stands for Service Integration and management and refers to a service capability or function that provides such capability.

SIAM refers to a management method that is used when multiple services are offered. Multi-sourced ecosystems that have one consumer and many providers require a different level of attention.

Who is eligible to attend the SIAM Course at knowlathon ??


•Service Provider Portfolio Managers • Service Managers and Practitioners • Project Managers  • Process managers • Change managers • Managers of Business Relationships • Service Level Managers • Supplier Managers • Program Managers

Benefits of SIAM

Service integration and management (SIAM) is a management methodology that is growing in popularity in today's complex ITIL sourcing environment. Effective SIAM can help organizations integrate the management of multiple service providers, leading to:


– Manage multiple supplier effectively – Achieving end to end SLA's – Improved service to the customer organization – Lower costs through optimization and best of breed services – Flexibility and scalability – Improved quality at lower cost – Working effectively in a SIAM organization – Articulating the benefits of SIAM – Understand process theory and have an awareness of common processes in a SIAM environment