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How to Get CSPO Certification?

Blog   |    10th November 2022   |   Rupali

The Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) is a credential from the Scrum Alliance that validates your expertise in Scrum. CSPO course aims to help you earn your certification in the first go. A Scrum Product Owner is responsible for maximizing the value of a product resulting from the work of the Development Team. The job of a product owner is to act as the proxy of the customers, prioritize the backlog, answer the team's queries, and accept or reject the work that a team generates. To fulfill the responsibilities of a product owner, you need skills including facilitation, conflict management, and creative thinking, and must have the ability to influence your team along with other stakeholders. The role of the product owner is critical and challenging. If you are ready to accept all these challenges, go for CSPO Certification.

How to Get CSPO Certification?
A product owner is a demanding role, which decides what the team will create next to help deliver more value to their customers. The very first step towards earning a CSPO Certification is to take a CSPO Training from a certified trainer like Knowlathon. This course will teach you about the scrum framework and will guide to become a product owner. After completion of this course, you need to create an account with Scrum Alliance on their website, from where you can download and print a copy of your CSPO Certification. As such, there is no test required to earn CSPO Certification. · Attend a live online or in-person CSPO training program by a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST). · After the course completion, accept the CSPO License Agreement and complete your Scrum Alliance membership profile.

Steps to Become a Certified Scrum Product Owner
For CSPO Certification, there is no need to sit in a particular exam. But you need to get acquainted with the Scrum process framework before you receive this certificate. For CSPO training, follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: The very first step towards your CSPO Certification journey is selecting and enrolling with an institute that is a Registered Education Provider (REP) of Scrum Alliance. Knowlathon is a globally recognized training institute, where you can get all your training and certification fulfilled.

Step 2: Go Through the Scrum and Agile Manifesto Studying the Scrum guide and Agile manifesto is not a compulsory prerequisite. But, it is beneficial to get hands-on with these topics as it will help you understand the concepts much faster.

Step 3: Attend a Two-Day Training: You have to mandatory attend two-day CSPO training to receive a CSPO Certification. This course from Knowlathon is a 16 hours course taught by Certified Scrum Trainers (CST). The prime objective of this course is to make you familiar with the concepts of Scrum.

Step 4: Get a Recommendation from the Certified Scrum Master: After the completion of your two days of training, the CST will update your details on the Scrum Alliance website. SA is the governing body that issues the CSPO certificate.

Step 5: Get a Welcome Mail from Scrum Alliance: You will receive a welcome mail from Scrum Alliance. You need to log in to your Scrum Alliance account with the link provided. Reset your account password, and click on the accept tab to receive your CSPO license.

Step 5: Download the CSPO Certificate : Download your CSPO Certificate from the website, and start using it. The certificate is valid for two years and needs renewal before the expiry date. You can maintain your CSPO accreditation by gaining Scrum Education Units (SEUs) and need to renew your certification after regular intervals of 2 years by paying the renewal fee.

CSPO Certification Training with Knowlathon You can register with Knowlathon and can choose the CSPO training program from different options available. You can go for virtual online, classroom, or corporate training. Knowlathon offers CSPO training from globally acclaimed Certified Scrum Trainers. Your training program includes: · 14-16 hours CSPO course from accredited trainers. · Access your Scrum Alliance Certification account, to help you access your CSPO Certification. · Complimentary two-year membership with Scrum Alliance. · A volume of training material including workbooks, presentations, and online resources. · Specially designed quizzes, case studies, and mock tests.

Benefits of CSPO Certification Over 90% of organizations are using Scrum, making CSPO a critical credential. There are endless opportunities for Product Owners in various industries. An Agile team ensures an early ROI and maximizes business values. The importance of Product Owners can be established with the following figures: · Around 38% of the Product Owners are responsible for maintaining relationships with various stakeholders of an organization. · 24% of the product owners are known to set project business priorities and have a direct touch with the customer’s needs and priorities. · 15% of the Product Owners work directly with the Scrum Team.
CSM Certification Cost in India

How to Do PMP Certification

Blog   |    8th November 2022   |   Rupali

There are over a million certifications available worldwide among which PMP is widely recognized, as it covers all the core topics essential for a project management professional. As per the survey conducted by PMI, PMP Certification offers around 22% more salary than the non-certified project managers.

What is PMP?
Project Management Certification is issued by the Project Management Institute (PMI) to individuals after they successfully qualify for the exam. This certification acknowledges that the individual has the right set of skills, experience, and achievement in the field of project management. PMP Training tests your ability to manage the people, processes, and business priorities of a professional project. PMP Certification Training benefits the individual and organization simultaneously.

How to Get PMP Certification?
PMP Course is challenging and requires a high level of dedication, motivation, and discipline. You have to prepare yourself for the level of questions you will face during the PMP exam. The exam is considered difficult because of its huge syllabus, type and length of the questions asked, duration of exam, and answer choices. However, a good study plan and support from the people around you will help you crack this exam in your first attempt. You can also enroll in an accredited training institute like Knowlathon to help you prepare for this exam. Below is the step by step by guide for getting your PMP Certification.

Step 1: Meet the PMP Certification Requirements Before starting your journey towards PMP Certification, it is critical to ensure your eligibility. Check out the eligibility criteria as mentioned below: · A four-year graduate degree in any discipline · 36 months of experience in leading projects · 35 hours of formal project management training Or · A high school diploma or an associate’s degree · 60 months of experience in leading projects · 35 hours of formal project management training You need to keep track of your projects and training, and the information like your specific role and responsibilities so that you have ready data when you apply for the PMP Certification. However, the training requirement can be waived if you have a CAPM certification.

Step 2: Apply Now you need to make an account with PMI and submit the application for the PMP exam. You have to share your basic personal information along with your educational background, and details of the projects you have worked on. Once the PMI approves your application, you have to pay your exam fee and schedule the PMP test.

Step 3: Prepare You have to prepare for the exam either through the coursework or on your own. Individuals who have successfully passed this exam recommend spending 60 to 120 hours studying. It requires several months depending on the frequency of your studying hours and your capacity of learning. You can also consider joining a training institute like Knowlathon which has an experienced team of trainers to help you pass the PMP exam. Knowlathon offers PMP training with various options including virtual instructor-led training, classroom training, and corporate training schemes. Remember that PMP Certification Training for 35 contact hours is mandatory to get this certification.

Step 4: Take the PMP Exam You can take the PMP exam online or at a testing center near you. The knowlathon team will guide you through the procedure of the exam and will help assist you at each step. Keep in mind that 'I want to become a PMP' may be a good objective, but 'I want to gain PMP certification in X months' is a far better plan. When you have set a deadline for your goal, you tend to work a lot better. Once you have successfully cleared your exam, you will be PMP certified.

Step 5: Maintain Your PMP Certification Your PMP Certification is valid for three years. During these years you need to spend 60 hours on professional development activities, known as PDUs, to maintain the certification. This establishes that you are committed to professional development and are eager for continuous learning. If you are unable to maintain 60 PDUs, you have to retake the exam after three years.

Tips for PMP Exam Preparation You can follow the important tips below to pass the PMP exam in your very first attempt: · Survey and research the material you plan to cover. Familiarity with every topic makes you more confident. · Attend PMP preparatory workshops from Knowlathon. These workshops provide you with the opportunity to understand the gaps in your exam preparation. · Go for PMP exam online simulators. These simulators are designed to the same standards as the original PMP exam. This way you get more acquainted with the exam format. · Become a member of discussion forums. These forums allow you free access to the online discussions, where the participants help you on various topics covered in the exam.

CSM Certification Cost in India

Eight Reasons to become Prince2® Certification Qualified

Blog   |    4th November 2022   |   Rupali

PRINCE2 – Projects IN Controlled Environment, Version 2, Foundation and Practitioner Certifications, falls among the most popular Project Management Certifications across the world. PRINCE2 Certification Training is a well-structured method that helps you control the entire project, and is appropriate for both small and large enterprises and commercial and public sectors equally.

PRINCE2 Certification course allows individuals to clearly understand their roles and responsibilities, as effective project managers. Having a PRINCE2 Certification in your profile is a sure way to help you climb the ladder of success in terms of values and better career opportunities.

Reasons to Do a PRINCE2 Certification

According to Axelos, PRINCE2 certifications are conducted and used in 220 countries all over the globe. There are several reasons to go for the PRINCE2 Certification course. Some are obvious, while some are unnoticeable. Sometimes it may be a requirement from an employer to be PRINCE2 Certified.

Reason No. 1: It Is Global Industry Standard

PRINCE2 Certification is recognized and valued all over the world. It was originally introduced by the UK government but has grown popular in the UK, Netherlands, Australia, East and West European countries, and many other parts of the world.

PRINCE2 is supposed to be the number one benchmark of capability within the industry. This certification is also considered as most desired and a key qualification for the candidates looking to embarrass their project management careers.

Reason No. 2: PRINCE2 is a Methodology, not Just Instruction Manual

PRINCE2 lays emphasis on the set of Project Management concepts, apart from following a precise set of rules scribbled in an instruction book like other certifications. The training explains in detail all processes and stages of a project and the roles and responsibilities associated with them. It does not just focus on how to micromanage the next task in your project management journey, but will ensure that you truly understand all project principles and processes and are skilled enough to manage them.

PRINCE2 training allows you to modify your projects to your needs, carefully monitoring the project you manage that they are moving in the desired direction.

Reason No. 3: Designed to Adapt to Any Industry

PRINCE2 is recognized for its practice-driven approach towards project management. It can be tailored for all types of projects among most industry verticals. Many public sector companies are looking for

PRINCE2 certified professionals for project management roles. Similarly, in the private sector, PRINCE2 offers a huge scope in various industries. PRINCE2 is adaptable to any industry, be it large or small.

Reason No. 4: Easy to Start

A working professional worries about allocating time when they take up this course. PRINCE2 offers a unique advantage as you can start by preparing for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam only. You will be going through an actual Project Management Foundation certification course without spending more time in training or spending a huge sum on your training cost.

PRINCE2 Foundation certification helps you learn what a PRINCE2 Practitioner is all about. Here you will also learn about the processes, life cycle, and components for the PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification when you have decided to continue with the practitioner level or want to go beyond.

Reason No. 5: Better Employment Opportunities

Most companies have started recognizing PRINCE2 Certification, and many even consider it as a prerequisite for Project Managers. This certification helps you grab an honorable job role such as Project Administrator, Project Coordinator, Project Analyst, Program Manager, and many other high-profile roles.

Many industries have a pre-screening questionnaire where they ask the candidates if they are PRINCE2 certified professionals. Moreover, PRINCE2 is structured in a manner, where both entry-level and more experienced project manager can progress their career. For instance, with the PRINCE2 Foundation qualification, you can start applying for Project Administrator and PMO Coordinator positions, while with PRINCE2 Practitioner, you can become a fully-fledged Project Manager or Program Coordinator right-away.

Reason No. 6: Better Salary

Salary is one of the major considerations while we go for any certification, and influences our career path. PRINCE2 certified project managers enjoy a higher salary in comparison to their non-certified peers and are also among the most prized professionals in most countries.

Companies offer a higher salary for project-oriented professionals, and you can even earn almost 85% higher than non-project professionals. So PRINCE2 Certification is very attractive in the short-term, and also offers many financial benefits in the long run.

Reason No. 7: PRINCE2 Certification Does Not Demand Any Prerequisites

Another major reason for PRINCE2 growing popularity is that you don’t need any formal prerequisites to apply for this certification. PRINCE2 is available for freshers as well as for project management professionals. You also don’t need to acquire any prior experience before applying for this certification. Although an understanding of project management will always be a desired attribute to help you understand the course in deep.

Reason No. 8: You can Study Online or in Classroom
Prince2 Certification cost through classroom training from Knowlathon has dropped significantly over the previous years. The classroom training module has gone more flexible and accessible. PRINCE2 experts with certification have received approval to coach a certain number of candidates every year.

Online PRINCE2 Certification training from Knowlathon has also transformed with the latest technological advancements. There is high-quality course material available online with interactive media designed to make your study simple, engaging, and effective. Studying online provides you with the benefit of learning anytime and anywhere.

Knowlathon has carefully developed online courses by segregating them into smaller parts to help memory retention. Moreover, you can control the pace of your learning and study to absorb the course content in the manner that suits you best.


PRINCE2 is Project Management complying with industry standards and is recognized as an international product. It offers an adaptable and flexible approach related to all projects across all industry sectors. Organizations understand that high-performance projects demand PRINCE2 certified project managers, hence this certification is most desirable if you want to see yourself in a higher position within a short time.

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Benefits of COBIT 5 Certification That Help Achieve Digital Transformation in 2022

Blog   |    1st November 2022   |   Rupali

COBIT (Controlled Objective for Information and Related Technologies) by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) is the sole framework all over the world, which is wholly dedicated to IT Governance practices. Most smart brains worldwide have joined hands to create and review COBIT 5, contributing to this global task of IT Governance evolution. As there was a requirement to design something to match today's business requirements, these experts have worked continuously to evolve with COBIT 5.

COBIT 5 Implementation and Digital Transformation

Businesses are driven by a firm belief that digitization will enable them to help reap more profits from the market, while others are driven by the fear that they may be left behind in the competition. Regardless of their size and the nature of business, most organizations are jumping into the digitization station wagon, as they know that if they don’t adapt, they will be history. According to a report, almost 85% of high-ranking businesses agree that they have little time to adapt and accustom their company to digital transformation and implement all the necessary procedures. Failing to accomplish this, they may face a major risk of leaving miles behind their competitors, which can even lead to a significant revenue loss. The business orientation of COBIT involves linking business goals to IT goals, providing metrics to measure this achievement, and simultaneously identifying the associated responsibilities of business and IT process owners. COBIT 5 helps companies to achieve their digital transformation goals by providing them with an extremely comprehensive framework. This framework assists companies with easy and quick reactions to threats, disruptions, or changes and helps them achieve organizational objectives for the management and governance of enterprise IT.

Benefits of COBIT 5 Implementation

Information is a fundamental need for all organizations, and technology has a critical role in a company's business. In order to use technology as a value for an organization, it becomes important to:
  • Improve and maintain high-quality information to help support business decisions
  • Use IT effectively to achieve business goals
  • Use technology to promote operational excellence
  • Ensure that all IT risks are managed effectively
  • Ensure that organizations realize the value of their investments in the IT field
  • Maintain compliance according to the laws, regulations, and contractual agreementsTo achieve all these values, COBIT 5 offers a most helping hand.

COBIT 5 Certification Benefits

COBIT 5 is an upgraded set of logical, organized, and standardized IT-related processes to help IT enterprises achieve positive results. Understanding COBIT grants you awareness about IT Governance, IT Management and also, the dissimilarity between the two. The experts of COBIT say, 'IT might be complicated, but IT Governance does not have to be complicated at all.' The benefits of COBIT 5 Foundation Certification can be explained as under:
    • 1. Strategic Alignment: In today’s digital world, companies need to learn to manage their IT department and processes in an efficient manner. Managing the IT of an organization is almost like managing the organization, and with COBIT, it becomes even easy for organizations to identify and close gaps that may exist in achieving the goals of a company. COBIT 5 Foundation Certification Program helps candidates learn how to align the IT and the company’s overall strategic business goals.
    • 2. Efficiency and Productivity: Candidates taking this certification, learn about COBIT and how to apply it to an enterprise. It helps address the concerns of all the stakeholders across the organization, and can be used in any industry irrespective of its size. Through the effective use of IT, COBIT 5 Foundation Certification helps achieve strategic goals resulting in increased productivity and efficiencies in an enterprise.
    • 3. Governance: COBIT 5 successfully implements all IT Governance Standards across a company, ensuring that all IT-related risks are minimized significantly. COBIT implementation within an organization helps put a lot of controls and measures in the IT department. This ensures that all processes, especially those related to digital transformation, are in place and monitored regularly.
    • 4. Helps You Set Apart: As a COBIT professional in a governance role sets you apart from the rest. The COBIT 5 Certification speaks volumes about you and your level of commitment to your profession. This certification helps professionals discover how they can assess the current state of enterprise IT, using the key concepts learned as part of COBIT 5 training.
    • 5. Auditing: One of the most important roles of implementing COBIT 5 is that it takes care of IT Governance by managing compliances. Thus it ensures an organization that they follow all the regulations in place and help them stay away from penalty. Experts working with COBIT ensure that their companies improve their information security and also ensure that the organization remains compliant with current laws and regulations.
    • 6. Can Increase Your Capability COBIT 5 is designed with an archive of past and present wisdom from worldwide, thus offering businesses to successfully obtain guidance from renowned experts. Thus, COBIT 5 Certification will help you value and maintain high-quality information that is able to support business decisions via reliable IT. COBIT 5 training will enhance your confidence as you will be able to make informed decisions and take charge of reducing information security incidents.
    • 7. COBIT 5 Goes Well with Other Frameworks: Many organizations like to use a mixture of methodologies, picking and choosing tools that are most suited to their style of work. COBIT is perfect for businesses that are already using IT methodologies. COBIT is designed to suit every choice and can accommodate other frameworks while optimizing them in terms of coherence and synergy.


It is critical to bear in mind that to truly succeed in the IT world, one has to be proactive and reactive as well. Changes in technology can often take a long time to become the norm, but the first-timers who can bump the gate will be able to reap the highest possible benefits. COBIT 5 training from Knowlathon is perfectly equipped to help businesses to be the first advantage takers for new opportunities in the digital market.
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8 Key Benefits of ITIL 4 Managing Professional Certification

Blog   |    28th October 2022   |   Rupali

We are living in an ever-changing and fast-paced era of technology where businesses and individuals have to strive to get more agile and need to be equipped with the right skills to help them survive. There is a strong need to adapt and access new ways of working. ITIL 4 provides a flexible and practical platform to help organizations look toward digital transformation. With a subsequent shift to remote working and more emphasis on online business, organizations understand the strict requirement of going digital. They have realized the importance of providing a digital interface for their employees and clients. Organizations need a robust framework for IT service management to ensure high customer and employee satisfaction, and ITIL 4 presents them with an excellent solution.

ITIL 4 Certification

ITIL certification is tiered, allowing the candidates to choose the certification level matching their career objective. ITIL certification falls among the top IT certifications and offers four levels to help professionals boost their careers gradually.
  • 1. ITIL 4 Foundation: ITIL 4 replaces the ITIL V3 foundation course. It is newly revised, covering concepts from Lean, Agile, and DevOps, along with providing ITIL-specific information for the seven guiding principles and four dimensions of ITIL-based service management.
  • 2. ITIL 4 Managing Professional: This is a new designation offered by AXELOS. ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition Certification is for those candidates who have obtained ITIL expert certification in the past. They can get this designation by completing the ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transitional Module.
  • 3. ITIL 4 Strategic Leader: This certification allows IT professionals to demonstrate their understanding of how IT impacts and influences business strategy.
  • 4. ITIL 4 Master: ITIL 4 Master Certification is the final level of the ITIL qualification scheme and demonstrates a superior understanding of ITIL best practices. An ITIL Master certified candidate is able to demonstrate implementation of ITIL principles in real-life situations.

Benefits of ITIL 4 Managing Certification

ITIL 4 Managing Professional certification is globally recognized and helps candidates to understand the widely used concepts, terms, and processes to help improve an organization's growth. Most organizations are looking at ITIL implementation as a bare necessity to survive in the competitive marketing environment. The key benefits of ITIL 4 can be described below.
  • 1. A Worldwide Recognized Qualification ITIL sets an international benchmark for your qualification and endorses your service management skills. Almost all renowned international service providers recognize ITIL certification as a prerequisite for service management experts. ITIL is recognized internationally showcasing a library of best practices across the five elements of the ITIL Foundation lifecycle. These are service strategy, design, transition, operation, and continual improvement.
  • 2. ITIL 4 Aligns with International ITSM Standards ITIL 4 aligns with international standards like ISO/IEC 2000. This certification becomes valuable for individuals who are looking to work in internationally recognized organizations. Moreover, ITIL 4 certified professionals better understand how to manage and deliver quality services to any industry at any location.ITIL 4 training provides individuals with a comprehensive understanding of the IT framework and provides them with a solid foundation to build a successful career in ITSM.
  • 3. Compatible with Other Frameworks Many ITSM frameworks have gained significant popularity. Many frameworks like DevOps, Agile, and Lean are competing with ITIL. But instead of developing a completely different framework, ITIL has been designed to adapt concepts from all these frameworks into ITIL 4.Better compatibility with other frameworks helps organizations to shift and benefit from ITIL without going through extensive retraining. When new team members join, they are not likely to experience a drastic change working with ITIL 4, if they were earlier working on DevOps or Agile.
  • 4. Better Earning Potential An ITIL 4 Certification holder professional is more likely to get a higher salary than a non-certified candidate, as there is a growing demand for ITIL qualified personnel. Candidates with ITIL 4 Certification can explore more opportunities like sharing their professional knowledge through blogs and podcasts.In addition to higher earning potential, ITIL 4 Certification offers you greater job security. The high changes in the landscape of digital services have forced employers to look for individuals who can keep up with the latest trends and technologies. An ITIL 4 Certification establishes that an individual is up-to-date with the latest ITSM practices.
  • 5. Better Return on Investment (ROI) ITIL 4 Managing Professional Exam Cost offers a better ROI. ITIL 4 professionals help organizations establish robust processes through service strategies, designs, and improvements. Thus, they ensure to maximize the value while decreasing the service costs. From the employer's perspective, ITIL skills provide them with more value right away, and they are ready to pass it on to ITIL Certified professionals.
  • 6. Better Customer Satisfaction In the current digital age, a customer is a king. Digital service plays a critical role in the success of a business, so it must be rendered in a typical way to meet the customer's needs and expectations. ITIL 4 equips professionals to understand the customer journey and implement processes that improve customer satisfaction.
  • 7. Standardized Knowledge ITIL framework provides standardized knowledge and skill sets, and the certified professionals can apply these skills to different businesses and management lifecycles. While applying the concepts and skills to other aspects of business, ensures that an organization functions on a standard that everyone accepts.Having a standardized process makes it easier for a business to compare and contrast the performance of different service providers. I also allow a company to assess the skills of new employees.
  • 8. ITIL 4 Certified Professionals are Desirable Employees Research suggests that 72% of employers required IT certifications for specific job openings. Moreover, almost 67% of employers believed that IT-certified candidates were more goal-oriented.Research reveals that ITIL 4 certified candidates are more confident, reliable, knowledgeable and can be transformed in their roles more quickly. They were also able to perform their jobs more effectively. These factors make them the most desired candidates for various IT roles.
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How to Get Scrum Master Certification

Blog   |    26th September 2022   |   Rupali

Amazon Web Services is currently the leader in cloud computing and is in huge demand. AWS offers an extensive range of products and services and is considered the most mature cloud platform in the industry. In line, AWS offers certification to encourage professionals to validate their much-in-demand cloud computing skills. The sole purpose of the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification exam is to validate an individual’s understanding of the AWS platform. It establishes that the certified individual has knowledge of cloud architectural principles, cloud economics, and other aspects such as security and value proposition.

Who Should Take AWS Exam?

AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Training is good for an individual who has basic knowledge of the AWS platform and has:
  • Six months of exposure to the AWS Cloud
  • Basic understanding of IT services and their uses in relation to the AWS platform
  • Knowledge of core AWS services and use cases, including billing and pricing models, security concepts, and how the cloud can affect a business

Why Consider AWS Certification?

AWS training will help you learn important skills that you can use as a cloud engineer or cloud architect. You can apply these skills in business environments that are using AWS. If you can perform well in this field, you may even land a job in Amazon Web Services itself. Your certification can also be used to leverage your existing resume and may help you during your next promotion.

How to Get AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification

To earn AWS certification, you need to pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. This exam consists of two question formats: multiple choices and multiple responses. However, becoming AWS certified is difficult to achieve and the exam can be very challenging for most candidates, but if you go through the right strategies, you can certainly achieve success.

Become AWS Certified in Five Easy Steps

To be AWS certified needs time and dedication. You should begin by enrolling for the AWS training from a recognized training institute like Knowlathon. After the successful training program, gain an experience through industry-based assignments and projects offered by Knowlathon. This will help you acquire all the skills to clear the certification exam. You also need to gain professional experience of over six months in any AWS role like sales, technical, financial, etc.   Step 1: Decide a Roadmap for Your AWS Journey You should develop a concrete plan to succeed. Try to define where you are heading to help you remain focused on your goal. Moreover, a single AWS certification may not be very lucrative. So you should consider starting with the entry-level AWS Cloud Foundation, especially if you lack strong IT background. Or, if you are already in this field, skip the foundation level, and go straight to the Associate level.   Step 2: Find Out a Good AWS Training Institute Research and find a high-quality AWS training institute like Knowlathon. The team Knowlathon ensures to cover the breadth and depth of the real exam. Their teaching style is in a story-telling format that helps you learn easily. You can also check reviews for your shortlisted institute to ensure the credibility of the trainers.   Step 3: Undergo Practice Exams Practice and familarize with the exam format and the types of questions you will face. Mock exams from Knowlathon help you prepare for the real exam. These tests are developed by real-life experts who have already received their certification. Commit yourself to taking a number of practice tests every week to help you develop a good understanding of your exam.   Step 4: Book Your Exam Once you have undergone thorough preparation and taken several practice exams, your confidence level will guide you when to book the exam. Follow your instinct and book the exam. Remember that there is no shortcut to passing the AWS exam. If you want to be successful in your first attempt, study hard and follow the guidance of the experts from Knowlathon.   Step 5: Pass the Exam Once you have successfully cleared your exam, you will be AWS certified. The exam contains 65 multiple choices (consisting of only one correct answer) and multiple-answer questions (consisting of two or more correct answers), and you will get 90 minutes to complete it. There is no negative marking in the exam. It is recommended that you spend less time on simple questions so that you can use the reaming time while answering complex questions   Conclusion AWS Certification is not easy and can be challenging as it requires commitment, time, energy, and various other resources. There are many opportunities in the Cloud career, and there is expected to be a huge demand for cloud professionals in the near future. Sharpen your skills with the help of Knowlathon and be AWS certified to become super-valuable in the cloud market Choose from virtual instructor-led training, classroom training, or corporate training options from Knowlathon, get authorized study material from Scrum Alliance, and earn your certification on the very first attempt.

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How to Get Scrum Master Certification

Blog   |    23rd September 2022   |   Rupali

Scrum is an Agile methodology that has been gaining popularity in the business world as it can foster innovation and increase efficiency. A high-performing Scrum team is desirable for an institution for an Agile project’s success, while a Scrum Master ensures to lead the project in the right direction. In short, Scrum Master Training provides you with the skills to successfully deploy the Scrum methodology in a business.

The duty of the Scrum Master includes facilitating and teaching Scrum practices to each team member involved in the project, clearing impediments for the team, and ensuring that Scrum processes are being rightly followed.

Scrum Master Certification

A CSM Certification is important for an individual who is planning to work in that role. This certification has become a baseline for employers, just like a bachelor's degree. CSM Training covers topics that range from the fundamental of Scrum, Scrum accountabilities, and topics beyond the Scrum framework. This certification is highly respected among organizations as it is based on Scrum competencies and not just simply on attendance.

How to Get Scrum Master Certification?

To obtain Certified Scrum Master Certification you have to pass the exam and get a score of 74% or higher. This course has no specific prerequisites, and may be taken by any individual who wants to:

  • Develop their project management skills
  •  Improve their knowledge of Scrum

This exam format is multiple choice with 50 questions, based on CSM Learning Objectives. You get 60 minutes to answer and can take your exam online. The passing score is 74%, and there are no negative marks for wrong answers.

Once registered, you will receive a welcome email from Scrum Alliance containing the account activation link. After you have activated your account, you will have 90 days to complete the CSM test. Candidates are offered two free attempts to pass this test. In case you are not able to qualify for the exam in your first two attempts in 90 days, then you can reappear by paying an additional fee.

Steps to Become a Certified Scrum Master

You need to undergo the following steps to become to earn your Scrum Master Certification:

Step 1: Familiarize yourself with Scrum and complete the prerequisites for attending the CSM course.

Step 2: Choose a Certified Scrum Master Training course from an accredited training institute like Knowlathon. Confirm that the training is provided by Certified Scrum Trainers only.

Step 3: After the training, pass the CSM exam by answering at least 37 of 50 questions.

Before you attend a CSM course, it is recommended to make you familiarize yourself with Scrum theory and principles. A good training institute like Knowlathon usually begins the course with a short quiz that you need to complete. This quiz helps validate that you are ready to start the CSM training process.

Consider going through the Scrum Foundation eLearning Series of videos that guides you through the principles of Scrum Theory, Scrum Roles, Scrum Events, and Scrum Artifacts. You can also download and read the official Scrum Guide to make yourself familiar with the Agile Manifesto. Completing these formalities is the part of prerequisites and is essential if you want to clear your exam on your first go.


  •  You can access the CSM test only after taking training for the approved course from a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) from Scrum Alliance or receive one-on-one coaching from Certified Agile Coach (CAC). Knowlathon offers candidates training from the most experienced and certified trainers to help you pass your CSM exam on your first attempt.
  • Get 14 hours of online or 16 hours of in-person training with a CST, or 25 hours of interaction with CAC.

Scrum Master Certification Options

There are several options for Scrum Master Certifications. The most common of these is the Certified Scrum Master or CSM, which is an entry-level certification. Other certifications available are Professional Scrum Master (PSM). Or the Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP), SAFe Scrum Master, etc.

The type of Scrum Master Certification depends a lot on your type of role in an organization. It also depends on what your prospective employee prefers. For example, if you are a project manager and your organization is looking toward agility, then Agile Certification will be the obvious choice.

Scrum Master Training from Knowlathon

Knowlathon offers one of the best-accredited e-learning online training programs. This self-paced learning allows you to learn from anywhere, including your office or home. Knowlathon provides you with various mock papers to help you get acquainted with your exam, and understand the type of questions you will face during the exam.

Choose from virtual instructor-led training, classroom training, or corporate training options from Knowlathon, get authorized study material from Scrum Alliance, and earn your certification on the very first attempt.

CSM Certification Cost in India

How Much Does Agile Certification Cost?

Blog   |    23rd August 2022   |   Rupali

With Agile transformation taking charge in most industry sectors worldwide, it has become critical for individuals and enterprises to embrace Agile and ensure to stay up-to-date and competitive in the market.

Agile certification training program in this regard assists individuals in adopting and fine-tuning Agile practices in their daily activities. This certification provides working professionals with the knowledge of Agile methods and teaches them how to implement them.

Organizations require to adopt Agile frameworks, and there has been a sudden surge in demand for Agile professionals, especially in the IT sector. The increasing demand has urged professionals to acquire relevant certifications in this field.


SAFe Agile Certification Cost in India

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a set of workflow processes that are designed to provide a direction to enterprises in scaling lean and agile practices. In order to acquire SAFe certification, you have first to take a training program. The Agile certification cost is usually included in the training cost. You can go through many sites that will help you guide finding the right course as per your requirement. You can connect to Knowlathon, which can guide you in the right way and can provide you with complete information to help you earn Agile certification.

Agile certification cost in India

The cost of Agile certification in India is between Rs 45,000 to Rs 55,000 plus 18% GST. However, you can get a corporate discount. Contact Knowlathon for the exact SAFe Agile certification cost. The overall charge also varies based on your location and date.

You can take this exam once you have completed your course training from Knowlathon. If you are able to clear your exam on the first attempt, then you will earn Agile certification right away. Note that if you are attempting for the first time within 30 days of completing the course, you need not pay anything extra for the exam. However, if your miss this period, you will have to pay an additional amount as an exam fee. Similarly, if you are unable to clear your exam on the first attempt, and want to retake the exam, then you have to pay an additional fee.

SAFe certifications are valid for a period of one year and have to be renewed before it gets expire. The certificate also provides the candidates with a membership in the SAFe Community Platform. Here you will find like-minded people and will remain updated with the latest industry trends.

Is it Worth Investing in Agile Certification?

SAFe certifications are worth acquiring as they offer a better scope for the SAFe Agile Professionals. Qualified and trained executives can help organizations for SAFe transformation and also increases the chance of career growth with an increase in salary.

The training from Knowlathon is for two days, and here you will learn the various concepts of SAFe Agile Methodology. You will gain skills on the following topics:

· Lightweight Framework: As a SAFe-certified professional, you will be able to assist your organization in implementing a lightweight framework to their overall structure. You will also understand to embrace Lean-Agile transformation in a quicker manner.

· Managing Large Scale Projects: SAFe certification helps you manage complex projects and teaches how to better coordinate strategies within an organization between the teams. Whether you have to deal with a small or a large team, SAFe provides you with the right approach to work together without any complexities.

· Smoother Coordination with Multiple Teams: The Agile practice allows you to manage multiple teams in an effective manner. Coordination and strategy are the fundamental virtues that you will learn during your training program.

· Faster Decisions: SAFe helps you make decisions fast. While you need to upgrade or downgrade, you will be able to make quick decisions. Moreover, it will be easy for you to modify the decisions at every stage, as per the current needs and the demand of the management.

· Making Decisions Aligned with Business Objectives: Scaled Agile method follows the approach of centralized decision making. This methodology ensures that all the business objectives are achieved successfully.

Evaluating Options for SAFe Agile Certification

Candidates need to evaluate themselves before they start their SAFe Agile certification training. You need to consider what you really need. For instance, if you are currently using Agile, understand the level of Agile you want to reach further. You can choose to go for a high-level overview of the subject or can, opt to dive deep into the Agile approach, or even can focus on a particular aspect of the Agile methodology.

You can also consider forming a team of key decision makers for an Agile overview course rather than spending a lot of time training each and every member of your organization. The team will provide you with an overview of Agile best practices that will best fit the needs of your organization.

There may be a chance when your team already has Agile and may need more technical support. If you are looking for expansion, you may need additional training for your team or want to train more team members. So, you have to decide accordingly and choose the right path.

The Agile trainers from Knowlathon will guide you to choose the best course for you as per your specific requirement. Try to engage your trainer with lots of questions so that they are able to identify what you are precisely looking for.

You look for various options and can take help from:

· Recommendations from your network: Agile community is linked extensively, and if you are a part of the IT community, you can get suitable offers for the training course.

· Search Online: Another option is to talk with service providers and analyze what they are offering. Excellent Agile training is tailored to your unique needs. So, understand your needs and make sure that the training meets your requirements.

· Check Credentials: Watch that the trainers are equipped with Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) certification. This certification ensures that the instructors possess the proper knowledge and can help you in the right way.

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How Prince2 Certification can help Current Project Managers

Blog   |    23rd August 2022   |   Rupali

PRINCE2 Certification can be very effective for project managers in challenging situations. It is not a universal solution. However, PRINCE2 is a project management framework that can be tailored to any size or type of project. It can be rightly termed as a principle-driven project management methodology, helping project managers to accomplish business objectives in the most efficient manner.

PRINCE2 training helps the project manager to deploy a flexible systematic framework, which can reduce the risks of project failure while increasing efficiency along with customer satisfaction. PRINCE2 can also be tailored to suit the specific needs of any project.


How Does PRINCE2 Benefit an Organization?

Organizations following PRINCE2 methodologies undergo several advantages. It provides an organization’s projects with:

· A thorough and consistent way of working.

· Guidance at every step of a project from start to finish.

· Provides with reviews against the plans decided.

· Justifying every project according to the business requirement.

A recent survey reveals that PRINCE2 Certification Training topped the chart in various certificates that supports the project manager to undergo a studied approach enabling sustainable business growth and high-performing projects. PRINCE2 training can be applied in small as well as big companies, as it is compatible and adaptable.

How PRINCE2 Benefits Project Managers

PRINCE2 Certification Course provides project managers with the required skills to manage a project successfully. It enables you to develop the right skills that are necessary to drive the projects towards a better output. As PRINCE2 uses a common language, system, and procedures, it relates to every industry all over the world. Thus it allows project managers to have better control over the resources and risks. It leads the project managers to lesser mistakes, teaching the further how to lower down the errors.

Project managers can save a lot of time and money for their organization with PRINCE2. This is because:

  • They are aware of the exact requirement of the client.
  • They understand whether the available resources are capable to complete the assigned task in the required timeframe.
  • They have better control over the resources available within the industry.
  • They know how to manage a business.
  • They are capable of lowering down project risk.
    With so many responsibilities, a PRINCE2 certified project manager is more efficient while performing their daily chores, and can subtract the shortcomings that every project manager can face in their work life.

How can PRINCE2 Training Help?

As a PRINCE2 certified professional, you demonstrate a strong and structured approach to driving projects towards your organization. Your planning technique would certainly help you communicate in a better way with a detailed understanding of what exactly needs to be finally delivered.

You will also gain skills to deliver the project on budget and time, with the required level of quality. You will understand how to manage the risks while identifying new opportunities. The flexible approach of PRINCE2 will allow you to make changes in real run-time, whether you want an improvement or want to correct any flaw.

PRINCE2 Certification is an important asset to your CV as Axelos has declared PRINCE2 as the most widely accepted project management approach all over the world. It is globally recognized as the standard method for project management, with people from varied industries using it.

How does Knowlathon help you Master Your Project Management Skills?

The PRINCE2 Certification Course designed by Knowlathon helps you crack the PRINCE2 exam in your very first attempt. The accredited trainer from Knowlathon will help you learn the seven principles, processes, and themes, as per the guidelines of PRINCE2 training.

You can start by learning the concepts of PRINCE2 Foundation Certification, as it is not very difficult to understand. With the help of training from Knowlathon, you will be able to crack this exam on your first attempt. PRINCE2 Foundation training program will provide you with a complete overview of the Project Management Principles, processes, and themes. This course is most suited for members or managers of a project or aspiring project managers.

Once you have mastered PRINCE2 Foundation, you can consider going in-depth with PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification. It allows you have hands-on experience with real-life use cases. You will have a better understanding of how to apply and tailor PRINCE2 in real-life situations and most critical scenarios.

Advantages of PRINCE2 Certification on your Career

PRINCE2 Certification training from Knowlathon will help you gain a number of skill sets. It will enhance your career putting you in a higher salary bracket. You will:

  • Develop your Project Management Abilities PRINCE2 will lead you to develop a much-improved project management skill set. You will understand the methodology, terminology, framework, standard systems, and methods of project management. You will be able to utilize your skills to successfully design, manage, and execute projects.
  • PRINCE2 is a Methodology Prince2 is a methodology and not just a set of the instruction manual. It highlights the set of project management principles instead of following a firm set of rules. Thus, after PRINCE2 training, you will understand to tailor the projects to suit the industry needs. You will understand to describe all methods, and steps of a project, and will be able to closely watch them during every phase of project development.
  • Brings Global Recognition
    PRINCE2 Certification is recognized in the whole world and stands today as the de facto Project Management standard in many sectors of the world. Governments, as well as public sectors, utilize it today. Thus, earning PRINCE2 Certification will provide you with an opportunity to get a job on project work globally.


PRINCE2 is an individualistic certification in the industry of project management. But with this certificate, you will also qualify for various certificates linked to the project management field. It is also recognized as the gold standard in project management certifications. Taking up this certification can be an assured way to a highly lucrative career in Project Management. You can choose Knowlathon to help you earn PRINCE2 Certification. This training institute is accredited by PeopleCert, which is an award-winning organization and maintains PRINCE2 Certification. The subject matter experts of Knowlathon can guide you through the certification process and help pass an exam in your first go.

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Adopting PRINCE2 for Business Project Management

Blog   |    17th August 2022   |   Rupali

PRINCE2 is a popular certification practiced and recognized in almost every country of the world. An acronym for Projects IN a Controlled Environment, PRINCE2 Certification is considered the prince of the management courses.

Projects in organizations offer new solutions and add value. Completing the projects on time and within the set budget while delivering them with expected outcomes is of utmost importance. Almost more than half of projects are found to suffer from some type of problem ending up being late or over budget, and even sometimes both.

PRINCE2 Certification course has emerged as the most successful tool that takes care of business project management. It provides a standard set of guidelines and offers a methodology with a well-defined set of steps to complete a project, right from start to finish. PRINCE2 Project Management focuses on flexibly dividing a project into manageable stages and thus applying the proper control over the projects and risks.


PRINCE2 Certification Training

PRINCE2 training is divided into two main categories. You can begin with the PRINCE2 Foundation course to help you upgrade your project management skills. Once you have successfully completed the foundation course, you can consider the more advanced PRINCE2 Practitioner certification.

· PRINCE2 Foundation: This course makes you more familiarize with the basics of project management. It helps you understand a project, how to manage it, and the responsibilities of the team handling it. This course educates you to tailor and implement PRINCE2 methodologies with a practical approach successfully and introduces you to the seven principles that are the foundation of this practice. The best part of PRINCE2 training is that it requires no specific prior qualification.

· PRINCE2 Practitioner: This program prepares you to handle a project manager role in detail effectively. Here you will learn how to reach the core of a problem and resolve it most efficiently. You will also learn project control, ongoing project monitoring, and how to adapt PRINCE2 into projects practically. In order to get practitioner certification, you need to complete the PRINCE2 Foundation level first.

Apart from the above two levels, professionals can also consider going for the PRINCE2 Agile training course that helps them incorporate Agile methods in a project.

Benefits of Adopting PRINCE2 for Business Project Management

There are many advantages of applying the PRINCE2 methodology to your organization, including:

  • PRINCE2 provides a definite answer why one is taking up a project
  • Each member of the project management team is aware of their responsibilities
  • The quality of the project and services are ensured along with the most timely delivery and under schedule.
  • It is easy to manage the more significant projects as projects are divided into flexible, manageable stages.
  • PRINCE2 ensures project performance with an improved output

PRINCE2 Project Management Training

To comprehend, we can say that PRINCE2 ensures a project is managed most effectively while also assuring that it is delivered, fulfilling the reasons behind a project and safeguarding the quality of services.

Reasons Why Project Management Professionals are looking for PRINCE2 Certification

There are specific reasons where PRINCE2 Certification can be the right choice for a project management career.

Provides Industry Proven Skill Sets: PRINCE2 training is designed in a way that enhances your management skills and gives you a better understanding of the viability of a project. PRINCE2 methodology stretches each and every detail of a project and helps you develop insights for the project viability assessment, business case preparation, execution, planning, and evaluation of the delivery timeline.

Better Employment Avenues: Most of the organizations are asking for PRINCE2 Certification as a desired qualification, including project openings like analyst, administrator, coordinator, managers, and in other related fields. This Certification allows you to apply for a project management role in all leading organizations across the world. Moreover, PRINCE2 training can also help professionals like project engineers, software developers, project executives, innovation delivery managers and others.

Better Salary Prospects: PRINCE2 puts you in a higher salary bracket, earning you almost 30% more than your peers. PRINCE2 Project Management course and relevant experience can help you significantly raise your salary. As this certificate validates that you have an upgraded understanding of the job profile, an employer is more convinced to pay your desired salary.

PRINCE2 Certification Training Focuses on Practice: PRINCE2 methodology is a set of guidelines that believes in practice rather than preaching. This is just not a manual that you can go through at the time of difficulties but has a set of principles that can be applied to a project management scenario in times of trouble. The knowledge gained through PRINCE2 Certification Training can easily be implemented into real-life scenarios.

PRINCE2 Certification is Accepted Globally: PRINCE2 project management certification has a global outreach. It is one of the most preferred Certifications for project management roles recognized all over the world. Due to its international acceptance, it is easier for a PRINCE2 certification holder to apply for a project management role in the country of their preference, with a better chance of getting selected.

Applicable across Most Industries: The project-driven approach of PRINCE2 makes it adorable to fit into different industries, with projects of different sizes and scales. Moreover, this Certification is a desired attribute by many government entities, including oil companies, making PRINCE2 Certification in high demand. Construction companies and IT firms have seen positive results with the PRINCE2 methodology, and thus, they accept PRINCE2 certified candidates.

Easy to Attain: PRINCE2 training does not demand specific preconditions; however, a basic knowledge of project management is recommended. Professionals with various degrees are also looking for this Certification to upgrade their skills. The PRINCE2 training program is not very demanding, and after a short training module from Knowlathon, you can sit for the exam. The overall application process is also very simple, and the team of Knowlathon will guide you through each step of this course.


Knowlathon is an accredited training institute for PRINCE2 Foundation and Certification program. They have a strong record with the most favorable outcomes. Choose PRINCE2 training from Knowlathon if you are looking to excel in your project management career and want to earn more.

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Important Tips and Tricks for PRINCE2 Exam Preparation

Blog   |    17th August 2022   |   Rupali

If you want to earn your PRINCE2 Certification, you need to clear a set of examinations that require rigorous preparation. Moreover, if you are able to score high in the PRINCE2 Foundation exam, you are more likely to do better in the Practitioner exam, which is a little harder.

PRINCE2 is a globally recognized qualification in the field of project management. It is more suited for professionals looking to work in project management and is one of the highest desired achievements. Most of the professionals want to pass this exam as they want to apply PRINCE2 methodologies in the workplace. Others may need to update their CVs with this qualification to strengthen their project management job allocation.

In this PRINCE2 exam preparation guide, we will share some important tips and tricks to pass the PRINCE2 exam on your very first attempt


1. Go Through a PRINCE2 Certification Training Course
The PRINCE2 Certification course will help you understand the basics of this exam, and will also provide you with the required number of PDUs, which are mandatory for the PRINCE2 Certification exam. Remember to choose an accredited training institute like Knowlathon. The certification is awarded by PeopleCert in conjunction with their accredited training partners only. While going through your PRINCE2 training you will receive an ample amount of learning material. As this exam is an open book type, you can take the manuals into the exam room with the key points, helpful for you during the exam.

2. Understand the PRINCE2 Exam Requirements

There are certain prerequisite requirements needed for the PRINCE2 exam. Since Foundation is the basic course, there are no entry conditions, but for the Practitioner level, you need to have a PRINCE2 Foundation certificate.You must also have a basic knowledge of how to manage projects and need to have an understanding of project management philosophies. If you are less aware of project management, the PRINCE2 study guide from Knowlathon will provide you with the required inputs.

3. Practice Exam Question Thoroughly

Another great tip to pass this exam in your first attempt is to familiarize yourself with the exam questions. The more you go through the practice questions, the better will be the chances for a higher score.Practice tests will help you see where your preparation for the PRINCE2 Certification training lies. The mock test will guide you to the parts of the course that need more attention. Later you can revise your weaker areas to make them strong. Usually, the PRINCE2 exam board provides two sample papers to accredited training organizations. If you have studied through a training institute, they will surely provide you with sample exam papers.

4. Adhere to Your Study Schedule

As PRINCE2 Certification is pursued more by working professionals, it becomes difficult for them to maintain regular study hours along with their job. You have to adhere to your schedule, and squeeze out time studying with a foolproof schedule.Make a routine covering PRINCE2 topics one by one while making important notes. Stay loyal to your schedule and focus more on your weaker points.

5. Build Case Studies
You need to have exhaustive knowledge with practical applications of the seven principles, processes, and themes in the PRINCE2 exam. Building case studies will help you understand these concepts in a better manner. During the exam, you will be assessed for your practical and theoretical knowledge; hence a comprehensive PRINCE2 study guide from Knowlathon will help you understand better. This training institute has a number of built case studies related to the PRINCE2 syllabus.

6. Understanding PRINCE2 Exam Format

You must a good understanding of the exam format to help you crack your PRINCE2 Certification exam in your first go. Keep in mind the most important three things; timing, question complexity, and ensuring to answer each and every question.Timing is an important consideration. Remember that the exam consists of 60 MCQs, and there are only 60 minutes when you have to make your choice. This means you will get only one minute for every question. So, you need to go through a well-approached strategy to maximize your chances of scoring high.

7. Don’t Forget to Analyze the Wrong Answers

The most common mistake during PRINCE2 Exam Preparation is that miss out to analyze our mistakes. Start by checking out the common certification questions and go through the answers asked in previous exams. While committing a mistake, analyze your pitfalls and prepare your topics accordingly. Revise the course material received from Knowlathon, and try to gain as much knowledge as you can. Better knowledge of the subject will definitely increase your chances of a higher score.

8. Consider PRINCE2 Exam Preparation a Project
Being a professional, there is always a higher chance if you consider your study a project. Professionals are more inclined towards their projects and stick to their deadlines. So, considering PRINCE2 Certification training as a project will induce you to meet your set deadline and will help you stick to your schedule.


9. Go Through the Unanswered Questions Once More
Don't forget to re-read the remaining questions that you have left unanswered. You can apply 'the process of elimination approach'. Strike out the options in your question booklet that you think is definitely wrong. By doing this you will be eliminating two options leaving you with the remaining two. Read the question and the remaining options once again. If you are certain then tick the appropriate one, or decide to take a chance, guessing for the right answer.



Make yourself clear with all the purpose statements given at the start of each process. You need to understand how a principal is utilized in a specific method. Clear your doubts and queries very well in advance before your PRINCE2 exam. You can consider taking help from Knowlathon, which is an accredited training institute from PeopleCert. Check out for PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner course online. This training institute provides structured training. Here you will be guided by PRINCE2 certified trainers with years of experience in PRINCE2 training.

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Benefits of PMP Certification in India

Blog   |    16th August 2022   |   Rupali

Project Management Professional (PMP) is a globally recognized professional certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), which is a US-based non-profit professional organization. It is recognized as the Gold standard in the field of Project Management.

PMI institute follows rigorous quality processes and stringent requirements to maintain a high level of PMP certification. It has been keeping the standards on the certification level since 1969, continuing to deliver high PMP certification benefits.

Is PMP Certification Worth it?

Most individuals looking for PMP certification have a big question in their mind that is this certification worth their time and money? One of the main benefits of PMP certification is that it enables you to achieve a higher better pay scale. You can earn around 20% more than other non-certified candidates across the globe. s

PMP certification establishes that you are the right candidate to work as a project manager in any industry. It indicates that you are well versed in the global language of project management and helps you connect to the family of project management professionals worldwide.

Benefits of PMP Certification in India

PMP certification offers a number of advantages, apart from enabling you to get a higher salary. A higher salary is just part of PMP certification benefits. Some other benefits include:

1. Adds Value to Your Resume: Of all the professional certifications that you can go through, PMP certification will prove to be as most valuable of all. Project management jobs are in high demand, and even many companies are making this certification mandatory for new appointments. They filter out the people without accreditation before the project management interview process.

Moreover, PMP certification is also precious if you want to advance in your career or are looking for an upper position in your current company. This certification places you ahead of your fellow peers in terms of accelerating up the career ladder.

2. It will Put You in a Higher Salary Bracket: As already stated earlier, PMP certification helps you earn a higher salary and will lead you to make almost 20% more than your non-certified peers. As a certified individual, you can earn more not even in India but well across the globe.

If you research the different job opportunities available, you will find that many organizations have the mandatory requirement of PMP. Or you can even see that they give more preference to a certified professional. Thus PMP adds value to your profile, and you are likely to earn more and get a better position in your organization. With this certification, you can also expect an immediate hike in your salary.

3. PMP can Open The Door to Better Job Opportunities Globally: PMP is recognized globally, and after earning it, you are eligible to work as a project manager in any industry all over the world. The certification establishes that you are able to speak and understand the global language of project management and are efficient in handling your projects in an effective manner.

PMP certification also boosts your self-confidence, making you compatible to face interviews in different countries around the world. It trains you to understand new practices to work in other regions of the world, establishing that your skills remain most relevant all across the globe. In short, PMP expands your marketability and helps you reach global organizations that are working in various parts of the world.

4. Offers Industry Recognition: PMP certification is recognized all over the world. You can find many programs that only focus on a specific domain. At the same time, PMP is global and works in all industries and almost in all locations.

Companies have recognized that certified professionals offer a better success rate for projects and are better at completing them in the desired time frame and within the allocated budget. If you are at the initial stage of project management and want to start your career in this field, then PMP certification can make up for the lack of experience. So, regardless of your background, you can even gain more by acquiring this certification.

Benefits of PMP Certification to Organizations

Talented employees stand for the growth of any company. Skilled employees can take an organization to another level and make them stand away from the crowd. They can help an organization to:

  • Stay Ahead in Competition: Hiring PMP-certified candidate is an asset to a company as they are well trained in the project management field.
  •  Implement New Techniques: These certified professionals now tricks and tactics of project management and can help boost an organization’s growth.
  • Improved Project Success: Hiring PMP professionals can increase the success rate as they are more capable of managing the projects more innovatively.


PMP Investment and Salary

It is easy to calculate the return on your investment for going through PMP certification. Start by determining the PMP cost and also add your working hours as you need a lot of time to clear this exam. Now, research for PMP certified salary and determine how much more you will be able to earn. Finally, calculate the ROI by dividing the potential increase in your salary by your total investment.

When you analyze the result, you will find that the salary benefits overweight the cost of PMP certification. Depending on your skills and the working country, you will summarize that you are getting your investments back just in two to three months.

PMP Exam Preparation in an Easy Way

PMP exam is challenging, but it is not at all an impossible task. If you are diligent and can plan well, you can easily earn this certificate.

In order to apply for the PMP exam, you have to meet a mandatory requirement of completing 35 contact hours of education. You can consider joining Knowlathon. The trainers from Knowlathon have ample knowledge and experience to train you for your PMP exam. The 35 contact hour training will undoubtedly help you in passing the exam on the first attempt. It is advisable to attend the PMP training program at your earliest, as with each passing day, you are potentially losing almost 20% of your salary.

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What is PMP Certification Cost?

Blog   |    16th August 2022   |   Rupali

The Project Management Professional (PMP) is a must qualification for every professional dealing with project management. It helps expand your skills and values, leading you to various job opportunities. PMP Certification can guide you to more lucrative jobs in the fields of IT, finance, manufacturing, healthcare, and various other industries. As per the research, employers will need to fill more than 88 million project-oriented jobs by the year 2027, making a steep demand for skilled project managers. By earning a PMP Certification, you convey a message, validating that you are one of the most qualified professionals in the following areas:

· Work Culture: The PMP certification establishes that you have the right soft skills to lead a project team effectively and can adapt according to the daily changing trends.

· Process: It emphasizes your technical aspects, with a proven record of successfully managing projects.

· Business: It highlights the skills for your strategic connection between projects and the organizational working environment.

PMP Certification Cost

The Project Management Institute (PMI) offers candidates with two types of registration for the PMP online computer-based exam.

1. PMP Certification Fees for PMI Members

    • PMP Exam Fee: $405
    • Annual Membership Fee: $129
    • Application Fee (Payable One Time): $10
    • Total $544

2. PMP Certification Fees for Non-PMI Members

    • Exam Fee: $555
    • Annual Membership Fee: Nil
    • Application Fee: Nil
    • Total: $555

The exam fee for the paper-based exam is:
For PMI members: $400

For Non-PMI members: $250

If you want to take the PMP certification exam, you need to fill in specific criteria. The most important one is to attend a project management course for a minimum of 35 hours duration. You can contact Knowlathon for this course. Knowlathon PMP certification training is specially designed to learn management processes of Scope, Cost, and Time is deep.

The overall cost of PMP certification is not fixed and depends on many factors. You can choose to take an online PMP certification training or can opt for classroom training. Moreover, if you select a classroom training program, then your country and the location play an essential role in the total PMP certification cost. For example, if you want to go for online classes in Bangalore, then PMP certification costs Bangalore for live online classes will range between 28,000 to 38,800 for non-members, excluding taxes.

PMP Certification Re-exam

In some instances, if you fail to clear the examination on your very first attempt, you can retake your exam. PMI charges a small fee as the re-examination fee and allows you for a re-exam. The retake fee for computer-based testing is:

  •  Re-exam fee for PMI members: $275
  •  Re-exam fee for Non-PMI members: $375

Factors Affecting the PMP Certification Fees

Different aspects affect PMP certification costs. These are:

1. 35 Hours of Project Management Training: As explained earlier, there is a requirement of 35 hours of training from an accredited institute like Knowlathon. You can opt for classroom training or online training, as per your availability. Both of the training programs are good where you have to pay accordingly.

2. Total Time Spent: Another factor affecting the cost of PMP certification is your preparation time. You need to spare more time to go through the project management course. As a professional, most of the individuals like to opt for an online training program, making it in high demand. The self-paced learning program from Knowlathon is a good choice, where you get training from the certified experts of the industry, along with real-life examples and case studies.

3. Study Material: You need to prepare yourself thoroughly as the PMP exam is a complex exam pattern. You need to go through various reference books and need suitable study material. With Knowlathon, you have access to digital materials from PMI and can go through multiple simulation test papers to help understand the exact exam pattern. You will also undergo experimental learning through case studies.

4. Practice Tests: Solving practice papers and experiencing sample questions is good practice for preparing for an exam. It helps you understand the exam pattern and provides you with the proper knowledge of the topics covered under the PMP syllabus. Mock tests give you better hold on the subject material. Also, going through sample questions ascertain that you have a thorough knowledge of the

topics and help you discover the areas you need to improve. Practice tests also provide you an opportunity for better time management, which is a critical factor of an exam like PMP.

5. Renewal of the Certification: Once you qualify for the PMP exam, you will earn a certificate with a validity of three years. You need to renew your credentials after every three years before it expires. As a renewal fee, you have to pay $150 if you are not a PMI member and $60 if you are a PMI member.

Thus, overall PMP certification cost depends on the choice of your training institute, your city, and other factors, as mentioned above. While calculating the total PMP cost, you should not forget to consider the cost of time that you will spend on exam preparation. An online PMP certification training lets you study at your own pace and within the comfort of your home and allows you to utilize most of your time.

Steps for PMP Certification

Follow the steps below to be a PMP-certified professional:

  • Get 35 hours of training from Knowlathon.
  •  Take the exam and clear it.
  • Become a Project Management Professional


Why Choose PMP

The PMP training can add value to your profile. This certification is ranked as one of the top project management certifications in North America, establishing that the candidates have specific skill sets to perform at the highest levels. The PMP certification candidates are offered a higher salary, almost 20 % more than the non-certified professionals.

Project professionals in more than countries are maintaining their PMP certification, as it delivers real value in the form of professional credibility, with an increased earning potential. PMP is pushing you to excel more in the field of project management and get yourself recognized for excellence.

CSM Certification Cost in India

What is Prince2 Certification, and How Beneficial is it?

Blog   |    16th August 2022   |   Rupali

PRINCE2 Practitioner and Foundation is a qualification that is recognized globally and is used equally in both business and government enterprises. This certification recognizes your talents as a senior project manager and establishes that you have the right skill sets to enhance and complete projects in a corporate context.

PRINCE2 certification educates the candidates to tailor projects in relation to the context and teaches them to create a product-based project planning methodology. It is considered the most widely used and skilled qualification in today's scenario. Moreover, PRINCE2 accreditation is comparable with other certificates and can complement softer skills acquired with the help of different qualifications.


Benefits of PRINCE2 Certification

Below are some of the benefits of achieving the PRINCE2 certification.

  • Learn to Be a World-Class Project Manager : You can improve your project managing skills by earning a PRINCE2 accreditation. The ultimate goal of this training is to train you effectively manage projects. This certification makes you control resources and risks as it uses a common language, systems, and procedures.
  • Get an Internationally Recognized Certification : PRINCE2 is considered as one of the essential project management standards. This certification is recognized by most companies in the public and private sectors all across the world. PRINCE2 accredited individuals are also recommended for monitoring, initiating, executing, monitoring, and managing projects.
  • Get a Higher Pay : The PRINCE2 certification enables you to enhance your abilities and allows you to obtain higher wages. This certification holds the reputation of a criterion with a higher pay scale for the certified individuals. Most organizations consider PRINCE2 certification the benchmark for hiring project managers and are among the most prized accreditation in Europe.
  • It is Easy to Get : You can earn PRINCE2 certification while keeping up with your usual activities. It requires lesser time and labor than other certifications of professional levels. You need to apply less effort to go through its concepts. There are altogether three levels of PRINCE2 accreditation, and you can accomplish them with a little study.
  • Makes You Confident to Handle a Project of Any Kind : PRINCE2 training ensures you hone your skills and helps you understand the whole end-to-end project management process. It teaches you the practices that successful project managers use. Thus you will become more confident in running any kind of project and will readily accept all challenges involved in the new projects.
  • Better Career Opportunities : If you have ever dreamed of working in a foreign country, then PEINCE2 certification is the suitable stepping stone for you. This certification is recognizedglobally as one of the most crucial qualifications in the field of project management, and most employees look for this certification when hiring new candidates.

PRINCE2 Certification Cost

The PRINCE2 Certification cost largely depends on your training institute's choice, the preferred course, and your location. According to the place of your online exam, the total cost of this certification will vary.

There are two components of PRINCE2 certification:

· PRINCE2 Foundation

· PRINCE2 Practitioner

Individuals looking to get this certification need to take training classes from an accredited training organization (ATO) from AXELOS like Knowlathon. AXELOS is a joint venture that manages the PRINCE2 certification program. It is not a training institute or an exam body but an organization that takes care of the certification to maintain its highest levels.

PRINCE2 Foundation Certification Cost

This certification introduces you to the basics of PRINCE2 methodologies. It helps you develop a common and consistent approach toward project management and provides better organization skills. While going through this training program, you will gain skills to ensure that a project runs in the right direction while creating and delivering better value to the customers.

PRINCE2 Foundation is the fundamental prerequisite for PRINCE2 Practitioners. For your exam preparation, you can consider taking classes from an accredited training institute like Knowlathon, which delivers high results through its high-standard training module. You need to pay around Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 as the course fee. This includes the PRINCE2 certification exam fee. Moreover, with Knowlathon, you can choose to take your classes in various modes, including classroom, online, or self-paced learning.

PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification Cost

PIRNCE2 Practitioner certification establishes that you have acquired sufficient understanding to apply PRINCE2 in various scenarios and can lead a project in a suitable direction. This certification is most suited for professionals who are managing projects or are working in a project management role. After earning this credential, you will be able to apply the PRINCE2 concepts in a more effective manner throughout an organization.

PIRNCE2 Practitioner certification cost again varies according to your choice of learning methodology and the training institute of your choice. However, the overall price, including the exam fee and the course material, ranges between Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 in India. You can contact Knowlathon for the exact fee structure and the various discount schemes which they offer from time to time.

The Combo of PRINCE2 Foundation and Certification

You can also choose to go for a combo of PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner course in one go and save money. This is a compilation of both approaches, and you need to pay only once to get the certification. The combo offer is cheaper in comparison to when you choose to pay for both the courses separately. For instance, you need to pay around Rs 48,000 to Rs 52,000 for the entire course and the exam fee. Contact Knowlathon for the combo offer and save your money.

Prince2 Certification Eligibility

There are, as such, no mandatory PRINCE2 certification eligibility requirements while applying for the Foundation certification exam. However, the candidates are required to have prior knowledge of project management, along with basic skills.

As for the Practitioner level exam, the PRINCE2 Foundation certification is an essential requirement. Although a training program is not part of PRINCE2 certification eligibility, but it is advisable to go through the training to help understand the exam format and go for practice tests to help you qualify for the exam on your first attempt.

CSM Certification Cost in India

What is the PRINCE2 certification cost in India?

Blog   |    27th July 2022   |   Rupali

If you are looking to excel in your career in the project management domain, then the PRINCE2 exam is the right step to help steer your career ahead. Explore more about PRINCE2 certification cost and the benefits this certification might offer.PRINCE2, an acronym for Projects IN Controlled Environments, is a most popular project management program offering a customizable and scalable methodology for efficiently handling a diverse range of projects. It is an established criterion in the field of project management in the UK and is also recognized and practiced in other parts of the world. PRINCE2 certification is beneficial for both the candidates and the organizations as well.


PRINCE2 Certification Cost in India

PRINCE2 Foundation certification cost in India depends on many factors. The total comprises multiple elements, apart from the exam fee. For example, you have to undergo a training program from an AXELOS Accredited Training Organization (ATOs) like Knowlathon. Here an individual must understand that AXELOS is not a training organization nor an examination body. It is a joint venture company with a motive to manage, develop, and grow the Global Best Practice portfolios. The PRINCE2 certification exam prices and the fee for training courses are set by these training providers and vary accordingly.

Components of Cost of PRINCE2 Certification in India

PRINCE2 Foundation Certification cost in India involves several components, including exam cost, training cost, and renewal cost. Primarily PRINCE2 Agile Certification Costs in India can be divided into two major segments:

Training Related Expenses: Candidates looking for PRINCE2 certification have to undertake a training program from an AXELOS accredited center like Knowlathon. The training cost differs for different countries and according to the module. For instance, you can choose a classroom training module or an online training class.

Exam Related Expenses: Apart from the training program, you also have to pay for the certification exam fee. Most of the training institutes like Knowlathon offer a complete package with training and exam fees included. Charges also include mock tests, certification issuance fee, access to job portal, PDU certificate fee, access to e-learning module, and the hard and soft copies of the course material.

PRINCE2 Foundation Certification Cost in India

PRINCE2 Foundation certification requires the candidates to score at least 55% of questions correctly to get them qualified for the exam. Thus, you need to go through extensive preparation in order to clear this certification exam. You should consider a PRINCE2 Certification training program for Knowlathon to help improve the chances of earning your certification in your very first attempt.

The training cost from Knowlathon includes the cost of certification training and the examination cost. You will also receive a bouquet of course-related material, sample mock test papers, training from the accredited trainers from AXELOS, and a lot more.

As on average, for PRINCE2 Agile Certification Cost in India, you will have to pay between Rs 25,000 to Rs 35,000 for your course fee under the classroom training module and between Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 plus tax for online training. PRINCE2 Foundation certification is one of the major prerequisites to be eligible for the next level, known as PRINCE2 Practitioner certification.

PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification Cost in India

A practitioner certificate can provide you with a massive benefit if you are looking for a role in project management. PRINCE2 Practitioner training provides you with a better knowledge of projects related to the business case, cost, time, quality, scope, risk and benefits. After this training, you will gain skills to effectively tailor the PRINCE2 concepts to different project environments.

On average, for PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner certification, you will have to pay between Rs 30,000 to Rs 35,000 for your course fee under the classroom training module and between Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 plus tax for online training.

The PRINCE2 Foundation certificate is awarded lifelong validity and does not gets expire. On the other hand, Practitioner Level certification has a validity of five years and needs to renew once it expires.

The Cost of PRINCE2 Combo (Foundation and Practitioner) in India

There is a better option to make sure that you get the most out of the PRINCE2 training program. You can get a good discount if you opt to form a combo learning module. That is, you can apply for a combo with Knowlathon, which includes a training program for both PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner levels. You can benefit significantly on the monetary front if you choose to complete Practitioner certification after completing your Foundation certification.

The cost for this combo model in India ranges between Rs 45,000 to Rs 55,000. This cost includes exam fees along with course-related material, mock tests, exam guides, certification costs, and much more.

What to Look for?

While you are finalizing a training institute and analyzing the overall cost for this certification program, you need to take care of the hidden costs. Some of the training providers may ask you in addition to the certification cost, or they can charge extra for training sample papers or exam costs in some instances. Some of the training providers include the exam cost in their total cost, while others specify their prices only for the training purpose. Moreover, check for the extra taxes and duties that might require to be paid as your course fee.

Since AXELOS is the only authorized organization to conduct the exam, some of the training institutes include the exam cost in the total cost. In contrast, others charge only for the training purpose.

Selecting a Good PRINCE2 Certification Training Provider

Watch out for the following factors to help you select the right training provider.

  • Flexibility: A flexible course material provides an added advantage to the job responsibilities.
  • Expert Trainers: Find out the expertise and the accreditation of the trainers.
  • Resources: Watch for the course material your trainer will provide.
  • Cost: Ensure that exam cost is included in the package cost. Moreover, find if there is any hidden cost.
  • Course Material: Check that the training material offered is aligned as per the syllabus by Axelos.

CSM Certification Cost in India

AWS cloud practitioner certification Exam Guide

Blog   |    21st July 2022   |   Rupali

We all know Amazon. Besides selling kitchenware and clothes, Amazon also offers a cloud computing platform called Amazon Web Services, more commonly abbreviated as AWS. It is the most popular cloud service provider and is much ahead of its competitors like Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.


AWS currently caters to around one-half of the world's cloud needs, thus making this platform in great demand. AWS cloud practitioner certification assists individuals with essential cloud implementation services. This training covers most of the fundamental knowledge you should know when using the Cloud. AWS cloud practitioner training offers candidates and understanding of the AWS Cloud without letting them dive deep into the technicalities.


Being AWS certified does not essentially means that you are restricted to working with Amazon Web Services only or for the companies that use AWS services. This training is quite extensive and helps you establish your cloud computing expertise in the cloud industry as a whole.


A Comprehensive Exam Guide for AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification

An AWS certification establishes that you have specific knowledge, skills, and abilities for the required cloud job roles. AWS issues this credential once you successfully pass your AWS Certification Exam. This exam establishes your knowledge for the following tasks:

  • Value of the AWS Cloud
  • Understanding of the ASW shared responsibility model
  • Determining practices for security
  • Understanding cloud costs, economics, and billing practices
  • Maintaining the core AWS services, along with computing network, databases, and storage
  • To help identify AWS services for the most common use cases
  • The certification shows that you are capable of various documentation, such as white papers for technical documentation

AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam Pre-requisites

Candidates looking to pass this exam must have a basic knowledge of the AWS platform. You also must have:

  • An experience of at least six months for AWS Cloud services
  • Basic understanding of IT services and expertise in using them on the AWS cloud platform
  • Knowledge of AWS core services and use cases
  • The ability to estimate the effect of AWS services on an organization

Domains of AWS Cloud Practitioner Training

The AWS exam is divided into four domains:

Cloud Concepts (26%):
Under this domain, you will learn what cloud computing is and the differences between on-premises IT infrastructures and AWS Cloud. One of the essential things you will know is that how it works as an on-demand pricing module. That is, AWS offers 'pay as you go', where clients only have to pay for the resources they use.The pricing model is one of the significant differences, as with IT infrastructures, you have to pay upfront for all the services and network gear equipment. You also have to consider the maintenance cost. While with AWS Cloud services, you pay only for the services you use and do not have to worry about maintenance and equipment costs.


Security and Compliance (25%):
Securing the data on the Cloud is essential while running your infrastructure on the AWS Cloud. Here you will understand AWS shared responsibilities and compliance concepts. AWS offers many security-related services, including AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF), AWS Shield, and AWS Inspector. You will learn about each security level, its works, and how they differ from each other.You will be able to find resources about security concepts and services online and to identify how you can secure AWS Cloud infrastructure. AWS recommends utilizing resources with the 'Principle of Least Privilege.' This principle ascertains to provide access permissions for users with bare necessities required for their work. Always remember that AWS is responsible only for the security of the Cloud, while the users are responsible for security in the Cloud.


Technology (33%):
This is the most extensive AWS cloud practitioner certification exam domain, with almost one-third of the questions covering this domain. Under this domain, you will go through to deploy resources in the AWS Cloud, get familiar with the AWS global infrastructure, and understand the standard concepts of AWS.While defining the AWS global infrastructure, you need to learn methods of deploying and operating the AWS cloud. Apart from identifying core AWS services, you will go through the resources for technical support.

In short, this domain teaches everything from how to deploy resources in the AWS Cloud to Core AWS services. This training also focuses on the categories of Compute, Storage, Security, Networking, Content Delivery, and Databases.


Billing and Pricing (16%):
Shortest of all the four domains, you need to go through this domain to understand the various pricing models for AWS. The three most common charges that occur while using the AWS Cloud are Compute, Storage, and Data Out.The more data you need to transfer, the lesser you have to pay as an average per gigabyte of data transmitted. As for computing charges, users usually have to pay per hour costs, and for data storage and transfer, they need to pay per gigabyte of data.

AWS offers resources like the AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculator, and AWS Simple Monthly Calculator. All these help customers estimate the costs associated

with moving their IT infrastructure to the AWS Cloud. There is also a consolidated billing procedure, where you have one paying account to receive bills from multiple linked accounts as a single monthly bill, thus making an organization eligible for volume pricing discounts.


AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam Overview

This is a foundation-level exam where you have to answer 50 questions in 90 minutes. You can take this exam online or at a testing center by paying USD 100 per attempt. You have to score at least 70% to pass this exam. Languages for this exam include English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, and Chinese.

There are two types of questions in the AWS exam.

  • · Multiple Choice Questions: These types of questions have only one correct answer, while three other answers are considered distractors, as they are incorrect.
  • · Multiple Response Questions: The questions have two or more correct responses out of five or with more response options.

While providing your answers, you have to select one or more responses that best explain the question. Distractors or incorrect answers are meant to confuse candidates with incomplete knowledge or skill. Questions left unanswered are scored as wrong, while there is no negative marking for incorrect answers.

Moreover, AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam furthermore includes 15 unscored questions. These questions do not impact your overall score. AWS has designed this pattern to help them collect information for your performance on these unscored questions. They evaluate your answers to these questions as a reference for future use.

Exam Results: As stated earlier, the minimum passing score is 700 out of 1000. The exam is evaluated against a minimum standard established by AWS professionals in accordance with industry best practices and guidelines. Your total score shows how you performed in the exam as a whole.

Your exam report also contains a table of classifications of your performance over each domain. This information is provided as general feedback about your exam performance. The exam features a compensatory scoring model, meaning that you need not score passing marks in each section but must pass overall.

Each section of the AWS exam has a specific number of questions and can have more questions than others. The scoring table allows you to go through general information highlighting your strengths and weaknesses in each domain. The feedback will help you work in the future on your skills accordingly.

Passing AWS Exam

AWS recommends that an individual must have a minimum of six months of experience with AWS Cloud in any role. This will help them understand the terminology and explore all the study points required to understand the exam content.

There are many resources that can help you prepare for this exam. AWS has also published an exam guide, which you can download. This guide contains sample questions and white papers. You can also consider an excellent reputed training institute like Knowlathon that can help you prepare for your AWS cloud practitioner certification exam in an easy way. Knowlathon breaks down the exam into the respective domain areas and builds a study plan accordingly. Remember to focus on each domain. Despite the different percentages, each part is equally important and can affect your overall score.

Benefits of AWS Cloud Practitioner Training

AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification can help boost your career. If you are looking to find a new role or want to showcase your skills as a relevant individual in the technical area, this certification will certainly help you. AWS-certified individuals are in high demand these days, despite this being the fundamental credential.As an AWS-certified professional, you will have many perks and advantages and a higher salary. This certification not only offers you good pay but also opens the door to several other technical roles with even greater pay scales for your future. The average salary of an AWS Cloud Practitioner in India ranges between Rs 6.50 Lacs to 9.5 Lacs. AWS Certified Practitioner salary is considered one of the top ten highest-paid certifications in the U.S.

CSM Certification Cost in India

How to Become A Certified Scrum Master

Blog   |    20th July 2022   |   Rupali

Scrum is a popular framework recognized worldwide that aims to enable teams to work together. A certified scrum master is a leader who can take charge of handling the project while guiding the team and the project owner and ensuring the team follows agile values and practices.


Scrum has been picking up momentum as it helps improve productivity across various organizations. CSM training can boost your career by building more confidence in implementing the Scrum framework across organizations. CSM certification training prepares the candidates for their critical role of Scrum Master in a scrum team, where Scrum is known as the most used agile framework.


How to Become a Certified Scrum Master

If you want to produce and deliver products with the highest possible value, you need to motivate your teams to deliver products in the shortest cycles, with a rapid adaption to change. Becoming a Certified Scrum Master is not very hard. The first step towards earning this certification is to take a CSM certification training course from a certified trainer like Knowlathon. This course teaches you about the scrum framework and how to become a successful scrum master. Once you have completed the course, you need to take an online test, and if qualified, you will earn a CSM certificate

You can follow the simple steps below to help become a certified Scrum Master.


Step 1: Learn the Scrum Basics
To become a successful Scrum Master, understanding and familiarizing with the principles of Agile and the Scrum framework is critical. You can consider joining Knowlathon, where you can learn more on Agile Manifesto and go through the learning series by Scrum Alliance to help you become more familiar with Scrum’s basic concepts, practices and beliefs.


Step 2: Choose Your Certification
The right path to becoming a Scrum Master is by joining a recognized certification program from an accredited learning institute like Knowlathon. These teaching institutes have experts who can familiarize you with Agile, Scrum and the roles and various requirements for becoming a Scrum master. Obtaining a certification from a recognized institute is a necessary step toward becoming a Scrum Master.


Step 3: Attend a Scrum Course
You have to enroll yourself in an officially recognized scrum course. It will be instructed by Certified Scrum Trainers (CSTs). You can follow an easy and hassle-free approach to registering with Knowlathon, which is an internationally recognized training institute. The CSM training course from Knowlathon is also recognized, and the trainers have ample experience in teaching Scrum principles. With Knowlathon, you will get round-the-clock 24x7 learner assistance to help you solve your query within time.


Step 4: Register for Your Scrum Master Exam
After completing the required study hours, you can take the Scrum Master exam. Knowlathon offers a two-day CSM certification training course, after which you can sit in the exam. Register your name for the exam, and Knowlathon will send you a link to create login credentials for your exam. Knowlathon also helps its candidates for registering their Scrum Master exam.


Step 5: Study for Scrum Master Exam
You need to continue studying till the date of your exam. You can also consider going through additional Scrum resources or watching Scrum webinars. These activities will ensure that you are fully prepared and will enable you to pass the Scrum Master Exam on your first attempt.This exam focuses mainly on the main Scrum principles and practices, which include project management skills, team-building exercises, release planning, progress reporting, along with scalability of the projects. Sometimes you may even be questioned about the philosophy, history, and evaluation of the Scrum framework.


Step 6: Take the Exam
Now get yourself ready to sit for the exam. This CSM Certification exam is conducted and managed by The Scrum Alliance and is of advanced skill level. The exam comprises 50 multiple-choice question types, with a maximum score of 50 marks. In order to qualify for this exam, you have to score a minimum of 37 marks in one-hour duration. If you pass the exam, you will receive a PDF copy of your Scrum Master certification by email, officially declaring you as a certified Scrum Master.


Step 7: Renew Your Certificate Every Two Years
Scrum master certificate has an expiry of two years. Suppose you want to remain a recognized Scrum Master. In that case, you have to renew your certification every two years by paying a fee and updating yourself with any significant changes. You also have to earn a certain amount of Scrum Education Units (SEUs) so as to ensure validation of your participation and continued proficiency in the fundamental principles of Scrum.

CSM Certification Cost

CSM training cost from Knowlathon is between Rs 22,500 to Rs 27,500, which includes exam fees. In case you are not able to get through your exam on your first attempt, you can go for a second attempt within 60 days without paying any extra cost.


CSM certification is worth the price, as earning this certificate is more accessible than becoming a project manager. You will gain skills that are very valuable and will lead you to achieve a higher salary. You will also be able to advance in your career quickly with CSM certification, as you can easily demonstrate strong leadership and management skills to an organization.


Skills Achieved During CSM Certification Training

Becoming a Scrum master needs dedication and learning. There are many benefits of being a CSM-certified candidate that helps you extend your career opportunities. You will also gain the following skills during your CSM Training.


    • Scrum and Agile Training: This training provides an understanding of the standard terms, phrases, and systems that need to be understood to incorporate Scrum methodologies. As a certified Scrum master, you will also know about the different scrum practices that need to be followed by an organization. You will be responsible for having a significant impact on the success of the team and the project.


    • Technical Familiarity: CSM Certification Training will familiarize you with all the technicalities related to software development and facilitates building programs with minimum hurdles. It helps you understand technical terms more and guides you about the processes and the tools that could benefit you as a Scrum master.


    • Teaching Capabilities:Strong teaching skills that are gained while CSM training will help coach your tech teams that are less experienced with Scrum works. As a Scrum master, you know what to do and will play a role of a coach to guide the team members and encourage them to improve their strengths. As a true leader, you will work with each member and enhance the overall potential of your team.


    • Handling conflicts:Often, in an organization, the teams go into disputes, and the management doesn't know how to handle them. As a trained Scrum Master, you will be able to resolve all these conflicts effectively and timely, ensuring that it does not hamper the progress of the company. You will become a strong negotiator and will always be present to provide a helping hand to your team members. You will also develop appropriate interpersonal skills to handle all disagreements and find the most suitable and satisfactory solution for every team member.


    • Leadership Skills:Certified Scrum Masters can act as an integral part of the team and believe more in team needs than an individual's needs. You will become a 'servant leader' and will know the ways to support the product owner.


Before Attending a CSM Certification Training Course

Before you attend a CSM course, you must prepare by familiarizing yourself with Scrum principles and technicalities. This course typically starts with a short quiz to determine that you are ready for the CSM training program.

You should complete the Scrum Foundation Learning series, including a series of videos that help introduce you to Scrum Theory, Roles, Events, and Scrum Artifacts. You also need to become familiar with the Agile methodology. Completing all these prerequisites is an essential part if you want to succeed in your CSM Certification Training course.

More About Certified Scrum Master Exam

The CSM is an online exam comprising of 50 MCQs. You can pass this exam by correctly answering 37 questions within the 60-minute time limit. You can only take this test once you have completed your CSM Certification Training Course. The Scrum alliance allows you to take the test with two attempts. In

case you are not able to pass the exam on your second attempt, you can opt for subsequent attempts by paying a small fee.


Although CSM Certification Training Course provides you with ample knowledge and tools required to pass this exam, it is advisable to spend additional time reviewing the course materials. Subsequent research will ensure the best possible outcomes for your CSM exam. If you are ready to leverage your team to another level and want to advance in your career, this is the right time to join hands with Knowlathon and become a certified Scrum Master.


CSM Certification Cost in India

What are the benefits of CGEIT Certification?

Blog   |    13th July 2022   |   Rupali

The Certified in Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) certification, designed for IT professionals, is a vendor-neutral certification that is offered through the ISACA. This certification is mainly for individuals who are already in management and leadership positions and looking for upper management. The CGEIT Certification Training is a framework-agnostic certification, meaning, once earned, it helps individuals to step into IT leadership positions for different networks.


Individuals looking for CGEIT certification need to pass only one exam known as the CGEIT exam. CGEIT Training Course covers planning and establishing frameworks for the governance of enterprise IT, managing strategic initiatives, identifying and balancing risk, and optimizing the use of resources to achieve network objectives.


Understanding IT Governance

IT governance is a procedure to concentrate on the alignment of the information technology systems of an enterprise. It focuses on the improvement process and undertakes measures to add value to an enterprise.


IT professionals in this field who are knowledgeable in the concept of governance of enterprise IT are treated as valuable assets for an organization.

More about CGEIT Exam

The CGEIT test contains 150 multiple-choice questions (MCQs), and the candidate has to answer them for a duration of four hours. There are four domains under which a candidate is tested. Previously the CGEIT exam had five fields, but from 2020 onwards, ISACA has changed the pattern that includes only four sections. These are:
  • Domain 1: Governance of Enterprise IT
  • Domain 2: IT Resources
  • Domain 3: Benefits Realization
  • Domain 4: Risk Optimization
The CGEIT tests a candidate for their ability to govern an enterprise IT network. This includes planning and executing an enterprise governance framework to help accomplish organizational objectives, how to stay within budgetary restrictions, and how to maintain an appropriate risk level.
You can prepare for CGEIT Certification Training on your own or can take the help of a reputed training provider like Knowlathon. Here you will get training from highly qualified industry experts in IT governance. These experts will help you make well capable of bringing IT governance into an organization and will guide you for the four CGEIT domains on which you are going to be tested.

CGEIT Qualifications and Experience

CGEIT is meant for managers, executives, and senior IT professionals. A good experience is required before a candidate becomes eligible for this certification.


If you want to qualify for the CGEIT exam, you must have at least five years of work experience in the relevant field. Out of these five years, a minimum of one year of experience in establishing and managing a framework for IT governance is a must. Moreover, the candidate must also have supplementary expertise in a minimum of any two out of four CGEIT domains.


In addition, you should have experience establishing roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities for information assets and IT processes before you attempt for the CGEIT. You need to possess the skill to evaluate, direct, and monitor IT strategic processes to make them align in accordance with the enterprise goals.

Benefits of CGEIT Certification

CGEIT certified professionals are known for their capabilities and skills to enhance the strategic value they can bring to an organization. CGEIT Training Course develops the knowledge and experience much needed to align IT with various business strategies and goals. It helps manage IT investments in a more efficient way, ensuring maximum returns on investment. These certified professionals thrive on excellence in IT operations and governance while keeping a strict eye to minimize risks and thus make them highly worthwhile for their organization.
Some of the top advantages of the CGEIT Certification for IT professionals include:


    • CGEIT Certification Training establishes an IT professional's knowledge and validates the candidate for their skill in managing and implementing an IT governance framework in an organization. They are globally recognized for their knowledge and expertise.


    • With this certification, IT professionals can further advance their enterprise governance and can achieve a higher positions and help them land into a better salary bracket.


    • CGEIT Certification promotes IT professionals to bridge the gap to help meet the growing demand for skilled IT governance professionals.


    • Individuals with CGEIT Certification are talented in improving the business system as they know how to increase the awareness of IT governance in an organization.


    • CGEIT Certification in your CV provides you a distinctive edge over the non-certified companions; thus, you stand a better chance during the hiring process.


    • CGEIT Certification is recognized internationally. It ensures IT professionals with higher recognition in the company they are working in. They have the ability to leverage the resources of a global community of industry experts.


  • Certified IT professionals are known as the highest-paid professionals in the industry with better chances of advancement in their careers.
So, it can very well be concluded that earning a CGEIT Certification is quite advantageous for current IT professionals and for those who are aspiring to work in the IT governance field.

Who should go For CGEIT Training Course

CGEIT Certification is a globally accepted recognition for professionals who have governance-related experience. This certification is most suited for professionals serving in management, advisory or assurance roles. This certification is suitable for individuals who want to showcase an adequate level of current knowledge and proficiency in the field they are working in.
This course is best suited for:


  • ● IT Directors
  • ● Audit Directors
  • ● CIOs
  • ● CEOs
  • ● Compliance and Information Security Professionals
  • ● IT Assurance Professionals
  • ● Senior IT Managers
  • ● Organizational Strategic Managers
  • ● Managers handling governance, risk and compliances

How Worth is CGEIT Certification

CGEIT Training Course is a combination of practice and familiarity with the areas covered in the CGEIT exam. CGEIT Certification is a high and advanced certification worth of IT professionals who are late in their careers and want to make the final leap to an executive leadership position. For IT professionals who have prepared themselves and are skilled enough to lead teams of hundreds and wish to control hundreds of investments, CGEIT certification is worth it.


CGEIT Certification provides professionals with the hallmark of excellence and advanced professionalism. The CGEIT is perhaps the only executive-level certification in the world of enterprise IT governance. By taking the CGEIT exam, you can earn a place at the top of an enterprise network leadership and can join the ranks of the world's most knowledgeable and experienced IT executives.


Unlike most other certifications that primarily focus on technical skills in specific domains only, CGEIT provides a broader approach. It helps IT professionals understand their business goals, proactively plan and optimize resources, and simultaneously adjust to new regulations and mandates. It ensures minimal interruption in operations while providing significant value to the C-suite, even during the time of crisis.

How to Prepare Yourself for the CGEIT Examination?

Earning a CGEIT certification is not easy. The best way to prepare can be through your professional experience with IT governance. But, if you want to polish certain domains before your exam, it is advisable to join a professional CGEIT Training Course. If you want to attend a training program, there are several options, like Knowlathon. The professionals from Knowlathon can guide you with an excellent way to learn advanced management and leadership skills.


The additional guidance and interaction that comes with live and expert instructions from the CGEIT Certification Training course is the right step to help pass the CGEIT exam for any professional.


People are not born with skills, and to stand as an excellent IT director or in other similar positions, training for the CGEIT becomes valuable. Going through an appropriate CGEIT Certification Training course, you can learn to effectively design a governance framework without the risky hit and trial method that most people generally have to go through.


The IT world is constantly evolving, and a lot has changed in the field of IT in the last few years. CGEIT Training Course is the pool of the most essential lessons from the IT industry collected from all over the world. Training to pass the CGEIT exam can be one of the best ways to go through the combined wisdom of many IT directors from the whole world.

Maintaining CGEIT Certification

CGEIT Certification does not come up with a lifetime of validity. You have to undergo a certain number of continuing professional education (CPE) hours per year to maintain the certification. CGEIT holders have to keep themselves up to date in the field and need to obtain and report to ISACA a minimum of 20 CPE hours per year, with a total of 120 CPE credits in three years duration. These CPE credits need to be obtained from IT governance-related tasks. Moreover, you have to pay specific annual maintenance fees and have to comply with the code of professional ethics from ISACA.


The ultimate goal of the continuing professional education policy is to help the candidates to ensure that they maintain an adequate level of current knowledge and proficiency in their field. This process establishes to the stakeholders that your skills and knowledge are up to date and the most relevant to the present scenario.

CSM Certification Cost in India

What are the Benefits of CRISC certification?

Blog   |    11th July 2022   |   Rupali

Certified in Information Systems and Risk Controls, CRISC Certification is a specific qualification for IT professionals. Awarded by ISACA, it is considered as one of the most current and rigorous assessments available to evaluate the risk management proficiency of IT professionals.


The advancement of technology and the extended usage of the Internet of Things (IoT) has resulted in more cyber threats. According to the reports of Infosecurity Europe, almost 40% of the large companies believe that their third-party data is encrypted, thus leading to a data breach to ruin their business. CRISC Certification is an enterprise risk management qualification that ensures mitigating the IT risks and implementing information system controls.


Earning CRISC Certification helps candidates to progress their careers, potentially earn higher salaries, and stand in a better position in an organization.

Importance of CRISC

Data risk management is one of the top priority fields these days. Cybersecurity and data protection is of utmost importance in our personal and professional lives, especially for businesses. Any data breach can result in a substantial loss for a company. All of the organizations working in the present digital age need to keep their transactions secure. Professionals certified with CRISC have a greater understanding of IT risks and know how they can impact an organization. They are trained to devise strategies that can help mitigate the risks of data theft.

CRISC Certified professionals possess certain specific skills These are:

  • They are proficient in managing and controlling the information systems of an organization.
  • You will develop insights into the risks your organization may encounter.
  • You develop skills to recognize, evaluate, and control various IT risks in your enterprise.
  • You are the right candidate who can design appropriate plans and process information system control within an organization.
Thus, CRISC Certification not only helps uplift your career, but it can also make an employer’s job easy. As a CRISC-certified professional, you will develop better risk evaluation skills that can assure an organization’s risk management and control plans.

How to Obtain CRISC Certification

If you want to manage a company's IT risks and controls, you must add this certification to your portfolio. For CRISC Certification Training, you must have:


    • Work Experience: For CRISC Certification, a candidate must have at least three years of work experience in two out of four domains of CRISC. Moreover, you must have this experience within ten years prior to your application date.


    • Exam: Candidates looking to earn CRISC Certification need to pass the CRISC exam featuring 150 multiple choice questions with different point values. You have to score a minimum of 450 out of the maximum of 800 to pass the exam in four hours. Successful candidates with relevant work experience become eligible to apply for CRISC Certification.


  • Adhere to ISAC’s General Code of Ethics: The CRISC certified professionals have to adhere to a specific code of ethics, and violating them may result in you facing disciplinary measures. You have to perform with your responsibilities in a professional way with great due diligence.Moreover, you have to collect 20 contact hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) and need to pay maintenance fees. You also have to log a minimum of 120 CPE hours in a period of three years.

Benefits of CRISC Certification

CRISC Certification is a globally recognized qualification establishing that the certified holders have the necessary skills and tools to assess and manage enterprise risk. The benefits of CRISC Certification can be explained under the following headings:
  • 1. Benefits for Employees:
    Some of the fundamental benefits of CRISC Certification for the employees can be listed as follows:


      • Better Pay Grades: CRISC Certification will lead you to a better salary and a pay increase. As a certified professional, you are likely to earn more than your fellow peers. You will get a higher salary in comparison to the non-certified individuals. You will be in a better position to have a good appreciation for your salary in the future.


      • Better Opportunities: CRISC Certification prepares you for more critical future roles and sets you for promotions. This certificate enables you to advance your career as a security manager or as Chief Information Security Officer.


      • Better Portfolio: An added certification in a specific field makes your resume better. It establishes your competitiveness and makes you stand ahead of other applicants.


      • Better Knowledge of Risk Management: CRISC Certification Training ensures that you cover a wide range of topics about risk management. It signifies that you possess the right set of skills and resources to use in your IT jobs.


      • Better Communication Skills: When you are well-versed in security and risk control management, you can effectively communicate at-risk topics. You will be able to take on more responsibilities on the issues and can quickly educate the other people in the organization.


    • Better Knowledge: IT world is ever emerging, and maintaining CRISC Certification needs regular updates in your knowledge. So, this certification confirms that a CRISC certified candidate has up-to-date knowledge of IT risks and management, as per the current scenarios.

2. Benefits for Employers:
Employers stand to gain in more than ways for a CRISC certified employee. One of the most significant benefits is an overall improvement to the third-party security systems. A CRISC certified employee has a piece of sound knowledge and experience in

finding vulnerabilities in an organization's third-party security approach. They are the experts in designing better information security systems and have the know-how to execute them effectively.

  • A CRISC Certified professional has insight on complex risk topics. They are capable of explaining risk management topics to the stakeholders within an organization. CRISC certified employees can bring the following additional benefits to an organization:
    • These accredited professionals have excellent risk evaluation skill sets to be utilized by an organization.
    • They are proficient in communicating on multiple risk topics with the stakeholders of a company.
    • They can consistently develop specific language about information systems and controls.

Career Paths with CRISC Certification

Employers often seek for CRISC certified professionals while recruiting for the following positions, but not necessarily restricted to:
  • IS Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Risk and Security Managers
  • Information Control Managers
  • Operational Managers
  • Chief Information Security Managers
  • Business Risk Professionals
  • Control Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Compliance Professionals
  • Cybersecurity Experts and other IT professionals

Best Way to Passing CRISC Certification Training Exam

CRISC exam comprises of 150 MCQs, and you need to score a minimum of 450 out of 800. You are given four hours to answer all the questions. The most secure way to pass this exam is by breaking it into different domains and preparing one at a time. The CRISC exam content outline was revised considering the evolving needs of practitioners. The new test methodology is based on an increased focus on business and corporate governance, with data privacy and protection.

The newer refreshed domains have emerged after extensive research from IT risk and control subject matter experts from all over the world. The four domains of CRISC are as under:

    • Domain 1: IT Risk Governance (26%): Here, you will learn about the requirements and actions an organization takes to help it collect data to identify threats, vulnerabilities, and risks. You will have to prepare questions under the scenario to determine the impact of potential hazards on an enterprise.


    • Domain 2: IT Risk Assessment (20%): This domain covers security assessment programs created to assist organizations in identifying the areas that might be risky for them. Here you will be tested for your knowledge of the desired state of your organization's IT environment and the current state of risks. This domain also focuses on testing existing controls and sharing the analysis with various company stakeholders.


    • Domain 3: Risk Response Mitigation (32%): This domain educates on how to implement effective responses to various risks and guides to apply the proper controls for mitigating these risks. It also focuses on evaluating threat response effectiveness and restoring the organization's processes to normal. This includes documentation of procedures, controls, risk register updates, and implementation of risk control policies.


    • Domain 4: IT Risk and Security (22%): This final domain lays emphasis on the need for constant monitoring of the existing IT risks and the effectiveness of strategies for risk management. This domain also helps candidates to understand the process of reporting to the stakeholders and to the upper management of an organization. Here you will ask questions on monitoring and key-risk-indicator analysis along with the level of key performance indicators.


  • CRISC Certification Training from Knowlathon is designed to help candidates to keep the focus on enterprise IT risk management. Knowlathon offers the best trainers from the industry who are knowledgeable and have experience on the topic you are going to learn. If your organization is finding itself in a situation finding challenging to deal with the technicalities of data handling, they will need a certified CRISC professional like you. If you are looking for a higher position in your organization and want to pursue entrepreneurship, the CRISC Certification Training is an excellent add-on to your resume.

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ITIL4 Managing professional Transition Update: Last Date to Get Certified before July 1st, 2022

Blog   |    7th June 2022   |   Rupali

For All my ITSM Community, my colleagues from Service Management industry who did their ITILV3 Experts OR are ITILV3 Intermediate Certified with 17 credit points, it’s a last chance to Get Certified before July 1st, 2022


The ITIL®4 Managing Professional Transition module, as its name suggests, is meant to smoothly transition Experts or ITIL®v3 candidates to ITIL®4. The transition module is a certified training course that allows ITIL®v3 qualified professionals to upgrade to ITIL®4.

The most recent version of ITIL® is ITIL® 4. ITIL®4 is a digital operating model that allows businesses to co-create effective value from IT-supported products and services.

ITIL®4 builds on ITIL®'s decades of development, expanding existing ITSM techniques to include customer experience, value streams, and digital transformation. The core topic fully aligns with emerging working modes, such as Lean, Agile, and DevOps.

ITIL4 MPT Examination Update (from July 1st, 2022)

Accredited training for the ITIL® Managing Professional modules is required to understand the core topic fully. Accredited training may be purchased only as part of a package that includes the exam.

This module's official end date is July 1, 2022.

Eligibility Criteria for ITIL®4 MPT Examination

The ITIL®4 MP Transition program is for:

  • ● Anyone with at least 17 credits from previous versions of the ITIL® Foundation, Intermediate, Practitioner modules
  • ● An ITIL®V3 expert

Benefits of ITIL4 MPT Certification Training

  • ● To be familiar with key concepts and words involved with the management of today's IT-enabled administrations.
  • ● Key methodologies, strategies, and instruments for creating, delivering, and supporting IT-enabled goods and services, as well as how to coordinate multiple value streams and activities
  • ● Specialized co-commitments and collaborations with clients, suppliers, and partners, including crucial client experience (CX), client experience (UX), and excursion planning concepts.
  • ● Sophisticated association and cloud/digitized working models are in high-speed circumstances.
  • ● The ability to construct a 'learning and growing' IT organization with a strong necessary bearing
AXELOS credits ITIL®4 Managing Professional Transition module. ITIL®4 MPT is an advanced-level training course.

ITIL4 MPT Examination Exam details

Booking the Exam

    • ● Before scheduling a test, double-check that you have proof of completing any prerequisites (i.e., certificate or letter from AXELOS or former Examination Institute confirming you hold a current certification).
    • ● ITIL®4 MPT exam is a closed book exam
    • ● It consists of 40 Questions.
    • ● Time Limit is 90 Minutes
    • You need 28 marks (70%) to clear the exam.
    • ● You are eligible to take the Exam in 3 Languages - English, German and Japanese

ITIL®4 MPT Examination Procedure

  • ● Complete the ITIL®4 Managing Professional Module.
  • ● Take the certification exam for the ITIL® 4 Managing Professional Transition Module.
  • ● In 90 minutes, get at least 70% on the exam (28 right answers out of 40 questions).

Candidates who want to begin their ITIL®4 journey after that date should first take ITIL®4 Foundation.

Modules in ITIL®4 MP Transition

  • ● ITIL®4 Create Deliver Support - organizational structure and value streams
  • ● ITIL®4 Drive Stakeholder Value - The customer journey,
  • ● ITIL®4 Direct Plan Improve - Digital transformations and structures to deal with them,
  • ● ITIL®4 High-Velocity IT - Specialized - Continual improvement, organizational change management, communication.
  • Get training from KNOWLATHON. You can enroll with us for Virtual Online Training, Classroom Training, and Corporate Training.