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Gauging brand experience in a Lean Six Sigma project

How Lean Six Sigma shapes your business brand

Blog   |    30th June 2021   |   Rupali


As a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, you have a good part of the business. Your business may be digital, or it may be traditional. But there are products and services, which are what they are because of your guidance. These bear your unique touch, or your distinct stamp. And this unique stamp of your ideas and plans lend a flavour to your business, that is just one of its kind. What spurs this? It is respect that the business has for you, by which the business accepts you as a person. It makes sure that the business finds growth with your ideas and that you in turn, grow as a person. Lean Six Sigma is founded upon the Shingo School of Thought, which says thus: ''Respect Everyone''. When you practise Lean Six Sigma at your organization, make sure you practise respect. When you place respect in the business, it returns that respect mani-fold. And then, your ideas and plans begin shaping a business identity, a brand that flourishes with partnership.

A little story

There was once an IT company that was seeking to design a web based email marketing tool. The tool was made available to customers in the form of a browser extension button. The Black Belt in charge of the project put special effort in developing the branding collateral for the button. But that was not enough. The web tool needed support from various browsers. So the Black Belt developed strong partnerships with several popular and even not very popular browser providing companies to promote the tool's brand.

Key takeaways:

A brand's sustainence is its partnerships. And these come with original ideas. After all, there will always be takers for great ideas and plans. But at the core of these, is respect and that respect should be mutual. That is the power of Lean ideology. Learn more about our Lean Six Sigma courses

Pearls of wisdom for a Lean Six Sigma project

On making your products and services truly yours

Blog   |    30th June 2021   |   Rupali


As a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, you have a good chunk of the business. You are setting out by delving deeper into a product or service that bears the unique stamp of your ideas. Those ideas are going to give that product or service a life of its own. So while you engage the creative processes, you should think about this. What happens when the product or service actually gets a life of its own? How will it be received by the people who would want it? By finding an answer to these questions, you can fit your ideas into the frame of that product or service's image in the minds of people, and most importantly, business leadership. You have to find a way that makes your product or service shine in the light of your ideas. Lean Six Sigma has a structured Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control framework, or flow of actions. You can use these to lend a body to the the kind of impact you want your product or service to have. For example, by defining the kind of value it is going to incite among its recipients in the Define phase. An example would make it clearer. At an IT company that specialized in marketing technology and electronic communications media, a new email marketing tool was being designed. The email tool was going to appear as a browser extenstion button and was customized for various popular and not so popular internet browsers. The Black Belt in charge of this project came to conclude that this form of the tool would work by extensively utilizing business intelligence. Only after several potential customer interviews, vox pop surveys, and several meetings with business leadership, did they conclude the final form for the tool. They worked with the Sales team and potential users to find the best ways to introduce the tool. The conclusion was, visually appealing flyers and social media demo videos were the best way ahead. As you must have gathered from this story, the Black Belt had their unique ideas for the tool. What gives them an edge is the fact that they strategized the existence of that tool. Those ideas not just existed for themselves, but they became useful to the people who would use their tool.


Put your everything into your product or service. Your ideas are unique, and will help you breathe life into your product or service. However, don't just stop there. Think about how you can make your product or service truly yours not only by mere existence, but also by viability. Strategize by knowing how you are going to put your ideas out to the world. Learn more about our Lean Six Sigma courses