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Why AWS Solution Architect Associates enjoy job satisfaction

Get ready to take your business to the Cloud!

Blog   |    23rd June 2021   |   Rupali

Get ready to take your business to the Cloud!

As a busy AWS Solution Architect Associate, you have a good chunk of the business. In fact, you have a good chunk of the business that is out and about in the Cloud.

You are busy drawing up plans of how to use the AWS resources on hand in order to build a digital spitting image of the physical business.

More importantly, you are busy transferring physical products and services into the AWS Cloud, where they will reside in data form.

While doing all of this, what you are doing in essence is giving the business a bit of your touch.

How is that? When your management comes to you with the needs of the business when it comes down to building a Cloud version, you respond with your creative solutions, your ideas on how the Cloud version will look.

That is, precisely, your touch.

What is more important is you should keep doing that. You should keep on putting out your touch into the business.

That is what the Cloud version of your business is going to thrive off.

This is an amazing opportunity that the business is giving you, and ultimately giving itself, because your efforts are going to shape the Cloud version. Take it, by all means!

It is going to be worth it, you should remind yourself everyday.

There was an IT company that was looking to do more with their email marketing. What they wanted was an email platform that could speed up the tasks by using Cloud opportunities of higher speed and global connectivity to email data .

They brought on board some talented AWS Solution Architect Associates. Their job was to develop the AWS platform for emails to be sent to the customers.

The members of management that was overseeing this activity briefed the Solution Architect Associates on what the business needed.

They logically connected the workings of the business to what they expected from the email platform.

And then, they left. However, they made sure that the Associates would get what they wanted to complete the project.

But primarily, they gave them complete creative freedom on how the email platform would look.

Due to lack of micromanagement, the Associates found it easy to work on a platform that represented the business to a tee.

Essentially, they worked with a can do attitude and completed the project in record time !


When putting your business out into the Cloud, remember to hire talent that is ready to work with you on tasks by responding with creative plans to the needs of your business. You, in turn, need to give them complete clarity and creative freedom.

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What is it that AWS Solution Architect Associates do?

How value propositions can add value to your project

Blog   |    23rd June 2021   |   Rupali

While you start, plan it all out !

As an AWS Solution Architect Associate, you have quite a bit of the business. In fact, you play a major part in taking it to the Cloud. Before you start out on a project, take some time for this to sink in: you have quite a bit of the business. Why do I say this? The reason is simple: to take your physical products and services and to put all of those into the Cloud, in data form, takes a good understanding of what the business is all about. Once you understand what the business is all about, it becomes easy to put it all together in AWS terms. In other words, you know what infrastructure your business is going to take up, and you become more and more adept at providing it. Not without a good story, eh ! There was this IT company that wanted to expand their email marketing campaigns. They came up with a Cloud based platform that could connect quickly to email data scattered across the globe. They used AWS to build an app in a very low code, modernized way. But before any of that was done, they made sure of one thing: the Solution Architects understood every bit of the business's products that were going to be marketed. Now that is something different, isn't it. Why should technical staff know details about how the business actually works. But it helped, because the Solution Architects understood the theme of the business well, and it helped them foresee the kind of resources the business would need in terms of AWS facilities and avoid last minute hassles of overutilization and shortage. So you see planning helps. I would even go to the extent of saying that before you plan, get real with the responsibilities that lie with you. When you plan with these at the back of your mind, you plan actively. Your plans aren't pie in the sky schemes, they are real plans about real technology, and how real people would be using your AWS handiwork ! Another thing about planning while you start your work : It helps you see how you can contribute to the business by putting across your touch through the AWS solutions you develop. How? First, you understand the needs of the business. Then you build a plan around these. By doing that, you start thinking of ways and means by which you, yes you, can , in your own individual way, take are of these with an AWS platform.


So as an AWS Solution Architect Associate, plan you must. Plan with this in mind: You have quite a bit of the business. That will help your responsibilities sink in, and will affect the quality of AWS solutions you produce. Check out our range of AWS courses!