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nnu003c/divu003enu003c/sectionu003eu003c!u002du002d End Course Sechdual u002du002du003ennu003c!u002du002d Certification u002du002du003ennu003csection id=u0022cour-overu0022 class=u0022certifi-wrpu0022u003enu003cdiv class=u0022containeru0022u003enu003cdiv class=u0022rowu0022u003enu003cdiv class=u0022col-md-8 col-sm-8u0022u003enu003cdiv class=u0022cartidtu0022u003enu003ch2u003eITIL CERTIFICATION COURSE OVERVIEWu003c/h2u003enThis ITIL foundation course provides you with a firm understanding of the ITIL 4 framework, core concepts and terminologies of ITIL service lifecycle. By the end of this ITIL certification, you will understand how ITIL evolved to adopt modern technologies and operational processes as well as the necessary concepts in a service management framework.nu003ch4u003eITIL Training Key Features 100% Money Back Guaranteeu003c/h4u003enu003culu003en tu003cliu003e19 PDUs for self-paced learningu003c/liu003en tu003cliu003e30 chapter-end quizzes and 2 industry case studiesu003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eExam voucher includedu003c/liu003en tu003cliu003e22 PDUs for online classroom flexi pass offeredu003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eFour simulation examsu003c/liu003enu003c/ulu003enu003c/divu003enu003c/divu003en[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]nnu003c/divu003enu003c/divu003enu003c/sectionu003eu003c!u002du002d End Certification u002du002du003ennu003c!u002du002d ITIL COURSE CURRICULUM u002du002du003ennu003csection id=u0022it-courciu0022 class=u0022itil-curriculum-wrpu0022u003enu003cdiv class=u0022containeru0022u003enu003ch2u003eITIL COURSE CURRICULUMu003c/h2u003enu003ch3u003eEligibilityu003c/h3u003enThis ITIL V4 certification training course is best suited for IT executives, IT architects, operations managers, IT audit managers, IT planners and consultants, database administrators, ITSM trainers, service delivery professionals, quality analysts, application management and development teams, and IT managers. Obtaining the ITIL V4 foundation certification is available to both seasoned IT professionals and those fresh in their IT career.nu003ch3u003ePre-requisitesu003c/h3u003enTo take the ITIL 4 Foundation Certification exam, no prerequisite is required.nnu003c/divu003enu003c/sectionu003eu003c!u002du002d End ITIL COURSE CURRICULUM u002du002du003ennu003c!u002du002d Training u002du002du003ennu003c!u002du002d End Training u002du002du003enn u003c!u002du002d Course Outline u002du002du003en u003csection class=u0022course-outline-wrpu0022 id=u0022cour-outu0022u003en u003cdiv class=u0022containeru0022u003ennn u003cdiv class=u0022rowu0022u003en u003cdiv class=u0022col-md-8 col-sm-8u0022u003enn u003c/divu003en u003cdiv class=u0022col-md-4 col-sm-4u0022u003en u003cdiv class=u0022advicsor-bxu0022u003en u003ch4u003eCourse Advisoru003c/h4u003enn u003cdiv class=u0022pro-imgu0022u003en u003cimg src=u0022images/avator.jpgu0022 alt=u0022u0022/u003en u003c/divu003enn u003ch5u003eMr. Vishal Vyasu003c/h5u003en u003ch6u003eIndustry Experience : 19+ Yrsu003c/h6u003en u003cdiv class=u0022rating-bxu0022u003en u003ci class=u0022fa fa-staru0022u003eu003c/iu003en u003ci class=u0022fa fa-staru0022u003eu003c/iu003en u003ci class=u0022fa fa-staru0022u003eu003c/iu003en u003ci class=u0022fa fa-staru0022u003eu003c/iu003en u003ci class=u0022fa fa-star-ou0022u003eu003c/iu003e n u003c/divu003enn u003cdiv class=u0022innr-dtu0022u003en u003ch6u003eArea of Expertise :u003c/h6u003en u003cpu003eITIL Expert, CGEIT, CRISC, CobiT5, TOGAF, ISO20K LA ITSM, IT Governance – Consultant and mentoru003c/pu003en u003c/divu003en u003c/divu003en u003c/divu003en u003c/divu003en u003c/divu003en u003c/sectionu003en u003c!u002du002d End Course Outline u002du002du003en u003c!u002du002d Course Review u002du002du003en u003csection class=u0022course-reviewu0022 id=u0022cour-reviewu0022u003en u003cdiv class=u0022containeru0022u003en u003ch2u003eCOURSE REVIEWu003c/h2u003enn u003cdiv class=u0022rowu0022u003en n


Technical Lead

Oh wow! I am so happy to say that I received my ITIL®v3 ST certificate! The two days I spent in my ITIL®v3 ST certification training were two joyful days of my life. I learned so much from our lovely trainer. He is an example of whom to emulate in life! I especially loved learning about deploying release packages. I will put that to good use in my organization. The ITIL®v3 ST certification training was held at a particularly picturesque venue. We bonded so well as a little group during all the sessions. The ITIL®v3 ST certification training was bursting full of activity, and I have never enjoyed myself more! All thanks to Knowlathon, I now even have my ITIL®v3 ST certificate, and shouldn’t Knowlathon be proud !


Technical Lead

I did my ITIL®v3 ST certification training from Knowlathon. They are literally the best! I was so nervous about my promotion, I felt something was missing. The missing piece of the puzzle was precisely my ITIL®v3 ST certification, which I completed thanks to Knowlathon. Always the best trainers here. So was our awe-inspiring trainer who led us through the course with his wise words. I found everything I trained on over the two days, completely relatable. Not only do I have a certificate to prove my skills, but also I have much more to give to my organization! All down to you guys, Knowlathon!

Asif Ali

Technical Lead

I spent two wonderful days in the company of our knowledgeable trainer, and our group, and I am much happier for it. I even achieved the feat of getting my ITIL®v3 ST Certificate! The ITIL®v3 ST certification training course is a very well-designed endeavour by Knowlathon. I learned so much! I especially loved the examples our trainer gave, they fit so perfectly with what I know by experience. Even the Sales representatives here are so empathetic and polite, it makes it all well worth the effort. Knowlathon is an experience I highly recommend!

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