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Why Knowlathon, you ask?

Digitalization has raised the need for a platform where multi-vendor and selective sourcing can be seamlessly managed. EXIM SIAM professional training provides the right approach for service integration and Management to help organizations manage multiple suppliers. SIAM provides a methodology ensuring that multiple suppliers are integrated to create a single business-facing IT organization

In today’s world, most enterprises are looking to design IT environments that include services from various resources. For example, they require cloud services, IT outsourcing, communications, service desks, and managed services. Managing increasingly complex multi-provider environments raises the most critical issue that an IT organization needs to resolve.

SIAM Professional Certification helps individuals learn cost reduction to improve service for users. EXIN SIAM professionals allows organizations to choose the best suppliers, along with maintaining consistency. The course provides is an adjustment for ITIL that focuses on dealing with the conveying of services provided by the various suppliers in an organization.

The experienced team of world-class trainers at Knowlathon will guide you at each and every step to navigating the 4 stages of the SIAM roadmap, and emerging as an expert SIAM professional. A candidate after successfully completing the EXIN SIAM professional certification develops skills to analyze, plan, build and inspect a multi-service provider environment in an organization.

Key Features of EXIM SIAM Professional Training 100% Money Back Guarantee

  • Get 8 PDUs (Professional Development Units) upon course completion
  • A collection of lesson-end recall quizzes, real-case studies, mock exams, downloadable slides, and much more
  • Take simulation tests, practical scenarios, process templates, process models
  • Accredited Trainers
  • Exam voucher included with the course fee
  • Interaction with co-participants from diverse industries
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Why Choose Knowlathon for SIAM Professional Certification

  • Knowlathon offers training classes by world-class trainers, with an experience teaching for a long time on the topics of SIAM.
  • Almost all of our trained SIAM professionals have registered with the highest satisfaction rating after completing the SIAM professional training course.
  • Broadly covers the four stages of the SIAM roadmap.
  • SIAM Training from Knowlathon includes practical assignments.
  • Training sessions with a storytelling format.
  • Training with accredited courseware to help candidates learn industry-specific skills.
  • Our instructors can guide you no matter what is your time zone or location. Moreover, we offer options to take an online SIAM professional certification training course or an instructor-led classroom model.
  • Explanations of SIAM concepts with the help of professional examples.
  • The training module includes practical assignments.
  • Exam registration assistance.
  • One full-day SIAM professional course provides ample opportunity to answer all of your queries related to SIAM certification.

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    Benefits of EXIN SIAM Professional Certification Training Course

    Benefits to the organization

    • Helps overall cost reduction
    • SIAM enables organizations to choose their suppliers according to their particular needs
    • Keeps a strict check on improved services
    • SIAM professionals can guide an organization when it finds itself at the core of a complicated supply chain

    Benefits to the Individual

    • SIAM Professional certification can be a great boost in your credentials if you are heading an organization
    • If you are looking for a promotion, the SIAM professional training certification can be a good chance to help prove yourself
    • If you want to deal with products and service technicalities and are looking to pursue entrepreneurship, then the SIAM professional certification can be the right choice
    • Add value to your resume increasing monetary returns

    Skills you will gain

    • You will learn to align multiple service providers keeping in mind the organization’s goal of delivering optimal services
    • You will gather skills to relate SIAM with other management practices
    • Understand which processes support SIAM
    • Go through real-time case studies to learn SIAM roles and responsibilities
    • You will learn hands-on how to put a premium on the various products and services your organization offers
    • You will learn to apply the real-case studies to your own organization’s issues, which you have gone through during the SIAM professional certification course from Knowlathon


    ITIL®4 Expert MPT

    Start date: August 19, 2022
    End date: August 21, 2022
    Time: 12:00 am – 12:00 am
    Location: Instructor Led Virtual Classroom
    IT Service Management And Excellence

    ITIL®4 Expert MPT

    Date: January 2, 2023
    Time: 12:00 am – 12:00 am
    Location: Instructor Led Virtual Classroom
    IT Service Management And Excellence


    Start date: January 28, 2023
    End date: January 29, 2023
    Time: 12:00 am – 12:00 am
    Location: Instructor Led Virtual Classroom
    IT Service Management And Excellence

    ITIL®4 Advance Module HVIT

    Start date: February 4, 2023
    End date: February 5, 2023
    Time: 12:00 am – 12:00 am
    Location: Instructor Led Virtual Classroom
    IT Service Management And Excellence

    SIAM Professional

    Start date: February 18, 2023
    End date: February 19, 2023
    Time: 12:00 am – 12:00 am
    Location: Instructor Led Virtual Classroom
    IT Service Management And Excellence

    ITIL®4 Strategic Leader DPI

    Start date: April 22, 2023
    End date: April 23, 2023
    Time: 12:00 am – 12:00 am
    Location: Instructor Led Virtual Classroom
    IT Service Management And Excellence

    ITIL®4 Foundation

    Start date: May 6, 2023
    End date: May 7, 2023
    Time: 12:00 am – 12:00 am
    Location: Instructor Led Virtual Classroom
    IT Service Management And Excellence

    Managing Successful Program (MSP®)

    Start date: May 12, 2023
    End date: May 14, 2023
    Time: 12:00 am – 12:00 am
    Location: Instructor Led Virtual Classroom
    IT Service Management And Excellence

    ITIL®4 Foundation

    Start date: May 13, 2023
    End date: May 14, 2023
    Time: 12:00 am – 12:00 am
    Location: Instructor Led Virtual Classroom
    IT Service Management And Excellence

    ITIL®4 Strategic Leader DITS

    Start date: May 19, 2023
    End date: May 21, 2023
    Time: 12:00 am – 12:00 am
    Location: Instructor Led Virtual Classroom
    IT Service Management And Excellence

    ITIL®4 Advance Module CDS

    Start date: May 27, 2023
    End date: May 28, 2023
    Time: 12:00 am – 12:00 am
    Location: Instructor Led Virtual Classroom
    IT Service Management And Excellence

    Six Sigma Green Belt (Evening Batch)

    Start date: May 27, 2023
    End date: May 28, 2023
    Time: 12:00 am – 12:00 am
    Location: Instructor Led Virtual Classroom
    IT Service Management And Excellence


    Virtual Instructor-Led Training

    We provide one of the best-accredited e-learning online training programs. Our interactive module provides you with high experience learning program. Our virtual online training helps you in:
    • Self-paced learning from anywhere, even when you are at the office or home
    • Round the clock 24×7 learner assistance and support
    • Industry expert trainers with high experience in their subjects
    • Explore real-life examples and also interact with various industry case studies
    • Get stock of learning material in soft copy
    • Go through various mock papers to help you pass your exam In the very first attempt
    • Approved and quality assured teaching material
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    Our classroom courses are conducted by passionate trainers who can provide you with a personalized experience. It helps you to:
    • Learn concepts in a storytelling format to help you understand them in an easy manner
    • When unsure, Knowlathon supports you to solve your query in real-time
    • Go through real-life case studies to get yourself more acquainted with the course
    • Get learning support even after the course has been completed
    • Instant learner assistance from Knowlathon trainers
    • World-class learning material

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    Knowlathon also offers corporate training for the PRINCE2 Certification course. You can benefit your organization by providing training to your staff with this most in-demand course.
    • Customized training module for various industries
    • Maximum ROI for corporates
    • Offering the most flexible schedules as per the unique requirements of the corporate world
    • Provides understanding in context with a particular organization
    • Enhanced reporting for individuals and as well as for the teams
    • Real-life examples along with industry-related case studies on organizational context
    • Complementary mentors to assist your team at every step to help them excel in their career
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    SIAM Professional CURRICULUM

    None. As such there are no mandatory pre-requisites to register for SIAM professional certification course. You can join Knowlathon to earn this certificate as long as you have a sound working knowledge of the IT industry. However, you need to go through accredited SIAM professional training, including successful completion of all the practical assignments.

    SIAM professional certification training course is a two days course, with a skill level of intermediate level which is higher than the basics of SIAM. The exam is managed by EXIN and is conducted in four languages including English, Chinese, German, and Japanese.

    – SIAM professional is an online closed book exam

    – You have to answer 40 multiple choice questions with one mark each. Each question has four options, and you need to choose the right option.

    – The exam duration is 90 minutes.

    – You need to get at least 26 answers right out of 40 (65% right answers), in order to qualify for this exam.

    You will get your result immediately after the exam and will receive the certificate within 5 business days if qualified.

    Various job roles that can get benefit most from SIAM professional training include, but are not limited to:

    · Service Managers and Practitioners

    · Process /Project /Program /Supplier /Change Managers

    · Business Relationship Managers

    · Organizational Change Practitioners

    · All IT professionals in a technical role

    · Any IT professional whose organization wants to go through SIAM way, in a simple or complex supply chain

    · Process Architects

    · Business Change Practitioners

    · SIAM Consultants

    · Chief Technical Officers (CTOs)

    · Chief Information Officers (CIOs)

    · Service Provider Portfolio Managers

    · IT professionals looking to broaden their service management view

    · Chief Strategy Officers (CSOs)

    Obtaining SIAM certification is a simple and distinctive path that involves:

    · Enroll in the SIAM training course

    · Attend 2 days of instructor-led training classes and clarify your doubts

    · Understand future career opportunities

    · Get access to the online assessment exam

    · Clear the exam by scoring 65% or above

    · Get SIAM certificate within 5 business days

    The standard fee for SIAM professional training and certification in India is around Rs 27,000 to Rs 33,000 per participant and varies for various training institutes. The cost includes 2 days of training to help individuals analyze and apply SIAM concepts across the four stages of the SIAM roadmap including discovery and strategy, plan and build, implement, run and improve. The course fee also includes an exam voucher, and a candidate is not required to pay anything extra for their exam or as a certification cost.

    ITIL® Expert, CGEIT®, CRISC®, CobiT5®, TOGAF®, ISO20K LA ITSM, IT Governance – Consultant and mentor
    May 26, 2020

    ITIL Expert, CGEIT, CRISC, CobiT5, TOGAF, ISO20K LA ITSM, IT Governance – Consultant and mentor


    It was an overwhelming experience for the two days I spent in my SIAM professional certification training. As far as I recall the ITILV2 service manager training focused only on learning each process, while SIAM brought together all the things that were previously subdivided. It has really impressed me a lot and has told me the value of integration.

    I learned so much from the trainers of Knowlathon, and they were always on a positive note. They helped candidates bounded as a small group during all the learning sessions, as SIAM is a framework that can only work with effective communication and collaboration. 

    I am sincerely thankful to the team of Knowlathon who guided me at every step to help earn my SIAM professional certificate and helped me excel in my career.

    Janice Pereira – Technical Lead
    Technical Lead

    I was very nervous about my annual appraisal and decided to go for SIAM professional certification training from Knowlathon. I knew that something is missing from my profile and the missing piece was SIAM professional certification. Thanks to Knowlathon who guided me to earn the certificate I was looking for. The most inspiring trainers from Knowlathon led me through the entire course and guided me for the exam. I could find everything over the two days of training and all my queries were satisfactorily answered.

    Today not only do I have SIAM professional certificate to prove my skills but also have much more to offer to my organization. The ability to develop greater access to expertise across a wider range of suppliers has resulted in cost efficiency for my organization. Thanks, Knowlathon for the wonderful training provided in a hormonal environment.

    Mandira– Technical Lead
    Technical Lead

    SIAM professional training course is a well-designed endeavor by Knowlathon. The real-life examples shared by the trainers were just great. The ability to introduce competitiveness between various service providers has definitely provided me with an edge over my fellow workers. The live online class module was easy to go through and trainers from Knowlathon guided me to gain knowledge and skills for the activities in the four stages of the SIAM roadmap.

    SIAM also considered multi-sourcing integration (MSI), helped me manage multiple internal and external service providers and taught me to control them via a single integration layer. In the end, I was able to

    save a lot of time and money for my organization. Thanks, Knowlathon for the all-time support they offered when I needed it most.

    Euston – Technical Lead
    Technical Lead

    SIAM Professional TRAINING FAQS

    There are some terms and conditions that dictate our refund policy. It mostly depends upon how early you have raised the refund request, or how many courses you have accessed. To learn more about our refund policies you should talk to our representatives in detail, prior to booking the SIAM Professional Certification course.

    It is quite easy to access a live virtual class with Knowlathon. We will share a link with you. This link will guide you to organize the virtual classrooms for the SIAM professional training course with Knowlathon.

    Candidates are informed by email from EXIM regarding the time-lapse for their SIAM professional certification. However, usually, it takes around 5 business days to get the certificate, if you have qualified for the exam.

    SIAM Professional Certificate has lifetime validity and doesn’t expire. Once you take the exam and get your certificate, you can rest assured that you won’t have to take it again. The certificate is valid for your lifetime

    Knowlathon team will guide you at every step for SIAM professional certification and will guide you to book the certification exam in the most convenient manner

    Yes! When you join Knowlathon there is no need to pay anything extra. Our SIAM Professional Certification training course fee includes exam fees as well.

    In case you don’t qualify for the SIAM Professional Certification exam on your very first attempt, you can opt for another attempt by paying a small fee. Small charges apply per retake.

    With Knowlathon, you don’t need to worry about missing a class. You can go through the recorded session of the missed SIAM Professional Training class or opt to attend another session being held on later dates as per your convenience. We will try to accommodate you for our next sessions of the training program to ensure that you go through the complete syllabus we offer. And the best part is that with Knowlathon, you don’t have to pay for extra classes.

    SIAM enables governance of multiple IT services in line related to enterprises’ strategic policies. It helps establish a flexible ecosystem to optimize resources. In this digital age when more and more service providers are crowded together, more enterprises are looking for SIAM professionals, resulting in high demand for SIAM certificate holders. SIAM professionals are known for integrating services while optimizing costs and resources, thus leading to an increase in demand for people who have sound knowledge of SIAM. It is a service management framework for multi-sourcing environments and can even be extended to governance, integration, coordination, assurance, and end-to-end service management. A roadmap has also been proposed for transitioning from the current ITIL-based operating model to the SIAM model.

    Knowlathon offers a panel of the most skilled and competent trainers. With Knowlathon you can be very assured to undergo the training program from trainers who are experienced in teaching online and offline as well. The trainers are certified by the accredited organizations of the IT industry and guide you at each and every level of the SIAM Professional Certification training program

    In case you think that you need more time and want to extend the SIAM Professional Certification training course, you can always connect to Knowlathon and our representatives will guide you out with the procedures for the extended time interval required.

    You can take the exam immediately after the end of the SIAM professional training course. Knowlathon also helps its candidates to schedule the exam at their convenient dates and time. At certain times you may find that you are not ready to go for the exam, and require an extension for the training course. With Knowlathon you can extend the course to ensure that you have done your preparation in the best way to qualify for the exam on your first attempt.

    The course is held in a live virtual classroom style. It is quite simple for any individual to join a live virtual SIAM Professional Certification training course with Knowlathon. You will receive a link that will guide you to our virtual classroom, and it will lead to a tool kit to help you join our training classes without any difficulty. The only requirement is a computer or a laptop with headphones and speakers, along with a good internet connection

    SIAM certification is most suited for professionals worldwide who are dealing with the practices of Service Integration and Management or who want to implement this methodology in their organization. Professionals already working with IT service management processes can reap the most from the SIAM certification training course. Moreover, this course is good for providers that want to implement and manage Service Integration and Management models.

    No, you need not furnish any other certificates to get enroll yourself in the SIAM professional certification course. However, knowledge of IT Service Management Technology is desirable for a candidate signing up for the SIAM certification course.

    Knowlathon offers a number of mock questions along with its course material to help you understand the format of the SIAM Professional Certification exam. During the training program, you will undergo a mock exam similar to the SIAM Professional Certification exam so that you become familiar with the overall process. We ensure to go for at least two practice exams so that all of the topics are covered under the questionnaires list. In addition, we provide exam study notes, along with test-taking tips to help you qualify for the exam in your first attempt only.

    Yes. You can keep the learning material provided by Knowlathon. You will receive a bulk of reading material during your training course. As the course material provided by Knowlathon contains all the important information useful for the IT industry, it comes in handy for ready reference for the future.

    SIAM certification is ideal for professionals who want to extend their Service Integration and Management knowledge. It is most desirable for Service Managers and Practitioners, Service Provider Portfolio Managers, Process Managers, Project Managers, and many others. Knowlathon recommends applying for technical or managerial posts at organizations going the SIAM way. Moreover, it is suggested to discuss career objectives with your trainer while going through the SIAM professional training course.

    Yes, Knowlathon is an internationally recognized training institute, with an accredited SIAM professional training course.

    The skill level required to clear SIAM professional certification is a little higher than the SIAM foundation certification. But you need not worry as the trained staff of Knowlathon will guide you at each step and will provide you with sufficient training needed to clear SIAM professional training exam.

    In the case of your system failure, you should immediately contact Knowlathon and tell them about the issue. We strongly advise you to keep an alternate standby system to help you out in case of a system failure.

    SIAM certification exam is held in three more languages other than English. These are Japanese, Chinese, and German.

    The SIAM professional certification exam is a closed book online exam type, consisting of 40 multiple-choice questions. You need to answer at least 26 right questions in 90 minutes’ time so as to qualify for this exam.

    You can pay online to book the SIAM Professional Certification program from Knowlathon. There are various convenient methods to pay for this course fee. Contact Knowlathon and our representative will provide you with the most common and convenient payment options that we accept.

    SIAM Professional Certification is an important asset for any organization. It provides you with better opportunities and greater career prospects. As more and more organizations outsource services or even choose to move to cloud service provision, then managing various service providers becomes more difficult. SIAM is a methodology that is accepted globally and is used to manage multiple service providers by integrating them to provide a single business-facing IT organization. Candidates going through SIAM professional courses gain skills in applying SIAM to various situations in an organization. Moreover, the SIAM professional training mentors from Knowlathon will help you secure a high position in the job market.

    No, you don’t need to pay anything extra to get your SIAM certificate. Our course fee includes all ranging from exam fees to certificate costs.

    Well, the good news is, you don’t, because the SIAM Professional Certificate does not mandate 
    any prior work experience. It would be good though, if have worked, as it will aid your 
    appreciation of the learning material

    Subject to some conditions Knowlathon courses are offered with a money-back guarantee. Please contact your assigned representative to know about our refund policies in detail.

    Our Correspondence / Mailing address

    Find SIAM Professional Training in other cities

    Delhi   Hyderabad   Pune   Bangalore   Mumbai   Chennai   Dubai
    You have made it till here! Well done ! Knowlathon would like you to know that anything is possible, and that you can achieve whatever you want to, should you apply your mind to the SIAM Professional Certification Training Course ! To get your questions answered please write to us at contact@knowlathon.com, or call us on 1800 121 5678. You may even chat with one of our Customer Support executives online. Thank you for visiting our web-site and we hope to see you in our SIAM Professional Certification Training Course !

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