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ISO 27000:2013 Lead Auditor COURSE OVERVIEW

Why Knowlathon, you ask?

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  • You enrol for the ISO 27000:2013 Lead Auditor Course with Knowlathon for an entire learning experience. Goes without saying.
  • This Knowlathon training brings with it:
    • Courses driven by trainers who enliven and enlighten
    • Genuine ISO 27000:2013 Lead Auditor course material
    • Sure-fire Certificates on passing the examination
    • Experiential learning by walking the talk.

COURSE KEY FEATURES 100% Money Back Guarantee

  • 31 PDUs on completion of course
  • Specially designed quizzes, case studies, mock tests
  • Claim your Exam Voucher!
  • What's more, 100% Money Back Guarantee !

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    Benefits to the organisation

    • Want to be a state of the art, top of the range company that invests in its people?
    • Here is a training and certification course that would work for you, no matter your size or the nature of your deliverables.
    • Give your workforce the chance they deserve, to upskill themselves and contribute to a better world
    • You got this!

    Benefits to the Individual

    • Listen to best in class trainers
    • Get all your doubts about the subject, resolved
    • Are you slated for a promotion? Are you looking to change jobs?
    • Then this course would be just what you need !
    • Develop and fine tune your skills
    • Go back to work, apply your learnings, and deliver results !

    Skills you will learn

    • The ISO 27000:2013 dishes out solutions you might want to consider to protect your business information.
    • As far as the ISO 27000 Lead Auditor exam is concerned, you need to have a good grasp over all the different areas addressed by the standard. You need to check if businesses are successful in protecting their sensitive information, and if otherwise, probe into their shortcomings.


    ISO 27001 Lead Auditor

    Start date: January 14, 2023
    End date: January 22, 2023
    Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
    Location: Instructor Led Virtual Classroom
    IT Service Management



    • Virtual training
    • Login to the training portal online
    • With just a click, learn from anywhere
    • A training day starts at 9:00 Indian ST and ends at 17:00 Indian ST
    • Customer Support executives collaborate with you round the clock, every day of the week
    • Contact us to get insider scoop on exclusive offers, best deals and group discounts !
    • Your queries are welcome !
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    • Assemble in class, meet other professionals, and grow your network
    • Get trainer assistance and support in resolving your doubts
    • A training day starts at 9:00 Indian ST and ends at 17:00 Indian ST
    • Customer Support executives collaborate with you round the clock, every day of the week
    • Contact us to get insider scoop on exclusive offers, best deals and group discounts !
    • Your queries are welcome !
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    • Learning experience customized for your organization.
    • Flexible scheduling options for your team.
    • Understanding and advising on organizational context for learning.
    • Assistance on complete portfolio solution helping learning paths better.
    • Expert instructor with hands-on experience
    • Real life examples and industry case studies.
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    ISO 27000:2013 Lead Auditor CURRICULUM

    The good news is, you do not need to satisfy any pre-conditions !

    2 training days of classroom instruction followed by exam

    Mandatory end-of-course examination of 1 hr duration

    You answer all multiple choice questions

    A minimum passing percentage of 50 is necessary to pass the ISO 27000 Foundation exam

    Get certified by Tuv

    IT professionals being introduced to Information Security

    IT professionals who are responsible for data maintainence

    IT professionals who are responsible for handling data

    Business leadership looking to institutionalize security norms


    ITIL® Expert, CGEIT®, CRISC®, CobiT5®, TOGAF®, ISO20K LA ITSM, IT Governance – Consultant and mentor
    May 26, 2020

    ITIL Expert, CGEIT, CRISC, CobiT5, TOGAF, ISO20K LA ITSM, IT Governance – Consultant and mentor


    ” The level of insight I have received into auditing information systems blows me down. Our trainer brought the training alive with his knowledge and wit. An experience I recommend to everyone looking to get certified !”

    Ghanasyam D.
    Auditor with an RCB

    “Knowlathon did a fantastic job with this training. I would say they surpassed themselves! I even sat the exam and received a glorious ISO 27000 Lead Auditor certificate ! Can I give you more than 5 stars?”

    Qammar T.
    Product Manager, Data

    “It was definitely an experience I would like to go through again! Knowlathon indeed select their trainers carefully, and this instance was no exception. We got a very close view of data protection and security, embellished with information I can put to use at my workplace. I passed the ISO 27000 Lead Auditor exam soon after. I credit the trainer for those tips and tricks. All in all, a wonderful training put together by wonderful people. Nice job, Knowlathon!”

    Varun D.
    Information Security Specialist

    ISO 27000:2013 Lead Auditor training FAQS

    Not to worry, you would be accommodated in another upcoming training.

    Yes, very safe. We follow very stringent measures to protect your data and identity.

    Yes, you would. We are sorry you had to ask, get in touch with us.

    Click on the link you have been sent, and you can enter the session.

    Please write to a PECB official, they will sort you out.

    Well, ISO 27000 Foundation certificates do not expire.

    Please get in touch with us, we will arrange the exam for you.

    No, you do not have to, because it is already included.

    Yes, you may, as per PECB's retake policy.

    Yes, they are a part of your course material.

    You would not only equip yourself better for your current role, but also prepare for the innumerable opportunities that lie ahead.

    We endorse a panel of highly experienced instructors.

    Yes, you may. Get in touch with us, we will arrange it.

    At your convenience ! Only get in touch with us, when you plan to.

    You are eligible if you possess sound working knowledge of the IT industry.

    None! You may join even if you are new to the field.

    Yes, of course, it is all yours!

    95 % of all global market leaders have already incorporated this standard. 23% of startups worldwide have followed suit. The choices are plenty.

    Yes, we are an institute of global standing and repute.

    Not to worry, you will be sufficiently prepared after attending the training.

    Please get in touch with your customer support executive.

    Sorry, but exams at PECB are available only in English.

    A one hour exam full of multiple choice questions. Not to worry, read the instructions carefully before you begin.

    You should contact our customer support, they will help you out.

    The sky is the limit ! Believe in yourself, and go for it! Your qualifications are sought after.

    No, you do not have to. All costs are included in the fees.

    Not at all ! You only need to have a hang of the workings of the IT industry.

    Yes, you may. Sorry you had to ask, but do get in touch with us, and we will sort it out.

    Our auditor Correspondence / Mailing address

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