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ISO 20000 Foundation COURSE OVERVIEW

Why Knowlathon, you ask?

  • For starters, we are proud of our best in class trainers. Our trainers have sufficient experience behind them, and have trained for the longest time on the topics you will be learning.
  • Plenty of people have registered a high satisfaction rating on completing our courses, particularly the ISO 20000 Foundation Certification Training Course.
  • You get loads of quality learning material during the ISO 20000 Foundation certification training course, for instance, a learners manual and specially designed paraphernalia, which is excellent value.
  • The ISO 20000 Foundation certification training course is spread over one day, and you have ample opportunity to get all your questions answered.
  • No matter what your time zone or location, we have an option for you to take up either an online ISO 20000 Foundation certification training course or an instructor led classroom ISO 20000 Foundation Certification training course.

COURSE KEY FEATURES100% Money Back Guarantee

  • 14 PDUs
  • End of Chapter quizzes, industry case studies, mock exams included.
  • Exam voucher included.
  • 100 per cent money back guarantee.

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    Benefits to the organisation

    • Will my management support me if I am an ISO 20000 Foundation certificate holder?
    • If your organisation finds themselves at the core of a normal or digital IT providing situation, they would need a handful, at least, of people who hold the ISO 20000 Foundation Certificate, like yourself !

    Benefits to the Individual

    • Why would I be undergoing the ISO 20000 Foundation Certification training, you say.
    • Well, if you are someone in a position to deal with technicalities, or perhaps you head your own organisation, the ISO 20000 Foundation certification training course could be a great boost to your credentials.
    • If you are anticipating a promotion to a higher role, or even a role change perhaps, the ISO 20000 Foundation Certification training could be a chance to prove your mettle.
    • If you design and vend tooling bits and pieces, you could benefit from a lot of the ISO 20000 Foundation certification training content.
    • In the event you are looking to pursue entrepreneurship, or consultancy, for instance, the ISO 20000 Foundation certification training could be a great way to upskill yourself.

    Skills you will learn

    • Well, as you are just entering Service Management vistas by way of the ISO 20000 Foundation certification training course, you would be required to take a very broad view of the ISO 20000 standard framework.
    • You will learn to know more about the products and services your organisation is responsible for.
    • You will learn how to put a premium on the various products and services your organisation offers.
    • You will be looking at several case studies during the ISO 20000 Foundation certification training course, and you have the time to apply the learning to your own organisation’s issues.


    ISO 27001 Lead Auditor

    Start date: May 6, 2023
    End date: May 14, 2023
    Time: 12:00 am – 12:00 am
    Location: Instructor Led Virtual Classroom
    IT Service Management


    Virtual Instructor-Led Training

    We provide one of the best-accredited e-learning online training programs. Our interactive module provides you with high experience learning program. Our virtual online training helps you in:
    • Self-paced learning from anywhere, even when you are at the office or home
    • Round the clock 24×7 learner assistance and support
    • Industry expert trainers with high experience in their subjects
    • Explore real-life examples and also interact with various industry case studies
    • Get stock of learning material in soft copy
    • Go through various mock papers to help you pass your exam In the very first attempt
    • Approved and quality assured teaching material
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    Our classroom courses are conducted by passionate trainers who can provide you with a personalized experience. It helps you to:
    • Learn concepts in a storytelling format to help you understand them in an easy manner
    • When unsure, Knowlathon supports you to solve your query in real-time
    • Go through real-life case studies to get yourself more acquainted with the course
    • Get learning support even after the course has been completed
    • Instant learner assistance from Knowlathon trainers
    • World-class learning material

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    Knowlathon also offers corporate training for the PRINCE2 Certification course. You can benefit your organization by providing training to your staff with this most in-demand course.
    • Customized training module for various industries
    • Maximum ROI for corporates
    • Offering the most flexible schedules as per the unique requirements of the corporate world
    • Provides understanding in context with a particular organization
    • Enhanced reporting for individuals and as well as for the teams
    • Real-life examples along with industry-related case studies on organizational context
    • Complementary mentors to assist your team at every step to help them excel in their career
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    ISO 20000 Foundation CURRICULUM

    None ! Anyone with sound working knowledge of the IT industry can join us for the ISO 20000 Foundation Certification training course !

    1. You may be reminded that the ISO 20000 Foundation certification training course is a Certification Course, which essentially means, at the end of the two day ISO 20000 Foundation Certification Course, you would be needed to sit the ISO 20000 Foundation Certification exam.
    2. The ISO 20000 Foundation certification exam is of Beginner skill level, which includes the basics of ISO 20000.
    3. The ISO 20000 Foundation Certification Exam is conducted and managed centrally by PECB.
    4. The ISO 20000 Foundation Certification exam is conducted in English French, Spanish, Portuguese.
    5. The duration of the ISO 20000 Foundation Certification Exam is 60 minutes.

    Duration of ISO 20000 Foundation Certification Training Course : – 1 day

    1. Any IT Professional in a technical role.
    2. Any IT Professional in a managerial role.
    3. Any IT Professional who manages products, services, processes, projects, or programmes.
    4. Any IT professional who is a service or product or process practitioner.
    5. Any IT Professional whose organisation is going the ISO 20000 way, with normal or digital IT.
    6. Any IT Professional looking to certify themselves as an ISO 20000 Lead Implementer or Lead Auditor.
    7. Consultants .
    8. Trainers.

    ITIL® Expert, CGEIT®, CRISC®, CobiT5®, TOGAF®, ISO20K LA ITSM, IT Governance – Consultant and mentor
    May 26, 2020

    ITIL Expert, CGEIT, CRISC, CobiT5, TOGAF, ISO20K LA ITSM, IT Governance – Consultant and mentor


    I give Knowlathon 5 stars ! I am so thankful to the trainer for bringing our sessions alive with his confidence and intellectual prowess! Not only did he explain all the concepts for our ISO 20000 Foundation certification course material, but also he gave us such lovely examples which I will never forget ! All the people I met, especially my sales contact, were so professional ! They were thorough with their knowledge and diligence. Never have I found people to be so polite and eager to help ! The ISO 20000 Foundation certification training course that I completed with Knowlathon’s help has really made me so much the more aware of ‘my’ world, and now I have another feather in my cap, all thanks to Knowlathon ! I thank you very much !

    Paramjeet Singh Malhotra
    Technical Lead

    Truly, Knowlathon deserves more than just 5 stars ! I was apprehensive initially, before contacting Knowlathon, but as I met my fantastic Sales Rep, all the apprehension melted away ! The ISO 20000 Foundation certification course is so beautifully conducted by thorough professionals at Knowlathon. I have superlative appreciation for my Trainer. He knows his stuff ! He knew the ISO 20000 Foundation course material like the back of his hand ! I could not be more blown down by his efforts in training us on the ISO 20000 Foundation certification course material ! Hats off to Knowlathon for bringing about such a wonderful ISO 20000 Foundation Certification training!

    Eva Mendosa
    Technical Lead

    I read the ISO 20000 Foundation certification training information online, and that made me more than just interested in  pursuing this course. As I contacted Knowlathon, I knew things would be smooth for me, right at the outset. It was a journey, getting my ISO 20000 Foundation Certificate ! From a nervous and shy ‘me’, I was transformed into a confident, sure of my skills kinda person. I put this down to our awesome trainer. He was very knowledgable, and he inspired a transformation in my attitude and behaviour. A man ruling the ISO 20000 realm, through and through! I am now on tenterhooks to pursue further ISO 20000 Certifications, and without a doubt, the training institute of my choice will always be Knowlathon !

    Sabrina S.
    Technical Lead

    ISO 20000 Foundation TRAINING FAQS

    Well, in that case you would be accommodated in another ISO 20000 Foundation Certification 
    training, held on respective dates.

    To qualify for a refund, please talk to our representatives before you book the ISO 20000 
    Foundation Certification Exam. 

    We will send you a link to a tool that helps us to organise virtual classrooms for the ISO 20000 
    Foundation Certification training. 

    Well, you would be notified by e-mail by someone from PECB regarding the time lapse before 
    you get your ISO 20000 Foundation Certificate. 

    The good news is that ISO 20000 Foundation Certificates do not expire ! 

    We at Knowlathon would be more than glad to help you book your ISO 20000 Foundation 
    Certification exam. 

    Yes, the ISO 20000 Foundation Certification training course fee includes exam charges. 

    You may retake the ISO 20000 Foundation certification exam, but charges apply per retake after 
    an year has lapsed. 

    Yes, mock questions are included in the course material you get during the ISO 20000 Foundation 
    certification training course. 

    It all starts when you start holding a spotlight on the products and services your organisation 
    provides. That is the serious mark of a true ISO 20000 key player, more so when you are at the 
    ISO 20000 Foundation level. 

    You may be assured that we fully endorse a panel of skilled, successful trainers who are very 
    competent at the courses they train on. 

    In the event your ISO 20000 Foundation certification training course needs to be extended, our 
    representatives will help you out with the procedures. 

    Typically at the end of the 1 day ISO 20000 Foundation training, you can take the ISO 20000 
    Foundation Certification exam. However, we can help you schedule the exam at your 

    Well, depending on your time zone, we will customise a training delivery mode for you. It could, 
    either be, a live virtual classroom, or an instructor led physical classroom. We have both options 
    available for the ISO 20000 Foundation Certification training course. 

    Well, it would be best if you already occupy, or if you are anticipating a position of dealing with 
    product or service technicality in a normal or digital IT environment at your organisation. Even if 
    you are looking to change organisations and roles, the ISO 20000 Foundation certification training 
    course would work for you, if you are responsible for dealing with product or service technicality, 
    most likely in a normal or digital scenario. 

    None! You do not need to furnish any certificates before you enrol in the ISO 20000 Foundation 
    certification course. 

    Yes, you will receive loads of it during your ISO 20000 Foundation certification training course 
    and the best part, it is all yours ! 

    We would strongly recommend you apply for technical or managerial positions at organisations 
    who are walking down the ISO 20000 path. You can always discuss these with your trainer during 
    the course of the ISO 20000 Foundation training. 

    Yes, we are an internationally recognised training institute and so is our ISO 20000 Foundation 

    Well, the skill level of the ISO 20000 Foundation Certification is definitely basic. Not to worry, 
    though, as you will receive sufficient training during the ISO 20000 Foundation Certification 
    training course ! 

    If that happens, immediately contact our representatives, they will help you out. 

    The ISO 20000 Foundation Certification exam is held in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese. 

    The ISO 20000 Foundation Certification Exam is an one hour exam. It will be held online, or in 
    some cases, will be paper based. You cannot refer to any courseware while you sit the exam. 

    You should really talk to our representatives, they would tell you of the different options suited to 
    your case.   

    The sky is the limit ! You would be best suited to an organisation that already has, or even is, 
    planning to blend into the ISO 20000 space ! Our ISO 20000 Foundation training will help you 

    Well, no, all the ISO 20000 Foundation certification costs are included in the course fee. 

    Well, the good news is, you don’t, because the ISO 20000 Foundation Certificate does not 
    mandate any prior work experience! 

    Yes, all of Knowlathon’s courses are subject to a money back policy. You may ask your assigned 
    representative for more details. 

    Our pune Correspondence / Mailing address

    Find ISO 20000 Foundation in other cities

    Delhi   Hyderabad   Bangalore   Mumbai   Chennai   Dubai
    You have made it till here! Well done ! Knowlathon would like you to know that anything is possible, and that you can achieve whatever you want to, should you apply your mind to the ISO 20000 Foundation Certification Training Course ! To get your questions answered please write to us at contact@knowlathon.com, or call us on 1800 121 5678. You may even chat with one of our Customer Support executives online. Thank you for visiting our web-site and we hope to see you in our ISO 20000 Foundation Certification Training Course !

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