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DevOps which is an abbreviated form of “development” and “operations” is a part of DevOps foundation which focuses on bridging the gap between the software development and software operation.

It eases the work flow by providing smooth transmission of information, cooperation, incorporation and automation between IT development and IT operations department.

Smooth workflow helps in quality design, creation, implementation and in operating software and services quickly.

It is divided into:

- DevOps Foundation
- DevOps Leader

DevOps Foundation: It is basically an introduction and peep inside DevOps. It basically talks about the terms and objectives of DevOps. What is the meaning? How it works? what is the aim of devops? It is the basic and foundation level of DevOps.

DevOps Leader: It is the advanced level of DevOps and provides deep knowledge of the certification.

The prerequisites include successful completion of the foundation level.