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When should you choose PRINCE2 Agile for projects, instead of PRINCE2?

Blog   |    11th May 2021   |   Rupali

A common observation for PRINCE2 Agile projects


When PRINCE2 Agile is suitable for your project

As a project manager, you have the business. You are all about putting your spirit into products, and that shows when your product bears your unique touch.

It is all right to have your products resemble you, but what about when your teams are spread across the whole organization, and they need to first recognize what putting your touch into a product means?

When the whole organization is ready to follow that touch of yours, your project teams are ready to accept a common thread of thought running throughout the entire organization.

And that is when a common vision develops throughout disparate teams. And that is when you should really think about putting out Agile into your environment.

>Let's see an example!

A business was developing its brand and as a result of the branding activity, teams spread across the organization and its acquired counterparts came together to develop newer templates that were in sync with the business's branding collateral.

This required help from IT personnel that were part of the various teams taking up this work. The brands were completely digital, so building the templates involved a lot of IT effort.

The project manager was someone whose role was key in building the business's parent brand, and had worked to influence a lot of the parent brand's template. Much of their work involved communicating their touch to the various team members, and bringing everyone involved, up to speed on that.

What is it that a PRINCE2 Agile project manager does?

As you may have guessed from the example I've just given you, a PRINCE2 Agile project manager needs to be in complete harmony with his unique touch. That is when they understand what their style is and are able to influence people to follow that unique touch.
What is it that a PRINCE2 Agile project manager does?
So a PRINCE2 Agile project manager needs to soundly influence.

And to influence people, they need to first gauge who is where on the journey to picking up that unique touch.

So a PRINCE2 Agile project manager needs to be an empathetic communicator.
They also need to give people time to absorb that unique touch, which they need to do alongside influencing.

That means, a PRINCE2 Agile project manager needs to be patient.

Lastly, after rightly surmising that their touch is accepted, they need to co-ordinate between several teams to empower them to work upon building the required products.

Thus, a PRINCE2 Agile project manager needs to be a very, very good observer, and a positive coordinator.

In conclusion, PRINCE2 Agile projects do not simply mean rushing up production. They are worth considering over PRINCE2 only if your teams are ready to pander to a common vision, and if as a project manager, you are ready to influence the culture that is the backbone of your organization.

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