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What is a CRISC Certification?

Blog   |    31st March 2022   |   Rupali

What is a CRISC certification?


With most businesses going digital, and when data is secured on the cloud, organizations need to concentrate more on their IT security services. The enormous use of the IoT makes things even worse, offering data loss to cybercriminals.

Almost 40% of companies skip encoding their data controlled by third-party providers, overlooking that a data breach can ruin their business. This is where CRISC certification plays an important role.

What is a CRISC Certification?

The full form of CRISC is Certified in Risk and Information System Control certification and is a unique qualification for IT professionals that are awarded by ISAC. This certification is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) under ISO/IEC 17024:2012.

Essentially, CRISC is a risk management qualification to manage IT Risk throughout the enterprise. It helps IT, professionals, to upskill themselves and teaches them how to stay ahead in a competitive IT world.

CRISC certification provides professionals with the necessary expertise to handle risk management efficiently in their organization. These certified individuals understand the involvement of a high level of technical business risks that can hinder the growth of an organization, and are efficient to promote various IT security models, controls, and processes.

CRISC Certification Opportunities and Salary

Getting a CRISC certification establishes a professional as an expert in organizational governance, risk monitoring, information security, and data privacy. CRISC credential is recognized globally and is an effective instrument to secure higher positions in an organization, along with earning higher salaries.

CRISC certification opens doors for your career in the following roles:

    • • Risk Manager
    • • Security Manager
    • • Business Analyst
    • • IT Manager
    • • Operations Manager
    • • Security Risk Strategist
    • • IT Security Analyst
    • • Information Security Analyst
    • • IT Audit Risk Supervisor
    • • Control and Compliance Professionals
    • • Cyber Security Experts

As for the CRISC certification salary, this credential is considered one of the highest-paying certifications in the market. The average salary offered for CRISC certified individual in the U.S ranges around $125,000 per annum, while in India CRISC job opportunity roles can fetch you around Rs 25, 00,000 as an average annual salary. It is worth mentioning here that the CRISC credential was reported as one of the top fourth paying certifications all over the world by the IT Skills and Salary Report from Global Knowledge, for the year 2020.

CRISC Certification Eligibility

Acquiring CRISC certification is not easy and requires certain prerequisites. All the applicants need to match the following criteria:

  • • Should have at least 3 years of working experience with risk management and information systems in IT
  • • They need to pass the CRISC examination to be applicable for the certification
  • • All applicants need to sign a Code of Professional Ethics, to help guide professional and personal conduct, and need to follow the same
  • • They have to adhere to the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Program policy. Under this policy, the candidates have to adhere at least for the duration of 20 hours a year and also a minimum of 120 contact hours for three continuous years.
  • • The primary objective of CPE maintains the candidate’s competency and helps them gain and update existing knowledge and skills in risk areas and information system controls.
  • • It also helps differentiate between qualified CRISCs and the candidates who are unable to meet the requirements for further maintaining the certification.

CRISC Exam Difficulty

CRIS exam is considered tough, and to clear it in the first attempt requires extensive training and practice sessions. Choosing the right resources and following the correct preparation module with accredited training institutes like Knowlathon will help you pass this exam easily.

If you want to pass this exam, the best way is to learn is its structure. There are overall job practice domains for this exam as developed by the CRISC Task Force. These are:

  • • Domain 1: Governance (26%)
  • • Domain 2: IT Risk Assessment (20%)
  • • Domain 3: Risk Response and Reporting (32%)
  • • Domain 4: IT and Security (22%)

Syllabus of CRISC Training Course

The areas of syllabus covered under CRISC certification training are:

  • • The Certified in Risk and Information System Control Exam
  • • The concepts of enterprise risk
  • • Plan, execute, scrutinize, and retain information system controls
  • • Risk mitigation includes identification, evaluation, assessment, response, and monitoring
  • • IS control and its execution
  • • IS control along with maintenance and monitoring

CRISC Exam Format

CRISC exam is a closed book exam, where you are required to answer multiple-choice 200 questions needed to be completed in a duration of four hours. The exam is scored on a scale ranging between 200 and 800. The minimum requirement to pass this exam and become eligible for CRISC certification is a score of 450. Once you reach this score, you can start your application process further.


CRISC certification is recognized as a gold standard in the field of risk and information system control. Candidates looking to advance their careers from Security Analysts to Chief Information Security Officers can consider choosing this certification from Knowlathon.