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What is COBIT 2019 Certification?

Blog   |    31st March 2022   |   Rupali

What is COBIT 2019 Certification?


Almost all businesses, especially in IT have to follow two essential elements for their growth. These are Management and Governance. Management is the way of managing various activities of a business and considering and optimizing the aspects of IT, including internal processes, teams, technology, etc. While governance refers to watching the direction of IT, with wider business goals and compliances. A single business often struggles to maintain and keep a balance between the two. Here COBIT 2019 framework comes as a rescue.

What is COBIT 2019 Certification?

COBIT certification helps you understand about unique IT governance and management framework that helps you upgrade your all IT operations by providing you with the best-optimized tools. These tools are perfectly suited for an organization for their day-to-day operations, assist them in achieving long-term goals, and guide them for continuous evolution.

COBIT 2019 Foundation Certification Overview

This certification course provides you with a detailed overview of the COBIT 2019 framework introduction, principles, governance system, components, objectives, and will teach you how to present a tailored governance system for a specific business case along with complete implementation.

The COBIT Certification Exam ensures teaches you:

    • • How to align different IT goals with strategic business objectives using tools designed to provide governance a broader perspective and more flexibility.
    • • Helps you manage dependencies on third-party service providers, while ensuring an efficient system of internal controls.
    • • Helps you understand the value derived from IT and its potential risks.
    • • Ensures you understand the identification and management of all IT-related risks.
    • • It guides you design a process for building a mature relationship between the business and IT.
    • • Provides you an understanding of various IT governance frameworks including ITIL, NIST, etc., and tells you about the benefits of each, along with their working.
    • • Guides you on how to obtain the IT solutions an enterprise requires and how to exploit new technology for more strategic opportunities.

Who Should Attend this Course?

The COBIT 2019 Certification is best suited for:

  • • Senior Managers
  • • Business Managers
  • • IT Managers
  • • Assurance Providers
  • • Risk Management
  • • Regulator
  • • GRC Manager
  • • Consultants
  • • Solutions Architect
  • • Program Manager
  • • Security and Compliance Advisors

COBIT 2019 Foundation Certification Key Features by Knowlathon

  • • Learn from a team of most experienced trainers
  • • End of chapters quizzes included
  • • A series of practice exams to help you better understand the real exam
  • • A unique mobile app to help you learn on your go
  • • Exam voucher included with the course fee
  • • A dedicated help desk to support you
  • • Study material with real-life examples

COBIT 2019 Certification Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites while applying for COBIT 2019 Foundation Certification. However, a basic understanding of the English language and basic computer knowledge is a must.

COBIT 2019 Certification Pathway

Certification for COBIT 2019 for professional qualification can be achieved in three levels. With each level, an individual needs to go for a training program and then have to pass an exam.

  • Level 1: COBIT 2019 Bridge: This is a course that makes you aware of the key concepts, models, and key definitions of the COBIT 2019 framework, along with focusing on the major differences between COBIT 2019 and COBIT 5.
  • Level 2: COBIT Foundation: This course is developed to prepare you for the COBIT 2019 Foundation Certification exam. It teaches you about the context, components, benefits, ad key features of COBIT to be used as an information and technology governance.
  • Level 3: COBIT 2019 Design and Implementation: ( In Pipe-line): This training module prepares you for the COBIT 2019 design and implementation certification exam. Here you will learn to design and present a tailor-made governance system for an organization.

What you will learn With COBIT 2019 Certification

After the complete training of this certification program, you will get a deep knowledge on:

  • • Framework Introduction and Principles
  • • Governance System along with its Components
  • • Governance and Management Objectives
  • • Performance Management
  • • Designing a Tailored Governance System
  • • Business Case and Implementation

COBIT 2019 Certificate Exam

In the exam, you need answers related to COBIT 2019 concepts, principles, and methodologies used for effective governance and management. Here you have to answer 75 multiple choice questions in two hours of time. The exam is a closed-book online exam type and you have to score at least 65% or higher to qualify. Usually, MCQs have three answers with only one right answer.

COBIT 5 vs COBIT 2019

COBIT 2019 has essentially evolved from COBIT 5, and uses the same foundation, but with added features. There are in all six governance system principles in COBIT 2019 when compared with COBIT 5. Moreover, COBIT 2019 revises some of the terminologies that define the principles and the policies of the framework. Although the governance and management objectives are almost similar in both versions.