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What does engaging in PRINCE2 Agile projects mean for your business?

Blog   |    15th May 2021   |   Rupali

Relative contribution of Agile activities in terms of time


The wider meaning of PRINCE2 Agile

As a CxO, you have the business. You have original ideas for the business, and you have worked on them. This has lead to a lasting impact on your products.

These products resemble you. They bear your mark. And that mark of yours has inspired and achieved a lot.

This mark of yours has to be made a main element of the business. You need to use it as an inspiration for the people creating those products.

Use it to give them a vision and a force to garner strength. Invest in it widely. When the chips are down, let your mark be a guiding light. Your business should recognize it as something to never let go of, ever.

I'll give you an example. A business went through a series of mergers and acquisitions. This company had built their brand from scratch. Based on their branding collateral, they were inspired to create branding templates for all of the acquired counterparts.

What expedited this process was the senior management's concept of the brand. They took a hard look at their products, and it was evident from these, that was a common motif strongly present. This came from the senior management's idea of the core identity of the business.

Where does PRINCE2 Agile fit into the scheme of things?

Agile projects are successfully implemented on this steam: The whole business down to a single person is inspired by a common vision that is achievable, by the very fact that the customers seek out this business for having that identity.

This is called the North Star of your business. And it is important that the whole business is aligned to this North Star.

For otherwise, the business will lose its fulcrum, or balancing point. There will be discord between people.

So before you plan to incorporate PRINCE2 Agile into your projects, it is crucial that you are in full step with your business's North Star.

Next, you need to have the ability to influence several disparate teams to follow that North Star. This requires positive communication.

Another aspect to be aware of, before bringing PRINCE2 Agile to your business, is your ability to co-ordinate. And that co-ordination is very important to have all your people on the same plane. Otherwise discord would set in easily.

And all of this is not a one-off event. This messaging has to be even and consistently driven across all your projects, and even beyond.

That is the crux of PRINCE2 Agile: consistent, continuous leadership.

So what does it mean for your business?

Your business will see itself operating as one well-oiled, cohesive machine. And you, as the engine of this machine, will find yourself drawing inspiration from your own mark that your business bears.

It is down to the engine to not only draw inspiration, but to also continuously inspire the other parts of the machine, that need to be tightly coupled together.

PRINCE2 Agile helps you inject that spark into yourself and your people!

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