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Top 10 ITSM Certification Courses for 2022

Blog   |    26th March 2021   |   Rupali

Why ITIL 4 courses are the best in 2022
Whether you are a service owner or a CIO, you have your business. Yes, it's yours. Without you, the business would not be what it is.

ITIL 4 has a term for everything that YOU do all tied into one: The Service Value System. The idea is that when you put a slice of yourself into the business, you are creating value for yourself and for others.

The best thing to do to start learning about your value and your services' value to the business, is to start with the ITIL 4 Foundation course. The beginning of your ITIL4 journey in 2022 would be best done with ITIL 4 Foundation.

#1 ITIL 4 Foundation

ITIL4 Foundation being a starting step, it is logical that everyone and anyone wanting to dive into the pool takes it up. Considering all the people who've taken any ITIL 4 courses to date, all of them did this course!

This is, by far, the most popular of all the ITIL courses that exist. Let's say for the sake of this guide, that ITIL 4 Foundation is the first among the top ten ITSM courses for 2022 !

The service manager at a web design startup found this course to be a fun starting point for their team to discuss finding value through the services they offered.

#2 ITIL 4 Specialist CDS: Create Deliver Support

You've understood how you can bring value, all right, and and want to put into place a service value system that is all inclusive. You can do this by starting off a value stream: the end goal of one is to bring value that depends upon the situation you are in.

You can do best with an ITIL4 CDS course. It would teach you all about taking actions necessary to realize your value within the business.

This course is popular with managers, and service and process owners. After all it instructs you on taking action to bring value, and is useful to someone looking to implement a value system within the organization.

It is popular in 2022 because it talks about how to boost your value within the confines of your business, and even beyond! After all, you put most of your energy and focus into your job, so why not bring maximum value to the table?

A team responsible for data maintenance of an online store found this course to be useful. It helped them analyze how their services helped the online store, and what's more they could see the success of the value streams that they all started off. It also helped them see how they all complemented each other as a team.

#3 ITIL 4 Specialist DSV: Drive Stakeholder Value

Continuing with what I said early on, it's your business. And that you put a slice of yourself in it.

When that happens, it is hard to miss. And your customers feel the beat of the drum as well.

This course, the ITIL 4 DSV, sets the stage for creating a value culture in your organization. When you are aware of your own value, it is easier to bring value to others.

The ITIL 4 DSV course is useful to you if you are a manager or if you design for experience.

In 2022, people across the globe are recognizing brands for the identities they create.

This course makes it to the top 10 list because it makes you aware of the brand presence and experience you can maximize upon, and be a go-to brand in today's fast consuming world.

A robotic components manufacturer was facing a problem: Many industries used their products but not everyone knew them well as a company. The managers used DSV guidance to improve their engagement with their clients and they even put together a marketing campaign that required very less in terms of budget but that was high on creativity. You can guess the result: a fantastic brand emerged !

#4 ITIL 4 Specialist HVIT : High Velocity IT

On finishing the ITIL 4 Foundation course, you would have a good idea of the value that you bring by being you, and of the value that your business brings to you.

Now what remains is to sustain that value : you, by staying true to yourself, and the business, by staying true to itself and to you.

The ITIL 4 HVIT course helps lay a stable foundation for a successful digital business.

If you work in the digital space, you know how much staying true and being a 'you' in a sea of people matters.

It would be best to do this course if you are a service manager, or even a CIO or a CTO.

In 2022, the world seeks businesses that are financially secure and ethically stable.
Hence this course makes it to the top 10 list: it is useful to know today how to respect the people in your organization and how to build up a value system.

A software testing and automation company found that they were including the best of cloud testing services in their catalog. This was however, putting the service managers under strain. The ITIL 4 HVIT course helped the CIO implement a Definition of Done for the managers. The managers started meeting with their teams frequently for peer reviews and saw to it that the meetings had a positive flavour to them.
Needless to say, the CIO solved what seemed to be a tricky problem and even boosted growth for the company.

#5 ITIL 4 Strategist DPI : Direct Plan Improve

By now, you know it's you who have the business. And it's you who makes it what is.
That is, you create value.

It is important to remind yourself constantly of this.

In fact, this should be at the top of your list.

That is how important creating value is.

ITIL 4 DPI goes on to say that creating value translates to a goal for the whole business.
In addition, the course helps you to find a pathway to forming and achieving your goals.

This course is best for you if you are a manager of any sort, more so a CIO or a CTO.

Why is this course relevant in 2022?
With so much uncertainty in the world, people think they can do with some structure. Enter goals based thinking that this course describes.

A company that creates their own brand of APIs for e-mail marketing experienced a high employee turnover rate. As they were a small company, the senior managers were worried. ITIL 4 DPI helped management find a solution: With personalizing all verbal communication, and communicating when staff were in the right zone, IT staff did not feel cut off as they did before. You guessed it right, the turnover rate subsided considerably!

ITIL 4 CDS, DSV, HVIT, and DPI form the Managing Professional modules.

In the event you hold ITIL Lifecycle or Capability certificates, then here's what you can do:
Gain 17 credits from the previous version certifications
And enrol for the Managing Professional Transition directly !

You should be gaining an overview of the 5 courses you've just read about.

On finishing this, you would gain the ITIL 4 Managing Professional certificate.

#6 ITIL4 Leader DITS : Digital and IT Strategy

As you've been reading all along, being 'you' stably brings value to yourself and the business.

In fact, a business gains a distinct identity from all its staff.

Business managers agree that recognizing this helps the business stay true to the business brand.

The ITIL 4 DITS course is a huge nod to this fact.

It is useful when you are evaluating what value each one can bring to the business.

It is also useful when wanting to differentiate your business from other businesses.

This course would be of help if you are a C-suite member, or are a manager seeking to create a value based strategy.

Now, why is this course one among the top ten in 2022?

You see a mass of companies out there, struggling to make a mark, but losing out to similar companies.

Your business is yours, and it needs to portray itself as thus. Different in thought and action.

That makes this course worth doing in 2022 !

An IT company creating low cost apps targeted at the needs of people in developing countries felt that they were functioning well, but only just. They felt that the real punch was missing. The ITIL 4 DITS course helped the CIO and other members of management put together a digital business strategy that helped the business grow in terms of revenue and value.

The ITIL 4 DPI and DITS modules make up a certification route independent of the Managing Professional one. This one is called the Strategic Leader, and is suitable for you if you are wanting to do some serious decision making.

Not just that, you can pick and mix modules from the Managing Professional and the Strategic Leader paths. For example, in a recent tweet, the ITSM Academy mentioned that the ITIL 4 HVIT and DITS are a current favourite combo !

#7 ITIL Lifecycle Modules

Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation, and Continual Service Improvement are the five courses which make up the ITIL Service Lifecycle.

These courses are designed with the previous version of ITIL in mind.

This version, and these five courses, describe realizing value through a cycle of activities.

We have been gung-ho about value all this while, haven't we? Well, the previous version of ITIL too subscribes to value, though not in a way as advanced as ITIL 4.

What is special about the previous version of ITIL in 2022?

It has a credit system that earns you points with the completion of each course. The Lifecycle courses,each, get you 3 credits!
You can accumulate these credits to the point of earning 17, and then you can do the ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition !


#8 ITIL Capability Modules

Service Offerings and Agreements', ,'Planning,Protection, and Optimization', 'Release, Control, and Validation',and 'Operational Support and Analysis' are the four courses which make up the ITIL Capability Stream.

These courses are also designed with the previous version of ITIL in mind.

This version, and each of these four courses, describe realizing value through a set of associated activities.

By now, you must have realized that ITIL 4 deals heavily with value. It is important to note that the previous version of ITIL too deals with value.

Why does the previous version of ITIL still figure in 2022?

It is because of a credit system that earns you points with the completion of each course. The Capability courses,each, get you 4 credits! You can gather 17 of these credits, and then you can go on to the ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition !

You can pick and choose a mixed bag of courses from the Lifecycle and Capability streams.
For example, you can select Service Strategy, Service Design, Release Validation and Control, Operational Support and Analysis, and Continual Service Improvement.

Or perhaps, you can go for Service Offerings and Agreements, Planning Protection and Optimization, Service Transition, Service Operation, and Continual Service Improvement.

Just by way of example. The choice is yours !

#9 ITIL Foundation

A student had just submitted her Master's thesis. Having a month's time in hand, and wanting to learn something new but related to her IT core subjects, she fell down the rabbit hole of discovering ITSM courses online.

Now, she was completely new to IT Services. So she decided to start from scratch and take up ITIL Foundation, so that she could learn what IT Services are all about and how to manage them.

She had no notion about what value is, or how to measure customer satisfaction. An ITIL Foundation course was where she learnt it all.

This year, if you find yourself wondering what service management really is, I would suggest you take up the previous version of ITIL.

The Foundation course is an excellent way to build up your way ahead with a solid base.
Not only that, you get 2 credits to put towards your Transition Course !

#10 ITIL Managing Across The Lifecycle : MALC

A process manager has over seven years of experience, during which tome he has donned several hats.

He started working at the IT help desk, and worked his way through by being responsible for service level reporting, and then eventually became an service improvement manager.

He knew a good deal about the parts of a service, but couldn't put together the whole to see how services bring value to the business and to himself.

The ITIL MALC helped him gain a good overall view of how all the parts of service management work together to be truly valuable to the business.

If this year your plan is to put things together to see the big picture clearly, the it would be best to do the ITIL MALC course.
You would even earn yourself 5 whole credits towards your ITIL 4 Transition journey !

This brings us to the end of our top 10 ITSM picks for 2022. ITIL is such a popular framework, that it is no surprise that all the 10 are ITIL courses, old and new! You need to hurry, because the previous version of ITIL will not be around next year. So if you need to make the transition to ITIL 4, you need to do it sooner. If you plan to start afresh with ITIL 4, then what are you waiting for ? Pick your top courses quick !

What is the target of Governance?

To be clear regarding the definition and scope of governance in theory: there’s no such factor like an own or dedicated governance system for IT outside of, or in parallel to enterprise governance. The goal of corporate governance is creating value by realizing benefits while optimizing risks and resources. IT must contribute to this goal of corporate governance.

Target of IT Governance

In the current scenario, IT has become an integral part of organization for its success and goal achievement’s, hence governing IT has become crucial. IT needs to deliver outcome against business needs.
This can’t be achieved if there is no governance and management framework that can:
Link IT to business needs.
Make IT performance against business needs measurable and clear.
Organize IT activities into a typically understood and accepted method model.
Identify major resources which will be leveraged.
Define the internal control objectives that require to be thought of.

IT Governance and IT Service Management

Defining and delivering Services to the business or to customers should be the final result of any IT organization. In contrary to the common believe – project delivery isn’t the final goal. Projects are for new or updated services solely and project management governance is an IT activity consistent with that intermediate goal with phentermine online

IT Governance ensures business needs are connected to Services outcomes. IT is being measured on the basis of service performance, considering performance measures for establishing new or enhanced services via assignments. Services are being organized by outlined and accepted processes, functions (organizations, manpower and technology) – All of these are known as enablers (COBIT terms). Services, processes, organization, folks and technology are being managed by a collection of management objectives -usually structured as an “IT balanced scorecard”. Usually, IT Service Management is being enforced by the use of ITIL® V3 Frame Work.

COBIT and ITIL® V3 Frame Work

COBIT is an IT governance and management framework that focuses on what ought to be lined in processes and procedures.

ITIL® provides careful steering on however the processes or procedures ought to be designed and focuses on a way to structure and implement effective service management processes with tadacip.

The scope of COBIT is much wider than the scope of ITIL® V3 Service Management:

The COBIT Process Reference Model spans each side, Governance (Evaluate, Direct and Monitor) and Management (Align, Structure and Organize) of IT, whereas the ITIL® V3 Frame Work covers the management areas of IT solely.


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