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Reduce the risk, with PRINCE2 Agile!

Blog   |    31st August 2021   |   Rupali

Solving customer queries from time to time is useful in a PRINCE2 Agile environment



How do you make your PRINCE2 Agile project successful?

Can you, at the same time, add value to your customer-facing product?

Yes, it is possible to achieve both ends simultaneously!

It is important to keep the customer involved in all crucial aspects of the product, and thereby reduce big risks.

This blogpost will tell you how!

Key takeaways:

*A product is what you put into it.
*This lends a shape to your product.
*This shape remains associated with your product.
*It is important to share these facets of your product with the customer.
*PRINCE2 Agile lets you do that, and reduce significant risks to the project.
*Courses you can take to keep your PRINCE2 Agile projects on good shape.

Let thy customer know

A product is what you put into it.

This forms the shape of the product.

And this is what will remain associated with the product, all throughout various sprints.

It is important to share these facets of the product with the customer, always.

PRINCE2 Agile lets you do that.
In fact, that is how you reduce the biggest risk of the customer not wanting your product after it has been created.

An Example

Suppose you are a project manager and are running a PRINCE2 Agile project.

You are creating a product.

Before doing all of this, a customer contacted you saying they wanted a product that was what they specified.

And you said if that was what they wanted, you would be creating such a product just for them.

You let them see the value in your "let's do this!".

After you were appointed as a project manager, you kept the customer in the loop at every point you could.

That led them to trust you, and made them aware of certain facets of the product they hadn't yet imagined.

That is how you kept the risk of them not wanting the product after it was created, away to a minimum.

Winning the customer's trust is important when you want to reduce large impact risks.

Knowlathon has been for long, a provider of PRINCE2 trainings.

Not only do you attend a training, but also you can validate your skills by sitting a certification exam.
You then get a PRINCE 2 certificate.

We have several options for you: the PRINCE2 Foundation, PRINCE2 Practitioner, and also a blended course:PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner.
If you just want to know the basic tenets of PRINCE2, you may opt for the PRINCE2 Foundation.

If you want to lead projects actively, you may take the PRINCE2 Practitioner course.

Save yourself the time by doing a three day blended PRINCE2 course.

Newer ways of software development led to Agile practices being widely popular.
Given how immensely popular Agile is when resources are strained during times like these, PRINCE2 Agile was written for those who want to speed up development and creation of products.

Now, for you, we have the PRINCE2 Agile route.

Consisting of the same course types as PRINCE2, we must say our three day PRINCE2 Agile Foundation and Practitioner course is well sought after.

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