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What is PRINCE2® Foundation Exam Cost?

PRINCE2® Certification Cost


Blog   |    15th March 2022   |   Rupali

What is PRINCE2® Foundation Exam Cost?


If you are looking to earn PRINCE2® Certification, the first question that arises in your mind is ‘What is PRINCE2 Foundation exam cost?’ There are various places where you can know about this cost, and one of the best places may be the internet. You can find the cheapest places on the net to get the suitable study material needed to help you prepare for PRINCE2 training.

However, the most important thing to consider when preparing for the PRINCE2® exam is knowledge of the English language,as most of the training institutes provide course material is in English. However, the PRINCE2® exam is held in English and seven other common languages.

You are also advised to read the general information for the PRINCE2® exam manual, and other relevant material required, when you go through this test. Take your time to read all the important information found in the materials, and try to understand all about the exam. Remember, that knowledge is power, and as much as you know about PRINCE2® Foundation Training Cost, more confident you will be while going for your exam.

PRINCE2® Certification Cost

To help you understand in a better way, the certification cost for the PRINCE2® course can be divided into the following headings:

      • PRINCE2® Foundation Certification Cost:

        PRINCE2® Foundation certification offers the candidates to understand its principal concepts and methodologies. This course trains the candidates to effectively work as a member of a project management team in a PRINCE2 environment. Moreover, this certification is a major prerequisite for the next level of PRINCE2® Practitioner Certification.

        To start your PRINCE2® Foundation certification, Knowlathon can be a very good platform. This training institute is authorized for PRINCE2® and is accredited by PeopleCert. With the help of a team of experienced management professionals, Knowlathon offers flexible classroom training, online training, and self-learning classes.


The course is designed in a manner to enable candidates to prepare easily for their exams. The training focuses on the following outcomes:

    • - Teaches you how to develop a common and consistent approach
    • - Organizational skills
    • - Trains you to ensure regular reviews of a project
    • - Clarifies your individual roles and responsibilities along with monitoring individual performances
    • - Guides you to deliver a better value to your organization and the customers

Knowlathon offers you high-quality training at the most cost-effective classes. Here for the classroom training classes, you have to spend Rs 29,000, live online training will cost you Rs 26,000, and Self-learning for Rs 23,000, plus 18% GST


      • PRINCE2® Foundation Practitioner Cost:

        PRINCE2® Practitioner training is one step ahead of the foundation training and provides a better knowledge of a project. It includes Business Case, Cost, Time, Quality, Scope, Risk, and Benefits. Once you have completed this course you will understand the method to apply the PRINCE2® concepts and will be able to tailor the method to apply in various project environments.

        PRINCE2® Practitioner is perfect for professionals looking to manage projects or working in a Project Management Role.
        You can join high-quality PRINCE2® Practitioner training with Knowlathon at a very cost-effective price. The classroom training charges start from Rs 36,000, Live online training classes for Rs 32,000, and for the Self-Learning module, you have to spend Rs 29,000 plus 18% GST.



PRINCE2® Combo (Foundation and Practitioner) Cost:

Knowlathon also has a combo offer where you can start your training for both PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner certification in one go. It includes training material for both. As a desiring Project Manager role, you can benefit considerably on the monetary front if you complete Practitioner after going through Foundation Certification. If you want to go for this combo you need to pay Rs 50,000 for classroom training, Rs 45,000 for online training, and Rs 40,000 for Self Learning classes.

PRINCE2® Foundation Exam Cost

The exam cost is included in Foundation and Practitioner costs. PRINCE2® Foundation Certification costs involve several components including the exam cost, training cost, study material cost, sample exam papers cost, alongside many freebies. The PRINCE2® Certification exam is more based on practical knowledge, so it is advisable to attend the training classes from a recognized training institution like Knowlathon.

Along with practice tests, Knowlathon provides several other benefits to the aspiring candidates including:

  • • Multiple Practice Exams
  • • A set of practice real questions
  • • You can go for multiple attempts to help you learn in-depth
  • • Webinars, and much more
  • • Exam voucher included with the course fee
  • • Cost of PRINCE2 Membership included

Factors Influencing PRINCE2® Foundation Exam Fee

PRINCE2® Foundation exam is a closed book exam and consists of 60 MCQs, which you have to answer in a duration of 60 minutes. You have to provide at least 33 right answers to clear this exam to earn the certification.

PRINCE2® Foundation exam cost varies from country to country and is governed by several factors. This includes the mode of training, the training institute that conducts the training schedules and examination, accreditation of the institute, and the country from which you are appearing for this exam.

If you are analyzing the PRINCE2® foundation cost, it is good to keep a strict watch for several hidden costs you may be charged by some training institutes. Also, understand in advance what all is included in the course fee, and for the extra taxes and duties, you need to pay. Remember that some of the training providers include the PRINCE2® Foundation exam cost in their cost, while others may include only training and study material.

Benefits of PRINCE2® Foundation Certification

  • • Earn a certification recognized all over the world
  • • Higher career prospects as Project Manager, Project Administrator, Project Director, Product Manager, and many administrative positions
  • • Better salary
  • • establishes you as an important individual asset to an organization
  • • Knowledge of the PRINCE2 framework provides you the control over the project resources more effectively
  • • With PRINCE2® Certification, you tend to be geared up better for the ever fast-changing business environment
  • • The organization you are working with will start recognizing you as an expert in project management



To sum up, PRINCE2® Certification provides you with a good ROI. After this course, you will start earning more and can get a salary hike of around 20 to 30%. Get certified with PRINCE2® and add up to your skills and take your career to another level.