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How to keep your project needs and wants, neat and trim

Blog   |    21st August 2021   |   Rupali

Avoid leaching into resources meant for other PRINCE2 products



How do you avoid overly utilizing resources?

How do you keep from wasting project resources by putting too much into your product?

It is important to know that over utilization and waste are risks to your PRINCE2 project.

However, keeping a check on your project resources shouldn't constrict your product.

This blogpost will tell you how!

Key takeaways:

*A product is what you put into it.
*It is important to know your product very well.
*This tells you exactly what you need for your project.
*It is important to develop this habit for other PRINCE2 projects as well.
*Courses you should take when you want to learn more about managing project risks.

How to avoid spilling into other projects

A product is what you put into it.

It is important to exactly what you put into your product.

So that you can stick to those resources and not use more than what the product really requires.

To achieve this end, as a PRINCE2 project manager, you need to know your product very well.

For taking up resources assigned to other products and projects means you are putting too much into your project.

It is not easy to recover those high costs, and you are not only affecting your product, but other products as well, because then too little gets put into them and that may hamper those products' performance.

Hence, it is prudent to keep a good hold on your product.

In fact, make this a part of the organization's culture, and repeat this for all PRINCE2 projects.

An example

Suppose you are a project manager with an active project.

You are creating a product.

You get in touch with leadership, project executives, customers, and suppliers to know what exactly goes into your product.

You sit through several meetings with executives and customers to finalize the final shape of the product.

You also develop suitable branding for the product.

All this within the resource limit assigned.


The results are achieved because you knew the product very well.

Also, the branding and packaging of the product are just right for it.

The resources are put in together as a right mix, and this don't take the spotlight away from the other products your company makes.

It is important to remember this for all the other PRINCE2 projects you may be assigned in the future.

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