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How to Become A Certified Scrum Master

Blog   |    20th July 2022   |   Rupali

CSM Certification Cost in India

Scrum is a popular framework recognized worldwide that aims to enable teams to work together. A certified scrum master is a leader who can take charge of handling the project while guiding the team and the project owner and ensuring the team follows agile values and practices.


Scrum has been picking up momentum as it helps improve productivity across various organizations. CSM training can boost your career by building more confidence in implementing the Scrum framework across organizations. CSM certification training prepares the candidates for their critical role of Scrum Master in a scrum team, where Scrum is known as the most used agile framework.


How to Become a Certified Scrum Master

If you want to produce and deliver products with the highest possible value, you need to motivate your teams to deliver products in the shortest cycles, with a rapid adaption to change. Becoming a Certified Scrum Master is not very hard. The first step towards earning this certification is to take a CSM certification training course from a certified trainer like Knowlathon. This course teaches you about the scrum framework and how to become a successful scrum master. Once you have completed the course, you need to take an online test, and if qualified, you will earn a CSM certificate

You can follow the simple steps below to help become a certified Scrum Master.


Step 1: Learn the Scrum Basics
To become a successful Scrum Master, understanding and familiarizing with the principles of Agile and the Scrum framework is critical. You can consider joining Knowlathon, where you can learn more on Agile Manifesto and go through the learning series by Scrum Alliance to help you become more familiar with Scrum’s basic concepts, practices and beliefs.


Step 2: Choose Your Certification
The right path to becoming a Scrum Master is by joining a recognized certification program from an accredited learning institute like Knowlathon. These teaching institutes have experts who can familiarize you with Agile, Scrum and the roles and various requirements for becoming a Scrum master. Obtaining a certification from a recognized institute is a necessary step toward becoming a Scrum Master.


Step 3: Attend a Scrum Course
You have to enroll yourself in an officially recognized scrum course. It will be instructed by Certified Scrum Trainers (CSTs). You can follow an easy and hassle-free approach to registering with Knowlathon, which is an internationally recognized training institute. The CSM training course from Knowlathon is also recognized, and the trainers have ample experience in teaching Scrum principles. With Knowlathon, you will get round-the-clock 24x7 learner assistance to help you solve your query within time.


Step 4: Register for Your Scrum Master Exam
After completing the required study hours, you can take the Scrum Master exam. Knowlathon offers a two-day CSM certification training course, after which you can sit in the exam. Register your name for the exam, and Knowlathon will send you a link to create login credentials for your exam. Knowlathon also helps its candidates for registering their Scrum Master exam.


Step 5: Study for Scrum Master Exam
You need to continue studying till the date of your exam. You can also consider going through additional Scrum resources or watching Scrum webinars. These activities will ensure that you are fully prepared and will enable you to pass the Scrum Master Exam on your first attempt.This exam focuses mainly on the main Scrum principles and practices, which include project management skills, team-building exercises, release planning, progress reporting, along with scalability of the projects. Sometimes you may even be questioned about the philosophy, history, and evaluation of the Scrum framework.


Step 6: Take the Exam
Now get yourself ready to sit for the exam. This CSM Certification exam is conducted and managed by The Scrum Alliance and is of advanced skill level. The exam comprises 50 multiple-choice question types, with a maximum score of 50 marks. In order to qualify for this exam, you have to score a minimum of 37 marks in one-hour duration. If you pass the exam, you will receive a PDF copy of your Scrum Master certification by email, officially declaring you as a certified Scrum Master.


Step 7: Renew Your Certificate Every Two Years
Scrum master certificate has an expiry of two years. Suppose you want to remain a recognized Scrum Master. In that case, you have to renew your certification every two years by paying a fee and updating yourself with any significant changes. You also have to earn a certain amount of Scrum Education Units (SEUs) so as to ensure validation of your participation and continued proficiency in the fundamental principles of Scrum.

CSM Certification Cost

CSM training cost from Knowlathon is between Rs 22,500 to Rs 27,500, which includes exam fees. In case you are not able to get through your exam on your first attempt, you can go for a second attempt within 60 days without paying any extra cost.


CSM certification is worth the price, as earning this certificate is more accessible than becoming a project manager. You will gain skills that are very valuable and will lead you to achieve a higher salary. You will also be able to advance in your career quickly with CSM certification, as you can easily demonstrate strong leadership and management skills to an organization.


Skills Achieved During CSM Certification Training

Becoming a Scrum master needs dedication and learning. There are many benefits of being a CSM-certified candidate that helps you extend your career opportunities. You will also gain the following skills during your CSM Training.


    • Scrum and Agile Training: This training provides an understanding of the standard terms, phrases, and systems that need to be understood to incorporate Scrum methodologies. As a certified Scrum master, you will also know about the different scrum practices that need to be followed by an organization. You will be responsible for having a significant impact on the success of the team and the project.


    • Technical Familiarity: CSM Certification Training will familiarize you with all the technicalities related to software development and facilitates building programs with minimum hurdles. It helps you understand technical terms more and guides you about the processes and the tools that could benefit you as a Scrum master.


    • Teaching Capabilities:Strong teaching skills that are gained while CSM training will help coach your tech teams that are less experienced with Scrum works. As a Scrum master, you know what to do and will play a role of a coach to guide the team members and encourage them to improve their strengths. As a true leader, you will work with each member and enhance the overall potential of your team.


    • Handling conflicts:Often, in an organization, the teams go into disputes, and the management doesn't know how to handle them. As a trained Scrum Master, you will be able to resolve all these conflicts effectively and timely, ensuring that it does not hamper the progress of the company. You will become a strong negotiator and will always be present to provide a helping hand to your team members. You will also develop appropriate interpersonal skills to handle all disagreements and find the most suitable and satisfactory solution for every team member.


    • Leadership Skills:Certified Scrum Masters can act as an integral part of the team and believe more in team needs than an individual's needs. You will become a 'servant leader' and will know the ways to support the product owner.


Before Attending a CSM Certification Training Course

Before you attend a CSM course, you must prepare by familiarizing yourself with Scrum principles and technicalities. This course typically starts with a short quiz to determine that you are ready for the CSM training program.

You should complete the Scrum Foundation Learning series, including a series of videos that help introduce you to Scrum Theory, Roles, Events, and Scrum Artifacts. You also need to become familiar with the Agile methodology. Completing all these prerequisites is an essential part if you want to succeed in your CSM Certification Training course.

More About Certified Scrum Master Exam

The CSM is an online exam comprising of 50 MCQs. You can pass this exam by correctly answering 37 questions within the 60-minute time limit. You can only take this test once you have completed your CSM Certification Training Course. The Scrum alliance allows you to take the test with two attempts. In

case you are not able to pass the exam on your second attempt, you can opt for subsequent attempts by paying a small fee.


Although CSM Certification Training Course provides you with ample knowledge and tools required to pass this exam, it is advisable to spend additional time reviewing the course materials. Subsequent research will ensure the best possible outcomes for your CSM exam. If you are ready to leverage your team to another level and want to advance in your career, this is the right time to join hands with Knowlathon and become a certified Scrum Master.