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How are risks managed with PRINCE2 Agile?

Blog   |    31st August 2021   |   Rupali

How risks affect your product in a PRINCE2 Agile environment



How do risks affect your PRINCE2 Agile project?

More so, how do you ensure that your product is market appropriate while taking care of these risks?

It is very important to understand that risks affect the way your product is going to turn out.

Once you accept this, it becomes easier to deal with risks the right way. That is, in a way that is right for your PRINCE2 Agile project.

This blogpost will help you understand just that.

Key takeaways:

*A product is what you put into it.
*This affects the final shape and form of the product.
*Risks affect that.
*It is important to understand the risks that could affect your product.
*PRINCE2 Agile helps you with that.
*Courses that could help you deal with project risks better.

Why active risk management is needed for your PRINCE2 Agile project

A product is what you put into it.

In fact, what you put into it affects the way your product would appear to the market.

Risks affect exactly what you put into your product.

It is important to accept the fact that risks will crop up and you have to navigate your project around them.

PRINCE2 Agile helps you be responsive when risks are spotted.

An example

Suppose you are the project manager and are running a PRINCE2 Agile project.

You are busy creating a product.

You decide to engage different suppliers in the course of the project, because your teams are small in size.

One of the suppliers who is going to write the programs for customizing an app according to your product decides that they will not be doing it.

You and the project team had already held several meetings to finalize this piece of software.

One of the team members who had worked closely with the program tells you that they could write the program themselves for the product's app.

You discuss this with the Executive, who gives you their approval, saying that provided confidentiality is taken care of, the team member can write the necessary program.

Risks will continue to affect your product. What needs be done, is finding a way out, because what you choose to do will affect your product.

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