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Factoring Business Value into your PRINCE2 Plans

Blog   |    16th June 2021   |   Rupali

Project plans are of two kinds


Plan your PRINCE2 products with business value in mind

As a busy project manager, you have the business. You are busy building products that would potentially be synonymous with your business brand.

And that precisely, is precious to the business. The business has its own identity, and your products are going to propagate that to the world.

This has given the customers a shrewd idea of of what the business stands for. They expect that from your products. And when your products coincide with their expectations, and then some more, it only takes the very things that the business stands for, out for the world to see.

That is why your products stand precious to the business. Hence, the business's unique stamp has to be imprinted onto these.

To do that, you have to sit back and think of ways in which the products are going to resemble the business identity.

You should gain a sharp understanding of that by consulting with several members of the business leadership who are to be trusted with knowing the vision of the business.

Think backwards. Visualize your products receiving a warm welcome from the leadership. List the first two aspects that you visualize them approving of the most.

And then plan the product to include these, and the fall outs of these.

You want your project to be successful financially, don't you? Your products should be earning you a good buck, as well as earning you compliments from the business leadership.

This is possible ! By planning out the product to include the stamp of the business, you will soon walk up that path.

I'll give you an example. An IT company was planning to build an email marketing tool for their clients who were original equipment manufacturers.The web based program had as its main part, an editor which the marketers could use to emphasize their products and services in tandem with the branding that their respective companies were famous for.

The IT company built this tool single-handedly by roping in executives and leaders to gain from their ideas that had influenced the business brand.

The project manager consulted extensively with the leadership and then communicated those ideas to the delivery teams to bring them up to speed on what was expected from this project.

As you will have seen from this story, there were two kinds of planning in progress.

One, was about designing the product to do what it was intended to do, that is compose brand appropriate emails.

The other plan was a comprehensive communications plan.

Here, the project manager got together with leadership and teams to relay across the project, the ideas that made the business what it was, and how to work them into the product.

You have to foresee the need for communication at various stages of the project. Without this communication, there would be failure to dissipate ideas and opinions about the project's purpose, and hence your project would be deadlocked around itself.

The next step would be planning to allow for that communication to take place, and more so in a smooth manner. What would be the use of that communication if it, in itself hurt the progress of the project?


In order to set your PRINCE2 project on the path to earning both income and accolades, plan you must. Your project plans should include not only product features, but also communication that must be facilitated to get an acute idea of what it is that the business truly desires.

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